Announcing OrbusVR: Reborn -- Our First Expansion and a Major Overhaul of the Game


Not apparel, but in terms of merch, I’d happily pay a premium for an official, high-quality, physical (maybe even cloth?) world map of Orbus.


Posters would be cool to :slight_smile:


wait is wilds above tradu mine? i just spent a lot of time getting that wilds red gun would be sad if i cant use that after the overhaul


Will the world bosses currently in the game remain unchanged mechanics and loot wise? Or can we expect to have the capes that drop off of them become unobtainable in Reborn? Thanks so much for your work I’m so excited to try out the Shaman! We Zappy Bois Now!


No wilds was before Tradu but if Riley includes more than Tradu and up that’d be the first to make it. He said before he wasn’t sure.


There will be new World Bosses. Again, these might return at some point in the future as part of a retro event, but when the game launches right off the bat, you would not be able to get these capes if you didn’t already have them before.


Will the rings change as well?


Equipment will be new/different in general, and with the higher level cap it’s likely going to be new stuff in that way.


With the rework/rebuilding of so many in-world assets, is there more VR-enabled user interactivity being included? Examples: Being able to pull the rope to ring the bell in Highsteppe, batting at hanging signs, etc?


We are going for that type of thing, yes.


Bump :wink::wink::wink:


Yes it will have new Steam and Oculus achievements.


Awesome :smiley: Thanks!


A few more questions came to my mind today…

  1. How exactly with transmog transfer into reborn? Should we save our gear and deconstruct it after reborn hits, or will currently unlocked styles automatically be transferred to reborn?
    1.1 Will wilds gear transfer to reborn? If so, awesome! If not, how come? I think it would be nice to have a reminder of the zones, for both good and bad memories.
  1. Will current vendors survive the apocalypse (Trickster, normal/hard/expert raids, dye shop, etc?)
  2. It was mentioned before that the ranger trap will be receiving some changes in reborn, any insight on that?
  3. Will there still be some sort of “leveling dungeons”? Once you reach level 10, for example, you hit a dungeon, same with 20, perhaps 25 as well, then end game content?
  4. Will we be receiving more fellowship improvements after reborn hits, such as the promised ranking system?
  5. Will we be able to customize/expand our player house?
    6.1 Is the player house receiving any changes whatsoever?
  6. Any thoughts as to “costumes” on our pets? If we wanted to put our dragons in a tutu for example, or give the hard raid pet drop a bunny costume… I think it’d be interesting.
  7. Any thoughts on player-made, dev-approved content similar to how Warframe does things?

I’m sure more will come, but that’s it for now :slight_smile: Thanks!


:joy::+1: that would be fantastic. I wouldn’t be against pet costumes being cash shop items.

Also, since we have official launch on the horizon, is there an estimation of when translations of the game will be available? Shooting for at launch, estimated within 6 months of launch, undetermined availability but anticipate requesting volunteers for translations second quarter 2019? I assume we’ll all be in the same world and was wondering if it could be an option at the beginning before logging in so that it could be switched up. And if volunteers were being taken into account, what about regional differences? Spain Castilian vs. “Latin American neutral” vs. Argentine… those vary a good bit with many grammatical components and vocabulary words. Some are as benign as English biscuit meaning American cookie, as lesser known as lorry meaning truck, or as unfortunate as (expletive) meaning (normal accepted word). There are at least two completely normal, common words in Spain that are considered vulgar/inappropriate in Mexico, which has the largest Spanish speaking populace, but also most official translations of practically everything are Spain’s version, much to the chagrin of many Latin Americans. Just something to be aware of regarding one translation being consistent if there’s more than one volunteer intended for one version, or if there are plans to have more than one Spanish translation (and Portuguese, and French, and any other widespread language - maybe there’s even a demand for variations of English) which if possible would make more people happy. Maybe another email survey on what would like to be seen regarding language options and how strongly people feel about certain aspects?


The diference of the spanish or latin, it´s no important for a game. I think is beter only one good translated in spanish (from spain or latin america) than more versions of the spanish and bad translated.

La diferencia entre el español o el latino no es importante para el juego. Yo creo que es mejor que haya una sola traducción bien hecha (sin importar si es de españa o de latinoamerica) a que haya varias y que queden mal.


Everything you have unlocked will be unlocked in Reborn (of the stuff that makes it into the new game). I’ll let you know as we get closer about whether you should purposefuly break stuff down ahead of that or not, but my guess is we will just go through your inventory and give you credit for everything you have or something like that as well.

Some will, some won’t. It’s likely the Raid Token and Trickster vendors will not, but again if that’s the case I will give plenty of notice so you have time to use up those tokens.

Not yet, no.

The plan is to have 3 leveling dungeons which will level-scale.

I’m actually still planning to get that done well before Reborn comes out. Basically the person working on it sort of had to take a break before it was finished due to RL commitments, and now it’s on my plate and I haven’t had spare time to finish it off. But yeah it’s not going to take 6 months to get that done haha.

Player house is being re-done into more of an “upgrade” type of situation (e.g. unlock additional rooms or bigger house). Long-term I still want to do decorating and custom furniture but I think that is still out of scope for the initial release of Reborn.

You mean like Chocobo Barding in FF14 for the dragons? Yes, we are looking into this very seriously.

Not at this time.

Sure we’ll try and gather some data on that and see what kind of time it would take. We have the basics in place to allow it for a lot of the game, but of course organizing all of that does take time.


Please let us buy the bigger rooms and houses with dram. Also make them a tad expensive so it feels more rewarding to buy one.
This is just a suggestion but maybe make it that you have the be at least level 15 to expand with rooms and the requirement for houses could be level 25. PLS let others enter your house. I think this is the most important. I’m so excited for how the houses will be done by you and your team. :slight_smile:


All great ideas in my book. I know that there aren’t a lot of incentives mid-game to level up, but house improvements/expansions could be pretty pressing for some people to get into the grind. I think that having another dram sink similar to the chest tabs (Of which I still haven’t purchased the 100k one :stuck_out_tongue:) would be a good thing. Party-instanced houses would also be warmly welcomed by a presumable vast majority of the population.

One thing I might add is that the housing in this game has actually turned a lot of potential buyers that I know of away from the game (10+ people). Hopefully this system is done well in the end :slight_smile:


I apologize if this has been answered already, but do you guys have an estimate of how many non-scaling end-game dungeons and raid encounters are expected at launch of Reborn?