Announcing OrbusVR: Reborn -- Our First Expansion and a Major Overhaul of the Game


It also depends on the level of shards that you are doing. If you are only doing 9 and especially 10’s you have a much higher rate of getting a legendary vs doing 1-8 level shards.


So this should change to give people a legendary as a participation trophy instead of a RNG drop? Same with pets? I disagree. It’s part of the mmorpg grind. You have simply gotten unlucky. I mean I hear ya crazie, but this is commonplace in all mmorpgs


I understand why people want legendaries in the token shop, but I disagree with the idea personally. Yes, I am one of the people who has gotten a legendary in my time, but I don’t think that the token vendors should just give them out. I think that, if anything, there should be a small chance for a purchased weapon in the shop to be a legendary instead of an epic.


Apparently I’ve done 170. I had no idea. Honestly anything over 100 seems like an insane amount.


A “Participation Trophy” to me suggests people got something with minimal work/time/effort just for showing up once, as opposed to putting forth enormous time and investment and just got unlucky. It’s extremely demoralizing to see players put forth 5% of the effort and get 5x the rewards, be it with certain affixes (prior to rerolling), or gear/pet drops in trials. There are a number of ways to introduce scarcity and RNG is the most uneven one.

I will say that if we’re particularly divided on whether or not they should be added to the vendors for a high amount of tokens (which I’m in favor of) because it’s adding too many of them to the world, then at least making them tradable as Johann suggested and open them up to the player market would give those of who are extremely interested in acquiring them a way to do so, without adding more to the game world total.


Yeah I see what you are saying. I have really strong feelings with changing something so important. A participation trophy is not always intertwined with minimal work/time/effort. A large majority, sure, but in this case giving a player a legendary just because they hit lets say 100 raid or shard runs seems silly. HOWEVER as im sure you are aware, old orbus will be shut down come the new launch. In the rare case if I was a dev, I might just consider giving said player whatever legendary they would want since the weapon stats will not matter anymore when the new game launches. Having legendary items be tradable could work, but then that legendary is nothing special. Just another item.

You personally have many years of mmo experience outside orbus. Why not let us hear what you think? I know that quite a few people on here look forward to your replies. I know I do.


I think reborn makes the situation completely different since we can’t fight RNG for all eternity for the items. It would be a pretty shitty situation if people that put in a lot of effort didn’t have a real way to get them before they disappeared. Non-limited time span to get them, then sure leave it up to RNG.


Would be nice if every time you downed the boss, your chance for a pet drop would go up. So that if you where downing them tons of times, you would at some point be guaranteed the drop.


Just because that’s the way it’s always been doesn’t mean that’s the way it should always be:P

I’ll be the first to admit I should never have any of these awesome things because I just don’t have the time to invest (though hopefully now that kids are back in school and I’m out of it…!) but it seems wrong to me that someone who has invested as much time and effort as some people here have nothing to show for it. A dual system of RNG and shop via tokens earned or some other similar system seems like an excellent compromise and evolution of current mmorpg standards.


Yeah I hear ya. However, this “evolution” has been argued between the more Hardcore crowd and casual crowd. The more hardcore users want this kind of grind and it is so much easier to say that because these people have time. The more casual crowd either does not make time to play the game for hours upon hours at a time or they simply do not have the ability to make said time. Its really up to the devs on who they want to please. Who do you want to please? The hardcore crowd or casual crowd. Honestly its a tough spot to be in. Not a lot of people have days and days to grind and play. A lot of us want an easy out because we have a few hours to invest and want to be on the same tier of a player who has thousands of hours. Again I personally do not agree with making mmorpg’s easier. This evolution as you say really bugs me. Will it keep me from playing? Hell no. I just don’t feel as accomplished or unique when I get that “cool item”.


I feel like that’s a pretty fair explanation, but I could have missed a few key points.


