Beta Game Client Download

Download the launcher from here:

After you download it, extract the ZIP file anywhere on your computer, such as your Desktop or Downloads folder. NOTE: If you extract it to the Program Files directory (or other protected directory) then you will need to use “Run as Administrator…” to run the launcher. So we recommend NOT extracting it to the Program Files folder.

Inside the folder there is an application called “OrbusVR_Launcher.exe”. Just run this to boot up the launcher. Login with your OrbusVR account details and then the launcher will begin to download the latest game files. Once the downloads have completed and the server is online you will see a “Launch Game” button that you can press. The total filesize of the game client is approximately 2GB.


We just released a patch in preparation for the Alpha tomorrow. If you already downloaded the game, just open up your launcher again and it will download the updated files.

Unfortunately Unity does not seem to do a very good job of generating builds that are similar when you modify prefabs, so the patch is around 1 GB in size. We’ll keep looking into ways to hopefully get a better system going to that the patch sizes are smaller.

If you haven’t yet downloaded the game then you will just download the latest files in full (so you don’t have to download the original 2GB + an extra 1 GB patch).

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If you are just joining us for the Alpha test for the first time, download the Launcher above and follow the installation instructions. It’s the same as the Launcher for the previous test.

If you were with us during the last test, we will be releasing a new patch later today with the updated files for the test tomorrow. I’ll make a new post at that time so you know to open your Launcher and receive the patch.


The patch for tomorrow’s test is now available via the Launcher. Thanks!


PLS let me try this. Can I pls have a login if one of the other testers isn’t using theirs. PLSSS

You can buy in. Just got to your account.


If you go to the main site you can upgrade your account by pressing your name in the top right and going to your account page. Join us!

Sorry man, in the terms of use it says that only alpha testers are allowed to play right now, so I’d rather not be kicked out.

Thank you! wish I knew this before Alpha started :confounded: but ill definitely see you during Beta. Cheers.


You can still get it mid alpha, you’ll just have missed a bit of play time

There has only been one alpha test! You still have 5 left including tomorrow :slight_smile: it would be great if you went for it but otherwise yes, look forward to seeing you in beta as well!

Check out MastergamingVR. He is a youtuber who has OrbusVR videos. He makes good videos and I learned about OrbusVR through watching his videos.

I just reread my post and I sound like a 9 year old lol. i’m gitty as a school girl! OrbusVR FOR LIFE!


when will the servers be online again, i really want to play this game. it looks amazing.

The next alpha test is in 2 weeks

Will this client work on the 19th or will there be a new one to download?

You will probably want to open the client the night before the test so it can download the latest files.

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The client will work for the test on the 19th, but you’ll most likely need to update it as @Damage_Da_Mage mentioned.

Just in case people are curious, the patch for the Alpha test that begins on Friday probably won’t be posted until late in the day on Thursday. There are some last minute things we are trying to squeeze in if we can. I’ll update this thread when the patch is live.