Reborn Patch 10.90

  • Raid Beta
    • The Ruins of Guild City Raid Beta is now available to play!
    • This is a 10-person Raid designed with challenging mechanics.
    • During the Beta, you access the raid exclusively by using the Queue system in the social menu (the same way you queue for a dungeon).
    • During the Beta, nothing you do will be saved in the Raid Instance. Also, trash mobs have been removed since we are mostly concerned with testing boss mechanics at this time.
    • Raid Loot
      • The Raid Loot system this time around utilizes a token system for each slot of armor. A new vendor will be added to Highsteppe which requires tokens (ranging from 5-8 tokens per piece) to buy items.
      • For example, the first Raid Boss will drop only gloves, and also only glove tokens. You will get one guaranteed token as well as a chance at a natural drop with each eligible kill. You can do one eligible kill per week. Therefore, you are guaranteed to get a glove roll after 5 weeks of kills even if you get no natural drops due to the raid tokens system.
      • Natural drops in the Raid are tradable with other party members until you leave the instance (including rare drops such as pets and mounts). Tokens are not tradable.
      • Non-equipment drops (such as dyes, pets, and mount) can be farmed as many times as you want per week.
      • Each piece of gear is class-specific, but the tokens can be earned on any class, and when purchasing the item from the vendor, you will receive the item for the token’s slot for whatever class is currently active (useful for gearing up alt classes).
    • Raid Tuning
      • The Normal Mode Raid features difficult mechanics which will need to be mastered to complete the Raid. From a damage and health standpoint, the bosses scale up to be approximately as hard (by the last boss) as a low-level Shard Dungeon.
      • Our goal with the Normal Raid Tuning is to present a challenge to the community that will be mastered over time to allow pick-up-groups to complete the raid. Therefore, we anticipate that veteran groups will be able to complete the Raid without too much trouble once the mechanics are learned. However, please feel free to give feedback on the tuning and let us know if we’re hitting the correct mark.
  • Overworld Quests
    • More than 15 new quests have been added to the Overworld, including the Explorer’s League Output quest chain, as well as side quests involving the Brotherhood and more.
    • These quest lines are tied into the Main Story via Randel, and grant XP and another way for new and existing players to level up their characters.
    • The Explorer’s League Outpost quests will lead to actual changes to the world including new Apprentice Smith vendors available in the Overworld.
    • Additional steps to the Explorer’s League questlines will be added in future patches.
  • Great Recombinant Introspective Never Dull Ingenious New Gathering (GRINDING) Device
    • The GRINDING device can be acquired from the “G.R.I.N.D.I.N.G Inventor” located in the Odd’s and End’s shop in Highsteppe.
    • The device can be deployed onto the ground. Once deployed, it will absorb essence from nearby monsters which you kill, storing up both XP and loot rolls based on the monsters’ loot table. Note that it will only function in the Overworld.
    • After a certain number of monsters are killed, you will level up the device, receiving a bonus chest of extra loot rolls from the monster, as well as loot rolls unique to the device, such as transmog styles and a mount.
    • Note that as the device reaches higher levels, you will receive a higher chance of getting these unique rolls. You will also receive larger bonuses of XP. In exchange, the device can only be charged at higher levels by defeating higher-level monsters (based on the monster’s absolute level). Therefore you will need to go to some of the farthest reaches of the Overworld if you want to fully charge your device.
    • After the device has been fully charged past Level 5, it will reset to Level 1 so you can begin the process over again.
    • The unique rewards for the device are all either tradable or come in crates which can be traded until they are opened, which means these are great medium- and very-rare items which can be sold or traded to other players.
  • Trickster Goblins
    • Trickster Goblins will spawn every 8-10 hours in a random overworld zone. A notice is sent to all players on the server when this occurs.
    • Trickster Goblins can only be damaged by players with World PvP Enabled. When they are killed, they will drop a chest which can only be looted by players with World PvP Enabled, which contains one or more Trickster Goblin Tokens.
    • These tokens are not soulbound, and therefore will drop if you are killed with PvP Enabled.
    • If you are in possession of one of these tokens, you are unable to use Mage Portals or Teleport Pillars, Safe Zones will not protect you nor let you trade with other players, and you will have to wait 10 minutes to logout of the game.
