Accepting volunteers helping translate OrbusVR to other languages

Hey folks, Riley mentioned something a little while ago that we’d been working on getting the game into a state where it could be translated more easily - a lot of people volunteered to help in the past, and we’re ready to take some names.

We’re looking for: people who are fluent in English and another language, preferably if that language is your native language. We don’t have any restrictions of which language, but ideally if we can get 2-3 people willing to do the same language it will definitely help. I’ll probably work on some of the French myself!

Once we have a stable of people interested, we’ll give you the translator role and we’ll have a forum section where we can discuss things more in detail, but briefly the way it works is through a website where the text strings are separated and you can submit your translation, so it’s very easy to work with.

We’ll probably wait to get a few names before starting in the next weeks or months, so be sure to let us know if you’re interested! Let your friends know if they’ve ever expressed the want to do something similar.


I’m fluent in english and german (native) and did translations before, thus could assist with that. However, I think someone from for example the guild Gummibärenbande would be ideal, because they also talk german while playing; I solely play in english.

The thing which is most important to have imo is fixed and consistent terms for materials etc., and there’s sometimes like 3-5 possible terms. So if they already use one of these which feels “natural” while playing in german together, that would be best.


Im also totally up for that. The most of the Gummybears not that good in English, that’s why they probably not will actively help but I’m working together with them and would like to help with the german translation


I’m Korean-American, I can help out with English to Korean translations, if thats needed, but I feel like Korean translations wouldn’t be as much as a popular as the European ones because I don’t really see a Korean demographic. Hmu for Korean translation nonetheless.


I’ve seen multiple threads since I started playing asking for Korean translations so I think you’ll probably happily surprised


I’am fluent in English and German (German being my native language), I would love to help you translate the game!


Do a forum search for “Korean.” There is definitely demand!

I’m down for Spanish :smile:


My mother tongue is Spanish and I speak English fluently, but I do not have much free time. It would be helpful for me to know approximately how many words there would be to translate


Hi, i speak spanish. i’m so interested to be a volunteer and help with the translate.


I can help with the italian translation


ask misrname(m) he is fluent in English and speaks French im okay English and French (speaks little Greek and Filipino)

I will be able to give a hand for the french. I have already translated the books of the first version of orbus.


i can do norwegian


My english is not very good, but i’m french. I can translate little quests or basics informations.
I would be happy to help!

I can proofread the Russian translation, but my fluency in kitchen Russian does not serve well to actually come up with the words used in a fantasy game

I am a native English speaker and fluent in Chinese so perhaps I could lend a hand.

The issue that I have is how much of it will actually be translated and do you plan on adding more dialog and/or fixing what’s broken/deemed insufficient etc.

I’ll be happy to help but I don’t wish to wade through ever changing pages of dialog either.

I only say this because currently I’m assisting two other development teams with translations, am a husband and a father, full time teacher and working on my doctoral dissertation regarding intercultural communications and online communities through online MMO’s. I’m a bit busy, but willing to help out.

I’m quite sure they placed strings on all text this time around, so everything can be translated. It’s not a one man job.
Already sent a pm, but might state it hear as well. I’m up for swe-eng translation. Preferably not solo…

@Jiwon_P this is the active translation thread. Tag your enlish-korean speaking friends.

We appreciate everyone who is willing to help out. Obviously it’s a volunteer effort, so if you want to just pitch in when you can, that’s fine and helpful.