Where can I find Wings

Hi, I know I can get the wings in the overworld but I dont know from which enemys.
Can I get it from the starfrusher outsite the town ? From every enemy?

I just want to know it from the devs to be sure xD I dont want to farm like hours for nothing

From what I understand, every over world enemy can drop it. You get one chance per minute. The drop rate is so ridiculously low, however, that it’s more of a “be happy when it happens” thing instead of a “grind for six years to get it”.


I want wings too :tired_face:

The “One chance per minute” is insane if it already has a low DR

Its supposed to be insanely hard. It was put in the game for the players that want to get everything, but then complained when they got everything because there was nothing to do.

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Oh I understand that it was meant to be rare af.

Can also drop in regular dungeons, but not shard dungeons.

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I’m still willing to pay more dram than anyone will ever need for cat ears, demon or angel wings, just message if you want to sell

Same for every legendary overworld drop :grimacing:

Here’s Riley going over it when it was implemented:


Are wings rarer than a halo? Just interested.

No same rarity.

What’s the DR specifically? Or are the devs tight-lipped? And can’t you get it from the grinder?

The developers have typically not given out exact drop rates for items. I know the drop rate for the wings/halo/etc. is very, very small. Plus,it’s on a timer, making it even rarer.

I doubt the overworld drops would be obtainable from the grinding device directly, based on this info from a patch note (Reborn Patch 10.90). Basically, the drops obtainable from the grinder would be anything from the loot table of mobs killed, plus the loot table for the grinder itself.

Since the overworld drops seem to be on a separate loot table, I don’t think they would be included. Though the individual mobs would still count towards the grinding device, so in that way it would still increase your chance. :woman_shrugging:

Apparently I’ve been thinking about it all wrong xD

That’s not how it works. Every minute, it rolls the probability, and if it makes it, it makes the next monster you kill in that minute drop the item, you follow?


No … I don’t follow xD so the probability starts when you kill the first enemy? Then you have a minute to kill the next for the drop chance, then a minute after that and so forth.

OH, it wouldn’t matter if you grind 1 or 5 mobs in a minute. The roll only happens every minute so the best way to farm it would be to try activate the roll each minute. So it really doesn’t matter as long as you are killing stuff xD

This is key - think of it as a separate process to drop stuff and not a % drop rate.

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