    • These tokens can be safely stashed in your Player House until you acquire enough of them to make purchases at the Trickster Goblin vendor in Highsteppe, to receive unique items such as transmog styles and a mount.
  • Ranger
    • The base damage of Ranger shots has been increased by approximately 15%.
    • The damage bonus of Ranger globes has been increased from 8% to 9% per globe.
    • The damage of Ranger’s Power Shot has been increased by approximately 10%.
  • Paladin
    • The Paladin’s anti-tankbuster mechanic (known now as “Light’s Defense”) is now activated by raising the off-hand into the air. You will see a transparent shield appear in your vision while it is active. It lasts for 1.5 seconds. During this time, the Paladin will reduce all damage taken by 99% regardless of how much energy is absorbed by their hammer. The cooldown on this ability is now 12 seconds.
    • The Plea talent which was previously activated by raising the hand into the air is now activated by holding the hand at a 90-degree angle to the body, like charging a sword for the Warrior.
  • Shaman
    • The damage of the Shaman’s Lava Totem has been increased by 20%.
    • The bonus damage of Shaman Weakness when applied to targets has been increased by 10%.
  • Warrior
    • The Warrior’s shield now regenerates in 12 seconds instead of 10 seconds.
  • Scoundrel
    • The base damage of Scoundrel shots has been reduced by approximately 10%.
    • In addition to this, approximately 15% of the damage from Scoundrel shots has been moved from base bullet damage to damage that can be gained through the Showin’ Off buff.
    • The formula for determining the rank of the Showin’ Off buff has been modified, such that you can now shoot from a closer distance, or use less curve. You can also make up the difference of one or the other to some degree (e.g. firing from a farther distance will now let you use less curve, or firing with more curve from a closer distance). This should make it more useful to gain the Rank 4 and 5 buffs in more situations.
  • Musketeer
    • Added a charged shot (1.5s trigger hold to charge) that interrupts the opponent
    • Reduced cooldown on Cure Wounds to 12s
    • Weakness Orb
      • Affected creature takes 5% increased damage from all sources
      • Affected creature takes 20% increased damage from Musketeer
    • Reduced cooldown on Weakness to 6s
    • Frost Orb has been replaced with Impact Orb
      • Impact Orb
        • Does a large amount of damage to a single target
        • Splits damage among all targets in affected area
        • Does 50% increased damage in combination with Weakness
        • 10s cooldown
    • Gravity Orb now slows all affected enemies in addition to its normal effects
    • Reduced cooldown on Decurse to 4s
    • Total Recall is now an innate Musketeer ability
    • Empowered Turret is now an innate Musketeer ability
    • Lifewell is now a permanent ability attached to the avatar’s body
    • Tier three musketeer talents have been replaced
      • Curative Shield
        • Your shield orb now does a small amount of healing immediately
      • Explosive Shield
        • Your shield orb will now explode, dealing a small amount of damage to enemies within 4 meters
    • The Empowered Turret talent has been replaced
      • Charged orb
        • Hitting an enemy with an orb fired from a charged shot will increase the orb’s range
    • Renew has been buffed
  • Other Player VFX
    • A new setting has been added to the Player Menu which allows you to control whether or not you will see other player’s VFX by class type.
    • In addition, if you mute a specific player, you will now no longer see their VFX.
  • Miscellaneous
    • The throw distance of physical objects (e.g. Shaman Orbs, Musketeer Turret, etc.) has been increased by approximately 30%.
    • Decurse (on all classes) will now prioritize Bleed-type effects (which deal damage over time) first.
    • The dram cap has been increased to 5 million.
    • Muting a player should now work more reliably.
    • Legendary Weapon styles have now correctly been added to the game and existing weapons with these skins have been updated accordingly.
    • The turning feature for locomotion has been improved; now when you use the snap or smooth turn and you are not in the center of your playspace, you will rotate around that point. This should make using the turning when not centered feel much better!
    • Status effect icons will now stack together and display a number of total active effects when the status effects are the same and the durations are either longer than 2 minutes, or the expiration time is within 1 second of each other.
    • Additional dye drops have been added to many places in the world, check out this post for more info.
PvE DPS Class Balance
Paladin: No ultimate, No lvl 15 talent, no lvl 30 talent, and nerfed in most fights, and requires a healer, and is worse as a secondary tank

The patch will go live around 12 PM (Noon) US Central Time on PC and Quest. We anticipate around 30 minutes of downtime for the patch to be fully deployed. Thanks!

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Was no thought put into the other suggestions for the goblin in the other thread that weren’t added in the first hour? Like for example the massive problem of shards?
Also paladin will be interesting, goes perfectly with bard as the dancing class


This should make rangers and scoundrels more balanced with each other but what about mages?


Haven’t tested, but wouldn’t this allow the player to stand in a corner, rotate the playspace, run to the other corner, rotate, and just walk over stuff?

Edit: or if you’re fast enough and can stomach the out of bounds blackness you could run through walls and mountains


Sounds awesome, specially changes for Musky, Ranger and Scoundrel, can’t wait to try the new curving :slight_smile:


No affix changes yet

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Is the hidden quest also going on? Step 6 and 7?

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Weren’t we suppose to get a warrior lvl30 talent rework?

And Scoundrel everything is fine except for the easier close curve. The skill needs to stay or be more complicated not made iesier. No-one said make it easier to play :expressionless: only that the curves weren’t detecting as ranks.


Ranger is just gonna be better then scoundrel now by a good chunk, Time to switch to another dps class.


Or get as good with scoundrel as some
of us are with ranger.


So anyone defending Shaman? :joy:


With R4-5 always up I was able to get around 42k in max gear. Isn’t going to shock me to see rangers pushing close to 50k

@Scott Not sure why they got a buff they was somewhat Op if done correctly, Gonna be even more worth to cheese them before they get nerfed


So I know there aren’t a whole lot of warrior mains, but is anyone else anticipating issues with an extra 2 seconds of unmitigated incoming damage? I feel like this is particularly relevant where elite packs are concerned. This makes the shield breaking talents even less appealing than before.


Just having rank 5 up doesn’t mean your are maxing dps. I was averaging about 35k on single target non-moving fights before. Maybe I can get around 40k now? Mages can do around 50k.


Landru, Chezil, let’s wait for the numbers to come in. Landru, see if you can get cam to update his spreadsheet.

Edit: on second thought, assuming Cam’s theoretical numbers are correct, rangers are getting at least 30% more damage at full orbs and scoundrels are getting a 10% damage reduction, which goes beyond balancing Cam’s theoretical numbers.


I didn’t see a few of these fixes. Did you fix:

  • shaman orbs sometimes not spawning
  • shaman totems not coming back until you switch classes
  • scoundrel card deck still gets stuck at times
  • finely aged healing potion (we tested out the healing of a finely enhanced healing and it only did about 8% of health while the finely concentrated healing did 5%. Is the finely aged enhanced only suppose to heal 8% before the HoT?

Or how about in pvp? Just stand at the corner of your room and snap turn – no running or teleport dodging needed! No palqdin will ever touch


Landru I dislike disagreeing with you but I guess we just have different views. 42k was my peek the highest I could ever achieve, On a avg single target it’s much lower you could check in older logs I’ve uploaded but mine was also around 35k. I’ve seen you have also hit 40k as a max a while back, I’m all for stronger and weaker classes so most likely Ill try out scoundrel after this and if it isn’t a A* dps role I’m simply not going to play it anymore.

Mages being nerfed is something that shouldn’t ever happen the cancerous amount of time&skill you have to put into that class to make it worth drives me insane, Not to mention left handed players having a harder time to make spells work being forced to go right handed. I can only think of 4 people that could get 50k stable and all of them have earned that.