Announcing OrbusVR: Reborn -- Our First Expansion and a Major Overhaul of the Game


Is Oculus Connect 5 only for industry people or could regular attendees enter and have somewhere to go?


Here is the website (, there are panels each day along along with some demos of a few games there, it lists the ticket prices in their FAQ section of their website, if you do decide to come be sure to stop in and say hello to us!


“If you complete your registration by August 28, you’ll receive “early bird” pricing, which is $299 for a regular conference pass” Do you guys need a promoter? My going rate is not breaking the bank getting through the door lol.


Hey Riley. Just how much of the transmog gear will we keep in reborn? Do I get the entire wardrobe I collected? Do I need to start farming to fill it?


I made this so I can keep track of what I still need to get without going back to the wardrobe, made a blank copy incase anyone else wanted it, will add capes on when I get chance, but feel free to make a copy if it’ll help your hunt for transmog at all


Thanks Rickness that’s super helpful!


No worries, happy to help :slight_smile:


Thanks! You are perfect!
*Orbus dance


So, I can definitely guarantee anything from the Tradu Mines and up will be coming back as transmog styles armor-wise. It’s likely we will also be able to bring back the leveling gear but I don’t think it’s going to be as much of a priority.

Weapon-wise, anything Tradu Mines level and higher will be coming along, although we may have to make modifications depedning how things go (for example, if we totally change the look of how Musketeer weapons work, then we’ll do our best to make a transmog in the spirit of the original, but it may not be identical).

All capes, mounts, and pets will be coming along for sure.

And then of course the major note to all of this is, not all of that will be available the day Reborn launches. We are obviously prioritizing the new gear and weapons and making sure we have plenty of time to polish those and get them in. It’s not going to take us like a year or something to the get the old gear transmogs re-done to be compatible, but it’s just not going to be launch-day, so I want to be clear on that. Mounts, capes, and pets will be launch-day, though, since those don’t have to really be re-done for the new avatars as much.


Updated the spreadsheet to make it more colourful and fix a few mistakes :slight_smile:


Will the Wilds be removed in Reborn in favor of worldwide opt-in pvp or will we have both?


There’s a whole bunch of PvP changes so I’m going to wait for a blog post to talk about it further, but basically open world opt-in PvP + PvP Battlegrounds are going to be the main PvP drivers in the game now.


Awesome, that is super-helpful!


Please please pleaseeeeee include the wilds gear.
… Wilds gear


I’ve added Fisherman, capes and in-game store items to the spreadsheet which means everything should be there now so I should no longer need to make any changes unless anymore mistakes are found or I find out any information on the Cape of Completion or Master Hunter Cape


Woah! Big news, congratulations on such a milestone!


Time to start farming random stuff :smirk:


Any idea of the timeline of when you will be able to tell us the other 2 battle disciplines?


As someone who mixes and matches transmog pieces for my musket, I would really appreciate if most of the leveling gear gets ported over after launch. I don’t think I am using any of the “epic” gear styles besides the tradu chestpiece.


I don’t remember seeing the answer to this so going to ask it here, will reborn include beards for our avatars?


I believe we should have the ability to do facial hair now, yes.