Announcing OrbusVR: Reborn -- Our First Expansion and a Major Overhaul of the Game


Hi Riley. Have you given any thought to changes on the gear system? Things like offensive stats on armor items, more individual stats to gain, and a revisit of the affix system? Imo the current gear system leaves a lot to be desired and I think that there’s room for improvement here.


@Riley_D I’m not sure if it’s been addressed and I missed it but I was wondering how fishing will be handled? Will it also have a new cap of lvl 30? Will the lvls have any bearing at all in the new version? Will there be talents? Will we be keeping our gear? Will we be getting new fishing gear? Will there be new fishing quests?


also @Riley_D can u confirm that all of the current potions will transfer and work properly in reborn?


And please add class set bonuses for upper gear.


That would be siiiiiick


Guiter… er… Lute Hero?


What will be happening with the leaderboards when reborn comes out? Will it stay as it is or will it get reset/changed?


I would like a reset personally…or two separate. Vanilla stats and reborn stats. Then again that might only work of these old servers were preserved and running right?


We will archive them as-is but they will be changing for Reborn.


Okay thank you :smile:


Will we see changes to the carry weight or way changing class/gear works with the release of reborn? With 4 extra classes that’s a whole lot of extra stuff to potentiality carry around and weight is already an issue as it is


I’m curious about gear stats. Will the strength, int, vit, magic and phys all transfer? Will the stats still have an rng range for those stats with the infuse system or will it be more linear for gear progression?


Great question! Also can we have tabs for gearsets?
So that you could change classes by switching to another tab where you have the gear set instead of switching each gear piece.


Those are all great questions I have no answers for right now haha.


A question that keeps my mind busy since the beginning of this announcement is: How the … is the game going to balance 8 different classes? It seems like an impossible task. You make either every class required in end game which automatically makes it way harder to get a full group, or of every category only one class will be the best which might exclude others.


As one of the few who only plays one class right now, im excited for some new healing/support options. I imagine that ideally, most people will have multiple classes they can play to fill the needs of a specific role.


I don’t think this will be an issue, especially considering that everyone can be all 8 classes at any time.
This will just require everyone to get geared up in multiple classes instead of rushing into RAID and burning yourself out.

I love the idea of needing all 8 classes to accomplish something IMO. It adds variety to the game and mechanics.


Will reborn have additional steam/oculus achievements?


Will we get more apparel?!?!?! Maybe one with the 4 new classes, one class per shirt, mobs, landscapes, pets, other things??? Option for hoodie??


In black too! :grin: