Whoosh paladin specialization



In case it’s not obvious from the video, this method allows you to travel faster than any other class. If you throw a hammer in front of you while running forward, it will only “hover” (same velocity) in front of you or you will even pass it. Throwing the hammer behind you and relying on the rubberbanding physics allows it to return at ridiculous speeds, and teleporting to it will propel you like 3-5 full teleports ahead at no cost to you aside the 1 weapon charge.

Other fun facts:

I’ll include this in another writeup about the paladin class, but here are some more paladin related features/tips. I imagine some of them might get patched.

You could also throw your hammer forward, rubberband it backwards, and appear behind a player (PvP) to totally juke them since the hammer is invisible.

Put your weapon inside/over a monster then drop it straight to the floor. Watch as you hit it 5x in under a second, and stun it. If you are swinging your hammer you are actually making a mistake.

Drop your weapon on the edge of a monster, then pull it quickly away by using the grip key. This lets you stun a monster and only use 1 weapon charge, letting you stun it 5-7 times in succession. Certain monster spells can be interrupted by stun like heals. There appears to be some stun diminishing returns.

After you drop your weapon on melee monsters(stunning it), back or teleport away. This gives you more time to receive your next weapon charge before the monster reaches you.

Holding the grip key will cause your dropped weapon to fly towards you. Use this to rubberband your hammer harder for the teleport technique. You also can use this after you drop your hammer (dumping all charges) to return it to your hand faster, to get more charges. Rinse and repeat.

Big daddy paladin specialization

Giant Growth Potion + Hammer Throw + Whoosh method :wink:


It’s worse (or better) with speedpots