Can you drop legendary drops in the lair?

Just wondering, cause with the new drop chances, me spending most of my time in the lair. Just wanna know if i should stop hoping for a gold bag.

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If bags can drop, then a gold bag can spawn.

I wonder too as my understanding is the lair is a special dungeon and legendary transmogs won’t drop there.

Cosmetic legendary items can only drop in overworld zones or “sharded” dungeons. Since The Lair is neither then it wouldn’t be possible. The other DLC zones are considered overworld zones however and do have a chance of dropping.
Here’s some more info as well:

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Just as a point of clarity, “sharded” means shardable correct? The overworld drops will drop in unsharded but shardable dungeons (and overworld of course) and the Shard Legendaries drop in sharded dungeons (+1 and higher).

Not quite- in order for the shard-specific legendary drops to happen, a shard needs to be activated first. Otherwise there is no possibility for a legendary drop to occur. No overworld drops will happen inside a dungeon at all.

Can you double check this info please, i had a friend with me and she dropped demon wings in the lair about 2 years ago (EleQ was her in game name)(we were very excited, its a pretty clear memory) i wonder maybe the the drop chance changed at some point.

I can’t be certain about 2 years ago but it is impossible for this to happen now.

That’s too bad. I was under the impression you could drop the legendary over world drops in the standard unshared dungeons. It’s literally the only reason for me to do dungeon queue (I’m all leveled up and well out of things to use perk points on so the daily xp boost is sorta moot)

Are you absolutely certain this is the case? I got my Halo from the Dungeon Troll in a dungeon queue. I was streaming and others saw it happen.

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Duckyy got wings in a sewer while clearing trash waiting for others to show up so we can start a shard. wasnt even 6 months ago, maybe it has been 6 months…. Either way thats kinda messed up if yous took that chance out of the game and not say anything about it. Might as well of been fishing the whole time rather than getting myself to 1st place on the dungeon queue leaderboard. Fun fact: 3,964 dungeons……0 world legendaries. Thought i just had bad luck.

This is from the original patch notes when the overworld drops were introduced, never heard anything about dungeons not dropping them until now.

Pretty sure it was summer of '21. So it was before the shard legendary drops. Was the shard legendary patch the one that prevents them in dungeons?

I was testing you all and everyone passed! Congratulations!
No but seriously I read the code wrong- the check is to prevent drops from happening inside raids not dungeons.
So to clarify - overworld drops can occur in dungeons unless a shard has been activated, at which point it will use the shard-legendary specific drop table instead. To answer the original post, yes The Lair can drop a legendary.

I do apologize for my confusion.


ohhh I see the bug. You should fix that and drop them in raids.


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