Who can I pay off around here?

I have come to understand that unless you play runemage and maybe paladin or musketeer you just don’t really matter in orbus, but I’d like to see shaman get some love. And yes I know it’s even more of a stretch for me to ask anything being a PvP focused player…

I’ve made several suggestions about the class that most players seem to agree with that would help both PvE and PvP, and yet it seems like unless it’s a game breaking bug then the class is completely ignored. Like even just hearing a dev say “no, shaman is a secondary class that’s not supposed to be able to keep up with other classes” would be better than nothing at this point so I can just move on to something else.

If I need to pay someone to make changes so the class is able to keep up with other classes, I’d be willing to. Maybe I could even make a go fund me or something…

It is more of a support dps than anything but last time I checked everyone mattered :thinking:
that or I’m just the chosen one

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There’s a few chosen ones in Orbus, unfortunately I am not one of them and none of them seem to advocate for shaman :confused:

As an extra addition to the previous post most supers seriously need an internal review…

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You seem to have not played before the DPS balance patch where the meta was shaman and runemage; shaman did ~85k with top gear in a “meta” group (1 affliction mage). Meanwhile with those same buffs scoundrel and ranger struggled to get over 40k-50k for the top players in groups in the game while theoretical max was ~70k solo (The one and only ultimate dps of all dps classes). Trust me it is much better now and more in line with how it should be. Shaman can still hit ~85k in groups by placing totems in the right order and spamming grip.

The meta has become classes that require more skill than click a button rapidly and throwing totems and that IMO is a good thing though it can still do enough damage to be viable. Warrior is both hard and obsolete due to how pally can do everything warrior can do but better and can do every single boss in the game (I can do all except boss 4 citadel HM and Scott proved that it is possible by doing so on warrior as far as I can recall). Bard is also in a good place; significantly less healing in exchange for much bigger damage boost and better synergy with scoundrel (It also is not that bad as 15 mutated rat with bard healer on warrior is possible and has been done multiple times).

Runemages hitting over 120k put in the hours to get those numbers and mostly use the fireball only playstyle which when combined with a rotation mage in a top group leads to getting these numbers “easily” (they have a good portion of the damage buffs in the game and solo would be doing ~90-100k along with meta tiles). I have seen shamans hit in the 80s-90s range as a rotation mage as they are flat out getting 10% more damage from me just being there. Most of player damage in this game comes from status effects like pots, buffs, and debuffs. As stated before them being the 2nd most damaging class pre balancing patch they are viable; people have just moved on to other classes cause they hit harder and take more thoughts that sitting and pressing a button.

That is just how the class is designed, a more risky and more rewarding playstyle that requires more attention to the game than charge shot over and over and should be harder to run with. While I would love for the class to heal more (or at least more often with it’s passives) but it is advanced for a reason and most of the times a bard party wipes is tank fault. This is one of those things where players don’t seem to improve and just keep getting hit by the same things which should be punished.

Yeah this game really sucks in talent balancing and I wish this would be fixed so there is more player variety but I don’t know how to fix it without making both suck or one overwhelmingly good (forgetfulness is also a thing so the meta would be chugging those potions).

This is due to the fact that way back in preborn rapidity was so meta it would out dps mage (you physically could not cast as fast as we do now back then) by like 2x. It was changed so if you go too fast you only deal 1 dmg per arrow and I feel this should be removed or changed to give a similar skill ceiling like mage.

This is misleading at best and a downright lie otherwise. This talent used to be meta back in oldgame. Back then not only would the talent not reduce your initial damage like it now does, but it was also possible to spread dots to more than 5 enemies, do it multiple times up to 3 stacks of each dot, and arcane blast’s range was like 1.5-2x what it is now (it was changed to better match the visual). It is not overwritten by class mechanics but was nerfed into the ground at the start of reborn (and affinity buffed making mage’s single target even better :man_shrugging:).

Because it is a tank :confused:. But both intimidate and blessing of might are great skills in the “dps” tree, dps warrior is just not used because it does so little damage in comparison. I feel it is good to not have dps skills as it prevents people from showing up to shards/raids as warrior dps.

