Religion in Orbus


Who is your RNG Deity?!

Praise RNGesus!!! :cowboy_hat_face:


You are not even praying !

You fool !



That was fantabulous. I love gathering in the healing circle! KEEP IT UP, AND KEEP BELIEVING!



This might be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen come out of the game. Haha.


The secret to our success has been leaked! RNGesus is the provider


Just for the record, I’m Cactholic.
That is to say I worship the gods of Ithecac


I love This guild :rofl:


The funniest thing to me in this video is the little snippets you hear Logan saying quietly under the prayers and singing… “<inaudible>…no emotional connection…<inaudible>…gas station parking lot…<inaudible>”


Yeah I was laughing pretty hard.


I was referring to Lady Luck :wink: Just in case she and RNGesus have a ‘thing’


I may or may not have been the one singing… this is a great group of people. :slight_smile:


All my respect points for the singer :+1:

Also points to those that joined the group :sunglasses:


Maybe next time you should pray to baby RNGesus.


Look, I like the baby RNgesus the best, you hear me? I win the battles and I get the money!


I look forward to the album coming out!! :rofl:


Looks like you’re ready to shop. Try Pastafarianism for thirty days! If you don’t like us, your old religion will most likely take you back.


Mmk. So right now RNGesus has my heart cause of that song and ritual. Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster may sway me if you can up your game (love the propaganda) but we need moooore. I wonder if there will be a big push for Lootcifer as well as the main religion within Täella-Oso :thinking:

But anyway. Look forward to where these lols are going! :grin:


RNGesus has no competition! If you lose faith you lose epics and sweet sweet loot. Don’t lose heart!


Orby gave me a common lure component! :sob: