Announcing OrbusVR: Reborn -- Our First Expansion and a Major Overhaul of the Game


Guess this means I wont be the only bard class character in the game anymore.

How do we sign up for the beta?


Great, thanks for the reply. I’m looking forward to the update already!


I’m in awe with this Blog Post!

Great Job Riley and the Team.


First off I want to say this looks amazing, Im really glad to see what looks like very promising improvments and additions to the game it all looks great. I am just curious though if we should expect any changes to the classes and talents up to level 20, I assume there will new ones with the level increase but are we to excpect the current ones to stay the same?


More details on that will come in the future but basically if you’re already playing the game, you’ll be able to participate in the beta. It’s not going to be limited to a certain number of slots or anything.


I think I addressed this already here:

But if there’s something in particular that doesn’t answer let me know. In general I don’t have all the details on that yet.


Looking at the character customization. It looks really cool ((not a fan of the face) We all want to look badass and beautiful!)) And I was curious if we could rotate the body. I notice it turns when you turn, but it could be hard to set proper proportions when you’re view is limited to only front-facing.


Will the market system change?


You’re not a fan of that specific face in terms of the eyes/nose/mouth you mean? Yeah there will be a lot of other options than that one. Like, way more than before.

Yeah there will be some changes to how that works. It’s basically just a prototype at this point.


There are going to be changes to how the in-game trading works in general, yes. We will have more details on that in the future. Market Stalls will be sticking around in general but there will be an expanded set of options for those who don’t have a stall to sell their goods to other players as well.


Thats good to hear! Can you tell us maybe a little about the new crafting Discipline? I hope it doesn’t replace the old ones.


I’m not a fan of the eyebrows,eyes,mouth. He looks. . . old and sad? lol With a narrow face he looks malnourished and sunken. With a chubby face he looks super depressed.
I don’t have any examples of what I’d like (always easier to criticize than to correct) but the body changes themselves are really really cool


Looks really cool. Will this expansion allow us to see healing numbers and show dmg number on players? Will this expansion have our movement grid be a circle instead of square?


It doesn’t replace the old ones, but no I cannot.

Okay yeah I think that’s something you would be able to change pretty drastically with the other options available.

Those are really specific questions haha. There will be additional data available on damage/healing numbers for players, yes. The movement grid will be seeing some changes as well.


Will these new classes be available for new players coming into the game? Or will it be available only for lv 20+. Just wondering so I know what to tell friends who may consider getting the game.


Also will the player-house be upgraded with dram or with quests? Hopefully with drams and will it be possible for other players now to visit you? If yes how many can visit you? Lastly will the new houses have any location advantages?

(Is anyone thinking about the houses in Sao? For example the lake house or Asunas house, where she cooked.)


They will be available for everyone to start playing right away. You don’t have to be a minimum level or unlock them via a story quest or anything.

Haha, again, that’s a lot of specific details that we don’t have right now, sorry :slight_smile:


Ok. Than I’ll be patient! :blush:


I thought you mentioned you would be adding a pure healing class (like a priest or cleric). Does that mean we won’t see one for this expansion?


Considering the damage Muskie does ATM I’d say it’s a pure healing class. How many Muskies you see running Gravity orb right now?