Translation to other languages: Reborn

Greetings, fellow Orbians

Recently I was thinking how great it would be if some of the Orbus texts could be translated into other languages. Then I ran into the following post:

My fellowship is completely Portuguese speaker. Not all of us is fluent in English, so I’ve been helping some of them understanding some missions and quests.
Having other languages in game would certainly help people that speak them understand the game, so they’d play more, thus helping have an even greater player base.

(By the way, since that thread was created, have any changes been announced? Was the project canceled?)

So yes, as a native Portuguese speaker and a fluent English speaker, I volunteer to translate game content in that language, if that fantastic project rises up again.


Project has been on hold since March of 2020, and we have not heard anything about it’s potential continuation.

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