World Boss Event 2 out of 3! 10/27 @ 6p CST


Shadow of Crimson is hosting a world boss event where we will tackle Sanyael and Elongata together! I know many were hoping for capes or gear from the new scaled boss test, but were unable to attain them. But fear not! Come one, come all as we square off against 2 of the biggest baddies in OG Orbus! Let’s get those capes for everyone before reborn and be proud to wear them together as a MMO family! The only requirement is to show up and have fun!! Oh…and to have an ithecac potion for Elongata… Anyway, October 27th at 6pm CST, we’ll meet at the Lakewood Inn (Same place as dev world boss event) and head over to take on Sanyael first! If you are unsure of your time zone, take a look and note that it will be 6pm (UTC -6). We hope to see you all there!


Just thought I’d bump this thread since we’re getting close and post some strategy resources from previous runs!

Don’t forget your Ithecac potions! We’ll run over to Elongata after a few runs of Sanyael if we have enough people!


Boss run in 45 minutes! We’re using the Shades of Crimson discord for audio. Don’t forget to mute your in-game audio!


Thank you to everyone that came out for the world boss run on 10/27. I really appreciate this community and everyone that participates in it. And considering this, let’s work together to build a fantastic Orbus society! When we play together, don’t forget to consider others when playing or making comments. Thank you and I look forward to playing with all of you in the future :smiley:


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