Who is your RNG Deity?!


Dear Fellow Orbies,

RNG is undeniable in our world. Considering how diverse we are, who is your RNG Deity? Does your fellowship have a dominant preference? What traditions have emerged? But most importantly, do you believe it has increased your chance of desired drops? :yum: Please answer the poll and include fun stories/traditions in the comments :grinning:

And bringing back this thread because it’s just fantastic:

  • RNGesus
  • Lootcifer
  • Flying Spaghetti Monster
  • (Ithe)Cactholic
  • Church of Decoy
  • Order of Ma’at
  • Janism
  • Gamer Atheist

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Can you add in “Math” for Draven?


I tried!
“You cannot add or remove poll options after the first 5 minutes. Please contact a moderator if you need to edit a poll option.”
He’d proclaimed being Gamer Atheist before, so at least that’s there. I think Math sounds better, though :grin:


Yeah, I’m interpreting gamer atheist as “math and probability”! Works for me!

Also, re-watching that religion in Orbus video… so damn funny. It also feels like ancient history and it was barely 6 months ago… wow.


I can only vote for one, so I picked looty. BUT im fickle and would like to note that I’ll totally vote for them all if I get the drops I want. I’ll just make about 10 more accounts…


Our favorite tradition is to sacrifice Kamina to RNGesus at the poison orb by Sentry for good loot and prosperity


I always pray to RNGesus at the beginning on a hardmode raid boss or high level shard dungeon. And when I do a high level shard dungeon I always tell my squad to rub the shard before I drop it in for goodluck.


Worship of RN-Treesus.


I would like to announce that I will be hosting and running a walk for RNGesus! i shall walk the whole world, including the wilds, with most of it on ithecac, and for 100% of the time being over-encumbered with all of the blessings that RNGesus has already bestowed upon me! this will be taking place tommorrow(sunday) at noon est, and will be on stream under this channel https://www.twitch.tv/kamiinnaa

Last of all, i would like to thank everyone who donated to the cause yesterday, because together with our combined efforts we have raised 14k dram and 22 bottles of ithecac for his majesty RNGesus!


I will donate 15k if you do it heavily overencucumbered.


RNGesus would be very pleased if u did and u would gain much extra RNG for your drops, I plan to take as much as I can as long as I can still move if only a little


If you have not started preparing a stack of taffy dyes for the journey, I shall bestow some upon you.


New rule: he gotta do it in Taffey major and salmon accent.


gonna be starting a bit late more towards 1 than 12


You should narrate your journey in the unofficial discord, give it a planet earth spin as you walk past animals and creatures


Ohhhh even do some Steve Erwin type of narration! We lost that man too soon!


starting the stream up very soon, hop on it if u care to watch, and will also be in official unoffiial orbus chat


Can confirm the Kamina overencumbered walk and final sacrifice to the hard mode boss 5 has blessed at least two of us that contributed/participated!
Also, not sure if 11 is unlucky or sacred… :thinking: gonna have to incorporate 11 into some rituals!


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