When can I support the Chinese language?


Chinese players need Chinese language very much.


They are working on getting translations done for as many languages as possible.


^ If you or anyone you know is willing to volunteer to translate Orbus from English to Chinese, please comment on that thread.


Thank you very much for your reply, I and my friends are very willing



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May I ask which god is it~~~ I can add a QQ to discuss it.


“20 years have passed since the defeat of the Order. Falling back to Highsteppe, the last bastion of humanity clings to the vestige of their former glory. From behind the city’s mighty walls, brave adventurers have once again begun to explore the land of Patraeyl.
It’s a time of chaos…and opportunity.”

二十年過了 那個’order’打敗了·(不i知道是誰)最後的一些人 - 本來有榮譽的城市"highsteppe" 然後"冒險家"在開始出去·。



You might check out this thread. The devs are asking for help translating to different languages there.


你好 你有QQ吗 我们建立了一个汉化QQ群:743164864

Hello, do you have QQ? We have established a Chinese QQ group: 743164864