Oh no no, I totally get that-as a casual I’m not looking for hand outs. I’m talking about the other guy who seems to have ran more than his fair share of shard dungeons with nothing to show for it.

If you don’t get a drop, then maybe a few tokens your way. There will be a point where even the most ardent supporter of rng believers will feel bad for some schmuck and say “yeah…his guy deserves SOMEthing.” Have the price point for whatever cool/awesome/lame-but-rare thing be then.

Again, I’m a casual but I have pretty good rng luck when it comes to mmos. It just doesn’t feel right when I have something after a few runs in my spare time and someone dedicate to getting something doesn’t have it after 100 runs.

Just my two cents!


What blows my mind is how low this drop chance is and yet the weapons only give us an additional slot for charged strikes or unbending ect… Maybe a fairly big bump in drop %? Its hard because its the same legendary skin as shards. In my mind its all the same transmog…this doesn’t make sense to me since this entire game is being dumped soon.


I just want this for transmog (there is no way I am getting a T14 legendary drop with my crappy luck) and the pets since raids are going away. I won’t be able to get these in reborn. You are right though @Alu about this all just being a grind. Thank you for pointing out that it is such a grind and I am SOL, so what’s the point of doing raids if the things I want are not in the raid shop?? I wanted to save up for a legendary or a pet. I have no reason to do raids because I know I wouldn’t get it with my RNG.


I agree with @Luvstosmooch I don’t have forever to grind at them. Reborn is coming out, what January 2019? There are people like me who want to get things before they are not available. If I have no chance and I don’t forsee it in my future because of my RNG and I am SOL, then what’s the use to try and even get it at this point?? Do I really have hope that I might be that lucky?


Pretty sure the only thing that won’t be available is the pets if I haven’t missed a post somewhere… Legendaries, as far as I know, should still drop from the upcoming Reborn raid, right? So I would say leave legendaries out of it, maybe give it a small drop chance upon purchasing an epic, but throw the pets in there.


Yeah sounds like you missed a post or the whole point. Pets and gear are the same- they won’t be around as obtainable unless he brings back the legacy content at some point in the future.


The point of the token system overall is to reduce the RNG-ness of the drops to some degree. For example, the pet drop chance is 1%. That means in theory on average you should get it after 100 eligible kills, but obviously some folks are going to get it after like 20 and some folks will take 200. That’s just how RNG works.

The main problem/concern I have with adding the pets to the token shop are that tokens come from all bosses, but pets are only obtainable from Boss 4 and Boss 5…we don’t have special tokens for just those bosses. So I guess even if I were to add the pets to the token store, you’d be looking at a minimum of 100 tokens to buy one just based on the drop rate, and even then that might not be “rare” enough considering the extra boss requirement on top of it.

Specific to this thread about Reborn, as I said earlier when we bring the armor and weapon looks from this game back in Reborn, there will be some way to obtain them in the new game. At that point they will be purely cosmetic, though, as transmog skins.

So, I will definitely add the pets to the token shop in next week’s patch, but as I said expect them to cost 100+ tokens. As for legendaries, I will look into what it would take to add those, I’m honestly not sure if we can or not. If we can’t add them with the full ‘legendary’ roll, we could at least add them as transmog skins if the main concern is unlocking the look before Reborn unlocks.


In the future can you please make pet drops trad-able?


Wow! 100! There’s only 16 weeks left for the rest of the year. So, unless you have saved tokens, you won’t be able to get a pet. haha! :cry::cry::cry: If you are lucky enough to have a team that can clear all 5 bosses every week (which for hard mode, is difficult), the number of tokens you can get by the end of the year is 80 if you start now. Why even try going for the pet, because it is still unobtainable?? Don’t waste time and add the hard mode pet, because it is very difficult to clear all 5 bosses every week. Not everyone wants to do all 5 bosses every week in hard mode. No one wants to do boss 4 and 5 hard mode. Thanks for considering it though! I appreciate the thought!