Beta 6 Patch 2.91

Patch 2.91 will be rolling out out client and server here shortly. It has the following changes/fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where we were incorrectly showing LOD3 on Player Avatars on PC, which was causing spell effects not to show up (I think this is what was happening in the Battlegrounds).
  • Fixed a bug where Enemy Projectiles were showing as the wrong effect.
  • Fixed a bug where pooled objects like other players weren’t fully resetting properly leading to issues like seeing the wrong mount on someone.
  • Fixed pathing issues in Broken Halls for enemies.
  • When the Player grabs their compass, we now log their current X/Z position in-game to their combat log.
  • Fixed some random leftover logs and errors.
  • Fixed a spawner in the Sewer dungeon that was spawning more monsters than intended.
  • Fixed spawners in Broken Halls so trash shouldn’t spawn on the Minotaur boss.
  • Fixed public events that involve throwing items like crystals into the portal or fish into the boat not working.
  • When you start a dragon race you will now automatically release any held items.
  • Updated names of Level 30 potions, and they should now be tradable correctly.
  • Trading gold with other players will no longer result in progress toward the Earning Dram salvaging missions.
  • Attempted to fix issues with bosses like the Lich King sometimes not fully resetting when the party dies.
  • Reincarnated mobs will no longer aggro other nearby enemies when attacked, and also will not contribute toward the count of alive trash mobs that need to be killed in shard dungeons.
  • Made some mechanical changes to the Mutated Rat boss in shard dungeon runs to increase difficulty, including faster adds, lever cooldown changes, and the boss now has a Revenge slam with a break bar that happens when a lever rat dies that must be interrupted.
  • On the Minotaur boss, the rampage in general is now more lethal, and when enraged the projectile speed and explosion damage has been increased. In Shard Dungeon runs, there have been tweaks to the orb attack and the charge up time for the rage attack.
  • On the Gorgon boss, eggs will now spawn 5 seconds before every other Death Glare. In addition, during the Death Glare attack eggs take increased damage. As shard level scales up, mages that hatch have their heal potency increased, and projectiles will now choose a random player to bounce around rather than a random spot in the room.

But Is the floor casting bug fixed also? :]

That is not although it will be soon ™.


Server-side patch is out now, client should be along shortly.

Neat. That has some uses.

have you looked at any of the other warrior issues I reported a while back?

I ran across the lifesteal weapon affix and it didn’t seem to function. Rerolled it to Charged Strikes. Treasure Master and Bleed seem to work fine.

The client-side patch is now out the door:


That one was fixed a patch or two ago. The shield health not being fully regenned on re-awaken follows the same behaviour as other classes (you have to wait e.g. for your orbs to charge when you first equip the class or resurrect), so that won’t be changing. The rest are on our list, though.

We are pushing out an additional patch now to the server with some changes to the Runemage Affliction talent.

Our primary goal is to figure out a way to balance the Runemage Affliction tree such that it is still better suited to groups of targets, but at the same time provide an option where single-target DPS, while not as good as Affinity, is still better (and certainly not worse) than untalented spell casting.

As such with this patch we’re making the following changes:

  • The duration of the Arcane Ray spell has been reduced to 3.5 seconds. The distance has been increased to 25 meters.
  • When the True Affliction talent is selected, the Arcane Ray spell will gain addition damage on each tick for each of the following DoTs that were cast by the mage present on the target: Flametongue, Frostbite, Affliction.

So essentially now as an Affliction mage you are encouraged to keep all 3 dots on your primary target with high uptime, and then you can either choose to spread those DoTs to groups of targets via Arcane Explosion, or get additional guaranteed damage on a target via Arcane Ray when there aren’t groups of targets available (or, for even higher DPS, both).

Let us know what you think after you give it a try.


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this is interesting. cant wait to try it

This is going to be fun to test. Is there a high level target dummy in the game that I can test this on? Then I can give a nice damage over 1 minute output log and send it to you to see if the output meets your expectations.

The right-hand practice dummy in the Player House should now be Level 30 with 1,000,000 hitpoints.

We’re definitely interested in feedback on if the tuning is right (e.g. is the bonus damage on the ray enough), and also if the timing on the duration of the effects/ray enables a solid rotation to be established.

just gonna throw it out there because mages are getting buffed again, but numbers so far still point
to mages having single target dps above all other classes. Shiki as a lvl 30 very veteran ranger during a boss fight had 12k dps per second, based on the armory dps meter, so i will be using that as base high end dps. 1 fire ball 2 at lvl 30 does about 6k dmg according to friendly local mage. if a mage casts at 1 per second using only fire ball(very inefficiant) they are halfway to that dps, but now with the increase casting spells mages claim they can go faster than 2 per second, since they are asking for faster tilesets than that

if this claim is true, which i believe they definitly may be, alone without any dots, true affinity, using only one spell they could equal the original number of 12k per second. including new talents that significantly boost dps and using actual spell rotations, rune mage can have significantly larger dps than any other class.

granted this is all very theoretical numbers, and requires more testing, but the main point of the post is to hopefully allow that testing to happen before runemage gets buffed again, while it is still so much stronger than the rest. The new dummy in the player house helps alot, but it would also be great if there was a public one of a bigger size, say a boss size, so that we can have multiple classes attacking at the same time, and can see what the dps difference is in real time

We’d be more than happy to get feedback/data on that for sure. To be clear this change is not a buff to overall Runemage damage on a single-target fight like you are talking about, since Affinity is still the higher DPS on that and this did not touch that; but yeah, if you have data, feel free to share it and I’ll take a look.

We can look into adding a boss-sized dummy someplace for sure.


I asked about this in the stunning thread but did not get an answer. Interrupts such as pushback seem to get weaker and weaker at interrupting to the point where these bosses could really be interrupted 6 times reliably. Is it intended that the interrupts get harder for mages at least or not?

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The Pushback should have diminishing returns on the pushback part, but interrupting should be either “interrupted” or “not” so I will look into that.

Oh actually what boss was this on, the Minotaur boss? Or?

There is actually a mechanic related to that I don’t think has been figured out yet, and essentially the amount of interrupts required to “break” the interrupt is going up, which is why it seems like each interrupt is doing less each time, it’s not just for Runemages though. There is a way to keep that from happening.

Assuming that is the fight you are talking about.

For some reason I can’t download this patch at all. I tried having the Orbus app itself update it, but it’d come across an asset file, slow down exponentially, and then it eventually gives up on the file and update entirely, saying it failed. I then deleted that version and went to download the zip file straight from the website, and the zip file won’t download completely either. Please help ;-;

Give it about 15 minutes to finish uploading, then you can try downloading it here: