What is the best interaction you've had with other players

Just wanna hear fun stories of Orbus Community not being horrible.

Shouldn’t be too hard, most of you are good folk.


Using the Orbus Space Program to go miles above Highsteppe.

Being told you could shoot down the Airship and it would drop a ton of loot. I spent HOURS trying.

10 mage raid. Killed Guild City bosses 1-4 with just mages.

Five Bard shards! We got all the up to level 5 shards before we needed one Musketeer to succeed.

Just hanging out in general. I used to do a lot of LARPing before the pandemic, so this is my substitute.


Some guy named mishka gave me 500k to buy a dragon mount for free


The best interaction I have ever had was in preborn the first day of the first raid. We had a huge group of people outside hanging out after killing the first 2 bosses. We were so hyped in the Necropolar area you had to keep warm by a fire so we were huddled together someone put on piano-man and we all sang. It was one of the most magical moments in vr I ever experienced.


i don’t remember his name but a very nice and apparently popular mage helped me my first day of preborn to get access to the mage class. yes, we had to go through a series of missions to get it (kinda wish it was still like this). if only i could remember his name.


Listening to Shibby play gutair and give an impromptu concert. Has anyone else heard the Darius song? I really love this community.


There is a video of the song out there somewhere.

Mine was seeing a post on discord “looking for someone to do a BH15” something like that :astonished:. I had been playing for a bit but my gear had kind of plateaued at +2/+3, so I jumped at the opportunity while also a little intimidated and afraid that I was gonna be the cause of breaking the shard due to lack of gear and experience. I was upfront about that and they still drug me along like the fantastic people that we usually find in this game.

I got a piece of gear from each person in the group. Full plus +5 armor AND I was given a +6 legendary scoundrel gun in one shard run, first time to run anything over a 8 or 9. I was ecstatic and smiling about that for a long time.

That really stuck with me. Now I make it a point to save any high level BH’s that I come across so that I can help bring the next player along.

@Shuga @blueduckyy @tBuzz @KÖ you probably don’t remember, but I definitely do, THANKS AGAIN!


Anytime I was able to mess around with my friends.

But i think running the orbus olympics with @Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeshka was one of my favorite memories


That was such a fun event. I’d like to do another one when I have the time!


I remember a similiar experience with @Breaking taking me through the last of the main story line in preborn. Helped jump around finding all the pieces to a box i think it was. must have been like a good 1+ hour to do it all and it probably saved me multiple hours trying to work out/find the stuff myself.

The helpful community and community in general is 100% what has kept me in Orbus


omg the same happened with me and this really nice English dude. dont remember his name either lol. I think he stopped playing around reborn release but im thankful for the help with that cube stuff cos I wouldn’t have been able to do it myself


I have a lot of great memories from this game. Orbusvr was literally the only thing that got me through the pandemic. If i had to choose my top 4, i would say… My first one is more a collection of memories, the hours i spent 1v1ing/training Supernatural in front of Kingsport graveyard. i dont know why i find it so fun killing and being killed in orbus by her, but it made it into my top 4 memories so…:man_shrugging: My second one was when i got initiated into Assassination Classroom. I had been wanting to join AC ever since i first saw AceOfSpades in pvp battlegrounds, and when i finally got in it was pretty much a dream come true. Unfortunately, AC kind of died a couple months after i joined it, but i still had some great memories grinding bgs and going after trickster goblin. My third favorite memory was back when Tea first created Asgard, and all of Asgard went for trickster goblin against 3 Assassination Classroom members. About 6 Asgard members (if i remember correctly) stumbled upon us in the flooded rainforest, and if i also remember correctly we absolutely obliterated them. Good times… My fourth and probably favorite memory was back when i was a total noob, probably about level 15 or 20. I was a beginner runemage, and i didnt talk ingame either, so i pretty much had to figure out how to level up and play the game myself, so it took me a very long time to reach level 30. Anyways, i remember walking into the tavern for some reason, and i saw Thaumaturgy and some other members of Da Kahunas in there. This was back when i thought every single guild was for super advanced players, so when they asked if i wanted to join i kind of flipped out lol. It was a really cool experience for me, getting knighted with someone holding a warrior sword, nodding along with the “oath”, and just feeling like part of a family ingame.
I have so many more memories from this game, and i can only remember a couple of them being bad. The orbusvr community is really something special.


I was fishing at kingsport one day and I hear Supernatural say “hey Gutsash!” I turn around to see her coming out of the graveyard. A minute or two goes by, “hey Gutsash!”…I turn around to see her leaving the graveyard again. Same thing a third time and I’m thinking what in the groundhog day is going on over here?

I ran into her later and asked her what kept killing her out there in the newbie zone, “oh me and bubbaking were 1v1ing”

Haven’t seen her in awhile but I remember when you were about to join AC she was telling me that you were looking to join and she hopes you get in because she really enjoyed playing with you. She talked about you alot, hopefully see her in game soon.


Not really a single “Interaction” but watching Elysium grow from a small guild of people wanting a new endgame fellowship to the multi-game community it is now has to be one of the best experiences i’ve ever had in a video game, and one thats given me some of the closest friends i’ve ever had.

My favorite time playing orbus was the months when Elysium was speedrunning and being super active. Running shards multiple times every day to get better and set better times was a blast. Trying to get the first 100k parse, trying to set new wr times, running guild city weekly for new players to try out, it was all stressful but i don’t think i’ve ever enjoyed playing a game as i did back then.

If I had to single out one single moment, it was running like 5 shards, after a half year break, and still taking back our #1 spot on armory pve progression from carnage. Vc went crazy when we cleared our last temple that pushed our score ahead.

tdlr: i like my guild :slightly_smiling_face:


100% agree, though my personal favorite was back when preclearing was a thing. We did a mines 15 with our speedrun group on an unprepared and got sub 20. I really never had as much fun as speedrunning multiple dungeons a day to get those times.


Ok I have two instances one of them was about my name. Someone came up to me and said “oh my god!!! Is that a cracker” and I thought that that was pretty funny. The other one was doing a three man dungeon with thegd and aidenramen the whole thing was just us yelling at each other and I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in a while


For me I would think it was helping organize and run a little teaching school for all the different classes in the game to help people understand how to play or how to improve themselves. I remember teaching scoundrel and getting a nod from Scott for teaching people about the way the class actually worked and that felt good.


personally I don’t have a best experience but some amazing times I had were doing this world boss event and we were doing the macarena and frankly I can’t do the macarena and meb called me out on it by screaming at the top of his lungs saying “GUYS THIS GUY CAN’T EVEN DO THE MACARENA!” followed up by me yelling “SHUT THE **** UP” and everyone just either died laughing or gave us the most awkward stare and silence I think I’ve ever gotten. Another time was doing speedrun shards over the summer of 2020 we would do them just about 3 times a week for at least a month and they’d all happen at 4 am since we’re night crawlers and we’d all just have such a fun time beating records and such. My last best moment was making the “Depression Diaries”, the depression diaries were for shard luck and specifically mine it took me around 115-120 shards to get my first +6 drop and man was it depressing so I decided ya know lets go to the forums and that’s exactly what I did, funny enough just about 3 shards after making them I had gotten my drop (devs definitely did something ty devs) and then the night after I got another which was just insane for me and an amazing moment


Dude those diary entries were hilarious

I’ve told this story a few times but it was my first day in game with my husband and our friend and we were wandering around Highsteppe. I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing because waving at Randel somehow didn’t trigger the tutorial for me (probably desynced). I was getting frustrated and mumbling about how I didn’t know what to do and wasn’t sure if I liked the game when Saltyy happened upon us and explained how to play, where to go, what to kill, and then gave us each a dragon. Later he took us through our first (nonaccidental) dungeon and later still took me on some of my first 15s. To this day my husband and our friend (who don’t play anymore) will still ask about Saltyy and talk about what a good dude he was and how friendly Orbus is in general.