Wilds (Fishing, Gathering and Mob Drops for those)


I am sure I will get crucified here, but not everyone enjoys being killed by someone when you are fighting a mob in the wilds. I am forced to go there for gathering/fishing and mob drops crucial to those things. I feel there should be comparable areas for those of us who just want to enjoy the game content and not lose hours of work because someone wants my stuff instead of gathering it themselves.

Also it is unrealistic to expect a group of people to watch out/guard while you fish.

Many games have an opt in system or different servers for people who love that kind of thing.

Please think about this for those of us who love to play but will never do PVP and will be griefed until we don’t play anymore.


Open PVP was a design decision by the devs. They also made a point of keeping essential content out of the Wilds. If you want the high-end ingredients, you could always buy from a merchant who took the risk.

Frankly, I’m sad they gave PVE people better equipment than abberations. So few targets now.

Fun reading: Bartle’s Taxonomy. OrbusVR is nominally a MMO, but it shares a lot with MUDs.


I feel you, but it is an intentional design. I don’t care for pvp, but I like what they are going for here. It makes the items out there more valuable and a more interesting venture.

I myself like to plan my route accordingly and never bring anything I’m not willing to lose. This way at worst it’s just wasted time. Though moving forward I might consider hiring a bodyguard or two to keep my mind at ease.


i always offload everything on my character now thats trade droppable before heading to the wilds then whenever i get drops i dont breakdown anything till i leave so they cant get shards off me and as far as gathering/fishing every so often make a house run and play safe… i agree i hate that pvp isnt optional in whats basically the only zone to hunt end game solo but since i have no choice i take precautions if they do kill me they wont get much.



Only happened 1 time for me so far, guy ran up while fishing and said your about to die you better load out, I ignored him and kept fishing. They killed me, whatever. If you get fun out of killing someone who wont fight back, have at it and keep up the ganking.

I dislike PVP, and am not going to participate. I will just stand and die, no challenge or fun for you from killing me.


I’m with you, I dislike Pvp. Some people do, so I understand why it was chosen to make Pvp areas. I don’t understand why there is a necessity of switching to a defenceless class like fisherman to get area specific fish in the pvp zone. I just feel it makes people into unfair targets.
I have gone into the pvp zones, but always as a group for Abberations, not to pvp.


I’m so with you, each his own, but this story - killing a passive fisher for fun or loot - reminds me of the little kiddos in Ark who run around in groups with their endgame gear killing every naked level 1-6 they see, feeling like the big bosses :smiley: Nothing of this has to do with pvp really.
I understand some love the challenge and fight against other players, but why not have arenas for that - IF you are into pvp it likely can be as frustrating just to run around randomly and wait for others to fight against - or at least areas where you don’t miss out on any pve content. Fine, why not gather nice stuff while you wait for your pvp challenge, but if certain resources or drops are solely available for those who either pay or be forced to play a style they don’t like, now that is pretty lame.


Most people don’t attack in the wilds, which is unfortunate, that is not what they are designed for. So you should be pretty safe. I personally wish every area was PvP, but maybe when you die you wouldn’t lose your items in the areas that aren’t wild. It adds an extra excitement and challenge to the game. What is the fun of beating a mob that does the same attacks over and over again. At least in PvP there is some variety. They did say battlegrounds would be coming in content patch 3 which will be nice.


Yeah, what we want with the Wilds is for there to be a risk component to getting those materials, which are needed for crafting high-end items. Basically by going into the Wilds you are choosing to participate in the economy, and we want there to be some competition there that goes beyond just who is online the most or who has the most time to grind.

That said, the “PvE” version of that would be basically buying the already-gathered materials from other players if you don’t want to PvP. Obviously there is going to be a premium built into the price based on that risk, but that’s what we want happening.

Finally, we will be introducing some additional crafting ingredients in future content that are gathered from high-end PvE as well. Not the same stuff (that would defeat the whole purpose), but for example you might need an ingredient from the Wilds and an ingredient from a high-end Shard Dungeon to make a new potion. Obviously not everyone would gather both themselves, a barter/trade would make sense for most players.

Open Question to the Community about the wilds

The funny thing is I haven’t gotten killed(by players) all of the times I have gone into the wilds.
But I am of the other mind where if I get killed by someone, that is a license to HUNT! :grin::sunglasses::cowboy_hat_face:
And yes I have done fishing.


Agreed @Johann I am glad there are open PvP areas. It seems like the population at 20 is the (temporary) issue that causes a lack of pvp.

Just wanted to chime in since this topic is getting lots of attention and say that people pvping in a pvp zone is not scummy or dishonourable - it’s the expectation, or should be. Once there are more players in there it’s totally possible that groups of mercs or certain guilds will exist to protect people who refuse to fight. I have said in other threads that fellowships like UoH shouldn’t bother trying to prove they are pvping in good faith - they will get smeared either way, just be the heel because there are those of us who love it when someone takes that role. Not griefing or trolling or verbally rude, just not afraid to waste someone who has willingly entered a PvP zone. Don’t want the risk? Don’t enter the wilds, or get some guardians. It’s nice to see Riley in here as usual sharing their vision and standing by the wilds at endgame.


I actually really want to see guards pop up as part of the direct to player service economy (much like artificing)
We might even see guilds dedicated to it


Well he did give you the option to surrender your loot. If you don’t want to participate in PvP maybe you should stay out of PvP areas. That player was fully in his right to kill you for your loot don’t try to make him look bad. Open world PvP doesn’t have to be fair.


He is a healer, good luck trying to kill a healer 1 vs 1. They can run and heal for days:)


No, I want to fish, if someone wants to gank me, have at it. Its all you will be doing is killing me. Ill just come back later and fish.

Dont really care if you want to PVP, I dont, and wont. I could just run and heal, but that would give you some thrill or challenge of which I will give neither. Nope if you want to kill me you will have to do it like a low life ganker


If your running and healing, ;'m sure they would give up, no one wants a long battle, especially if you are running to the guards. The guards will kill them, you laugh and pick up their loot.


Sounds good to me. Where do you fish?


In the wilds, im there all the time, solo.


That’s perfectly valid. You absolutely do not have to participate. You understand the risk you’re taking and choose not to actively do anything different.


which wilds we’d all like to come say hullo :wink: hehe j/k i dont care for pvp either