Announcing OrbusVR: Reborn -- Our First Expansion and a Major Overhaul of the Game


Will there be any mini game like aspects or things to do to kill time with other players in reborn? Very much looking forward to reborn btw!


Absolutely. For example, one thing we’ve mentioned would be dragon pet racing, something we’d like to expand on as we go too.


I don’t have an exact number yet, but you can expect probably 4 dungeon wings and 5 Raid Bosses at the start. However, unlike with the last go-round since we won’t be working behind the scenes on totally re-doing the entire game (haha), we should be able to release new wings and raid bosses much more quickly.


One thing that I think a lot of the game lacks right now is different height/terrain variations. Every boss room in the current raid is flat and without strategical advantage. Will this be changing? Will there be things to hide behind to avoid being damaged by a projectile or something of the sort?


I agree and this is one aspect of the dungeon layout that has already been changed to take advantage of the VR experience even better.


Are you guys planning on implementing a ‘spy glass’ type mechanic that allows you to see better in the distance? it can be really tough some times to see the level of an enemy from distances that are basically just outside of their aggro radius.


Perhaps you mentioned it somewhere and I missed it, but will particle effects be receiving a graphical pass as well? Current ones are perfectly fine and resource friendly, but i’m just a sucker for unique and cool looking effects.


Any idea on a price of tokens for the pet and when we might see this come in to play?


Yes, as someone with the most horrible RNG, and not a member of the legendary club, can we please add legendaries and boss 4-5 pets to the raid shop?? please!! It would be nice to know how many tokens I need. Please be reasonable with token prices as it is hard to get a raid together and people don’t raid every week.


i’m with these guys … some of us are super unlucky. in TERA, i was one of the competitors for the ‘how high can your enchant rate get to before a success’… i made it to 99.6%


Yeah, going to completely agree as well. I’ve downed somewhere around 75 raid bosses and gotten 4 drops total, definitely no legendaries.


@Riley_D Any idea when legendaries and raid pets might come to the shop? and how much they might cost?

It would be nice to know how many tokens we need to start saving. Please be reasonable with token prices as some people don’t run raids every week or don’t clear all 5 bosses every week.


You are going to hate me crazy but I disagree with this.

What makes the drop special or exciting if most people are going to have the item? I would rather live in a world where only Timmy and Jimmy got the rare pet and are known for it rather then 2/3 of the population having the pet and no one cares anymore because it’s common. After all, it’s a cosmetic item with no game advantages.


It’s different when you clear the raid multiple times a week since release and recently do around 10 lockouts for just boss 4 in 1 weekend which I have now done the past few weekends and I see all these other people get the pet but I still haven’t then I would like a way to get it before it’s unobtainable even if it’s a high amount of tokens after I’ve put so much time and effort into trying to get it but been kicked down by RNG constantly


Quick little thought popped into my mind this morning… will we be seeing a more intricate night sky in reborn? I think it’d be really neat to be able to stargaze and potentially see a shooting star or a randomly chosen constellation light up.


Well yah it doesn’t matter to you because you got legendaries for all 4 classes. How about the people who just have horrible RNG and haven’t had one?


Well no,

I’ve gotten 2 legendary’s, one LVL 6 for my main and 1 LVL 10 for a class I don’t play. I also have 0 pets and only 2 hard mode pieces.

I guess Im overlooking the fact that the pets are going away in the expansion but I don’t think this should be a common thing when the expansion is released. RNG is RNG and is suppose to give you the wow moment when you finally get the drop imo.


I agree with Justin, it’s nice having them rare. And RnG has not been kind to me either as I have never gotten a pet drop, legendary, or cape off the 5th boss(killed him 8 times).

The only thing I would like to change is to make pet drops trade-able.


Oh sorry, 2 legendaries and I have done double the amount of shards you have (72 vs 144)… and you have 2. I have crap luck with legendaries. Yes, you are not complaining now because you have 2.

Just put the raid pets and legendaries in the shop for a number of tokens. Rickness and I just want to collect as much as we can before it goes away during reborn.


Holy shit crazie you’ve done 144 shards? Good god