Alpha Test Feedback Thread: Closed Alpha 3

Here’s the feedback thread for tomorrow’s test: see you in-game soon!


Servers will be coming online in about 5 minutes!

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Servers are up! Have fun!

Sword flash doesn’t seem to trigger. They highlight yellow then hits cooldown

Which monster are you using it on?

It worls on the rocks and scarecrow. Not the frograts

Okay I just did a soft reset that I think should fix it.

Stuck on character selection screen. Avatar at level 0, character selection box says “Loading”

That fixed it thanks

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Can you get me your output log?

(Reporting Issues at the bottom of that page)

Did you download the new launcher, or are you still 0.2?

… I feel dumb

No, it’s my fault, I thought the old launcher would keep working but I forgot about something I changed.

I will put out a new patch here in a sec that will still work with the old launcher, but in the mean time if you download the new launcher, then just move your folder under (Launcher Folder)/resources/app/client into the new launcher folder, you should be good to go without needing to re-download anything.

Sorry about that!

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I too am stuck out the loading screen. So download the new launcher is what your saying should be done?

You can either download the new launcher and move over your folder as per that post above, or if you wait about 15 minutes the new patch will be out that will fix the issue. Sorry about that!

It’s all good, I will get ready for work instead lol

Is the warrior ultimate suppose to come back after 1 swing? We have perma ult

Whooooops…haha. Forgot to take that out.

EDIT: Just did a quick reset to fix that.