It does not need to be, pally is busted in pvp having the highest mobility in the game and great damage output in pvp and honestly needs a pvp nerf.

I would love examples other than pally unless that is what you were referring to but sadly you are correct; anything warrior can do pally can do better and even in the tank healer balance patch they buffed pally (because apparently people were having trouble agro swapping on pally even though both the entire thread told them to change it back and pally has an easier time than warrior on that even pre patch as it stores agro as pips). I still feel that pally needs a nerf in some way to make warriors more prevalent in endgame. While it is still viable it still does worse than pally in every way sadly.

Just don’t get hit by mechanics then 4head… But seriously it is a good thing that not everyone can keep up to the best players as this is not shaman where to be the best player you pray and click a button. Strats have been made to reduce reliance on RNG and keep dps high through its dots. It is an rng class at it’s core yes but you should have to put in real effort to “keep up” and not just be good due to the skills you run.


And this is my point lol

There are a number of high-end shamans in the game. Maybe you’re just running with the wrong teams. Shaman is an awesome class and every time I run with a team as Shaman, I hear “ooh that sweet Shaman DPS”… and there is no sarcasm there.

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The thing with Shaman is that they specialize in groups of mobs due to the attacks being AOE. So while they may be hitting 60k, they’re hitting 60k on all the mobs in range at the same time - which adds up fast. I run dungeons with 3 shamans a lot, and mobs melt way faster than I have seen with any other configuration. Bosses don’t take noticeably longer either.

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I’m not even asking for more dps, I’m really just asking to not have to wait an eternity to start using my stuff. Almost all of my suggestions for shaman would not have really affected dps at all. For instance, not having to wait for totems to appear when I first spawn or change weapons, or having the totems work immediately after dropping them and not having to wait until the fight is already over for them to start pulsing. I think what I’m asking for is more than fair, and it won’t even affect the runemage identity that is centered around how high dps they can hit on a boss.

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Why tease us with class variety if the only thing that matters is dps anyways?

I’d rather run with someone who plays the mechanics and has less dps, than someone who does 110k and doesn’t work with the team.


This is the point that I was going to make. Shaman is great for groups. Big groups like 7 mobs together give a shaman quickly 100k dps. Their strength is groups. But not solo bosses.

But I would like to correct that a shaman doesn’t increase dps linearly. Its only lightning and the pulse totem doing more dps. And lightning balls don’t double dps either. The devs specifically lowered it when it “chains”. So I would say as a complete guess, every mob added in the surrounding would add around 10k more dps for the shaman.


That’s a good point. Would a parser show how much it actually does on the additional mobs? I’d be interested to see.

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You would be able to extract it from a parser in theory. But you would in practice just have chaos of hitting mob-1 and mob-2 etc, with different orbs. Sooooo, yes-ish if you reallyyyy try hard. :sweat_smile:

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Haha maybe too much work. I don’t have a gaming pc - so I rely on others for parsing.

The aoe is useless if all the mobs are already dead from runemages by the time you can finally start doing anything…

Hmm… just off the top of my head… end-game Shamans: Me, Tabs, Scarlett, Kwud, Next, Echo, Lily, Misi, Tbuzz, Silurean… and several I’m sure I missed. We all multi-class, of course, but I know most of these run on shaman a lot.

I agree that faster spawning of totems and orbs would be awesome, but I don’t think the class is unloved or unwanted.

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The point of this is not about how we can make things barely work if we try really hard, the point is that half of the class is not ever used at all, and the parts that are used might as well not be used because a high dps runemage is automatically better. Now that’s just the PvE side, I personally care more about PvP and being able to even do anything at all before the fight is over.

I think you’re missing what he’s saying. it has been done. i have seen it. it has literally been done. shaman is competing with every other class just fine, especially with how many utility purposes it has. i don’t see what the issue is here.


Just because you’re not willing to see the issue doesn’t mean it’s not there…