Wilds Chest / Invisibility Potion


To be clear, i think there are a lot of things wrong with the chest mechanically speaking. Not just related to how we choose to fight over it… and ive always felt this way.


I’m sorry you aren’t enjoying it. I can say honestly and sincerely that when we go for the chest and there is no one to fight, it’s way less fun than when we get to have a battle over it, even when we lose.

I don’t agree that pvp in Orbus is lame, but everyone is entitled to their opinion.

The issue with logging out is that it completely ends the interaction, and takes it outside the game. With invisibility there are potential counterplays. I’ve been knocked out of invis before, and knocked others out of it. The trickster chest appears at a known location at a known point in time, so it all comes down to that moment.

I mean, you guys almost got us by killing us outside the bandit zone, which was well played, we barely got back to the chest in time. If the timing had been slightly different, we would’ve had no chance to recover.


This topic isn’t really getting anywhere though.

I just want PvP to be fun and it’s currently not.

I don’t think I will be hitting up the Wilds Chest anymore so Riley can basically just make the Wilds Chest deposit 2-4 shards into your house chest every 10 hours for all I care.

Hope you enjoy the PvPless chest and continue to not help make PvP fun because from I’ve seen it’s only really me and 1-2 Alphabet people who sometimes go.


I’m not sure how long you’d want a 2v2 to last with 3 of the combatees being DPS classes, but that seems reasonable to me. Bigger battles with more class distribution tend to go much longer.


This is 100% not true because you spawn 3 minutes away and we still have to exit the area which BTW Riley is possible as a Bandit because there is a spot where you can literally just walk out without any guards caring.


If I’m being completely honest, the most fun I ever had with PvP was during the first couple days of the chest. Army against army.

Bring the horde, then we’ll have fun again :wink:


What do you think we (EK) could do to make pvp more fun that we’re not doing? We’re showing up, we’re engaging, we’re not throwing out toxic abuse during the fights or when we win or lose. If you have additional recommendations on how we collectively can make PvP more fun, I’m down to hear them.

Also, getting out of the wilds as a bandit isn’t necessarily a good thing because you can still get killed as a bandit in PvE zones, you just can’t fight back.


This is one of my many issues with the chest btw.

This is another issue i have with the chest. The bandit zone should be the entire area. The idea that one team could remain non bandits, constantly re spawning near the exits, free to attack the other team, while the chest teams bandit timer just keeps rising if they are actually killing people, doesnt make any sense. Edit - I dont have a great solution for this offhand btw. There are other issues would undoubtedly arise by just making the entire area a bandit zone. I dont think it would totally solve the issue.


If you had waited until we hit the bandit line to take us down, we would’ve respawned in highsteppe which takes forever. Also, generally speaking, even dying without bandit, you go to the far graveyard, which is a huge pain to get back from, especially with all the huge aggro spiders and aberrations.


And then there’s the Laughing Coffin alts. Rofl. PvP can be fun… but we all know the buffoonery that’s going on.

Army vs army was at least straight forward and fun.


You can’t really do much because PvP is not fun and no one is really trying to make better PvP suggestions.
You are suggesting Invisibility potions are fair game and that’s fine but you are going to lose the only PvPers that go to the chest regardless.

The Devs needs to do something eventually but I won’t be going anymore.


Having it be at a known location at a known point is what allows effective invisibility countermeasures.

The bandit area is pretty damn large, and I can’t remember the last time we either attacked en masse or had to defend against a large attack while exiting the wilds as bandits. Everything almost always goes down right on the chest, because if you wait, you have no idea where the trickster tokens are.


This was not a gripe i have associated with the invis potions specifically. But even so, it is much harder to knock someone out of invis than you are making it out to be. Are they aoe’ing the chest area? > appear behind someone and blow them up. They arnt aoe’ing the chest? > grab chest gg


The one thing I can suggest for the Devs to be a quick fix is to Advertise the Trickster Chest…

I literally haven’t seen any other Player go for it besides EK and Alphabet.

Like does no one know about it or when it spawns?
Maybe then it would be fun when I’m not being focused down in 16 seconds and it’s basically a free for all of like 10 players.

For anyone that doesn’t know and may be reading this…
It spawns every 10 hours real time so the next spawn will be at 5:30am EST and then 3:30pm EST.


I edited that in while you were replying i think


I did not mean to imply that i get no joy out of it. Even bad pvp is still a little fun.

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So my opinion on the tricksters chest is that…

  • invis potions should not be available in PvP such as the tricksters chest simple as. Its indeed anti-pvp

  • The trickster chest is a numbers game and yes the group with numbers will have an advantage at legendary re-rolls if they continuously get it due to always getting shards.

  • Legendary re-rolls affects PvP… Therefore to min-max in PvE you need to do PvP…

  • Unfortunately due to the unstructured way that the trickster chest works which combines PvE with PvP, its not really fun other than the ‘10 seconds’ you get to fight after waiting and preparing for 15-30 minutes.

  • It is not about any one team ‘making it more fun’… it just is not that fun and needs to be changed.

  • Basically nobody wants to put their time in to something that is not really that fun of an experience. The trickster chest experience falls in to that category unfortunately.


ABC active members : 23
EK active members : 14

To quote Justin sentence Johann can pull tons of potions out of his Ass… do you think they appeared there ? To me it seems like sometimes you need to do things you don’t like and do some sacrifice in order to min-max. If someone is not ready to do that, than it’s alright to, but that person should not complain if he does not have the best gear/stats.