Announcing OrbusVR: Reborn -- Our First Expansion and a Major Overhaul of the Game


Hey everyone,

We’ve got a major announcement for you today. OrbusVR: Reborn, our first expansion to the game, will be coming out in Q1 2019! Read the blog post for more details about what this means for the game and the community:

In addition to that, there’s some press coverage as well (I’ll keep this updated as more rolls out):

This has been in the works behind the scenes for many months now and we’re very excited to be able to share it with you all today. I’ll be around to answer questions throughout the afternoon, but there’s a lot that we aren’t totally ready to reveal yet, so I may be a little bit restricted in what I can say :slight_smile:

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OrbusVR: Reborn!

This looks and sounds amazing! You guys have really been putting in the work!

The blog says all our characters will be moving over, will they keep their levels and will that also include all their gear and items? I’ve been working on making a nice dragon breeding system and would hate for all that work to go to waste.


I’m excited to see what you guys can do, I’m hoping for more classes to level.


Will the players who already have their characters in the game be able to edit their character with the new customisation?


So your characters and all of their progress, levels, achievements, inventory, etc. will all be coming along for sure.

As mentioned in the blog post, the level cap will be increasing from 20 to 30, though. So you will no longer be ‘max level.’ (As is typical in most MMOs).

The dragon pet system will actually be receiving a lot of enhancements but your existing dragons will come over just fine in terms of the breeding, sizes, colors, etc.

One thing I do want to note on the gear, due to the new Avatar system we are rolling out, the current existing gear will not work. So, when the expansion first launches, you’ll have different gear (depending on what you had before). For those of you who have put in time to earn the higher-tier gear items (Shard Dungeons and Raid gear), that will be coming back as a transmog option for the new expansion, but it will take us a little bit of time to make that available. So just a heads up on that. You’ll want to be earning new gear anyway as you make your way from 20-30, but we want to reward those who put in the time and effort to earn that previous gear, so we want to give you the option of using it as a transmog look if you want.

Planned Reborn Resets

Yes, definitely, you will actually be forced to re-make your character the first time you login, because the new Avatar system is totally different than our current one. You can still get something pretty close to what we have right now if you want to look similar.


There are a total of 4 new Battle Disciplines – Bard and Shaman are already announced, the remainder will be another tanking class and another DPS class.

Any info on the 2 new classes?

Will the 4 existing classes be reworked in any way to have new or updated mechanics?


With the current raid going away, does that mean if we don’t get the extremely low drop chance pets from it before that happens we won’t be able to get it ever? Just wondering so I can start making more effort to kill bosses 4 and 5 even more times than I already do a week if needed.

Also, could you tell us the drop chance for the pet? Is it same chance on all 3 modes? (not that we have cleared Boss 4 expert mode yet)

Other than that,DAAAMMNNN I’m excited for this xD


My long-term hope is that we’re going to bring the current Raid back as a “retro” stand-alone activity at some point. It’s actually not too bad in terms of what we’d have to re-work to make that happen compared to say the overworld zones. I would say there is a good chance of that happening at some point, and then the pets would be available to get via that.

But other than that, no plans to make those pets (or capes) available anywhere else. Note that there is not a new pet for the Expert Mode Raid, just a new cape.

All of the classes are going to receive a re-work in the sense that they’ll be going from 20-30. That means at least some new talent tiers. I honestly don’t know the degree to which each individual class will be re-worked beyond that. My primary focus right now has been prototyping the new classes to see where they fit into things.

I can say that none of the classes are going to suddenly massively change (like e.g. we’re not going to suddenly make Ranger aiming totally different or something like that). The tweaks would be more like a new/replaced talent, different balancing, maybe re-working how the Ranger trap works or improving the Runemage casting a little, that kind of stuff.


Maybe as some sort of compromise for people with really bad luck, legendary weapons and pets could be added to token vendors for a high amount?

Also, will there be a trivialization of the current harvestables/ mob drops in the new expansion?


Is the dps class going to be melee? I’m loving the improved ai idea which would open up the battlefield instead of mashing all the enemies in front of 1 person.

Sooo excited to try out bard! I’m not usually a support class fan but it sounds right up my alley


Yes I would consider adding them for a very high amount of tokens, we’ll see.

As with any MMO expansion, there will be newer more powerful recipes of things such as healing potions to support the higher health pools from advancing to a higher level. So a healing potion that’s great for level 20 today will still be great for level 20 in the expansion, but it won’t be relevant for max-level content. Some current ingredients will be used in the new recipes, some new ingredients will be introduced as well. All of that itemization is not finalized yet though.

I do want to point out that we are at least 6 months away from this coming out, and we have plans for the Defend the Realm event that involve using some of those current items up, so just something to keep in mind.

Planned Reborn Resets

Sadly I cannot reveal anything else about the other two classes at this time :slight_smile:


will There be a easier or more consistent way of getting our favorite dyes? I don’t mind having to replace them but certain dyes are really annoying to obtain. I’d love to be able to use tokens to buy toxic dyes. Is there any plan to maybe make dyes like transmog sets? Once you obtain the dye it’s yours, but it still costs dram to apply it.




imagination runs wild The possibilities are endless!

I’m already preparing for the future beta tests. 20 bottles of water and 7 packs of granola bars. Suit up!


All of the current dyes will be available in the new game as well as some new ones. I don’t think it would ever go to a once-unlocked system though. There will be some new ways to get those current hard to obtain ones though.

Planned Reborn Resets

Awesome! I just want a reliable way to obtain my favorite toxic dye.