Would it be possible to have an in game name field on the forums

Even if it’s just a manual thing, I’m seeing tons of people who are not realising that they know people from in game on here. Even better if it could be done automatically.

Obviously not until this alpha test is over. But longer term I’d love to fine Death, Decnav, Logan and others whose names I forget :smiley:

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I’m Logan :smiley:
I agree the names on here are misleading. We did make a channel in the Orbus discord to post your ingame name. Death, Dec, and I are all a part of the discord. That’s a good place to find previous party members

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You can go to your account from the main Orbus page and change your forum name. I just did it yesterday after playing.

Thanks for the info!

Here’s a thread related to changing your forum name if you want a bit more info.

In addition to that, as Logan pointed out, we have a channel dedicated to figuring out who’s who in the Discord. Feel free to join us there :slight_smile: