Content Preview: Shard Legendary Drops

Hi everyone, today we’re revealing the new shard legendaries that you may be able to find starting in tomorrow’s update!

The system works like the current overworld legendary drops, but to answer some questions that were asked and recap it:

  • You get a chance every minute on monster kills. Bosses and minions that spawn during boss fights also count, and they are mob drops (as in the bag will fall on the ground, the item won’t appear in a chest.)

  • The shard level does not affect drop chance.

  • Drop chance is the same as overworld legendaries.

Best of luck to everyone!


Are the quests the same reward system as lore quests?

Is the squirrel tail a chest? Or what type of transmog?

They look dope, thank you <3 <3

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what about a dog pet

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do the pets drop in sellable chests?

I hope they are tradeable

Yes, the crates are tradeable.

The tail is technically a shoulder piece, and so are the dragonfly wings.

There are special rewards for some of the new quests.


@Mathieu_D since you guys are added the cat as a pet what about the French bulldog as a pet

We would love to have a dog pet (the one you saw in Highsteppe) but do not currently have animations made for a dog. Maybe in the future we will be able to add one.


can it be a cheerful dog not a sad puppy

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Just curious but will any devs be on tomorrow when it drops

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stone boutta ask them an essay of lore questions lmaooo


imagine growing a tail out of your shoulders

Thank you so much for this!!! I love all the new legendarys!!!

A thought… … that would be kind of awesome icing on top of the cake of awesome we currently have.

Would it be possible to have more transmog slots?

It would be amazing to have wings … and a tail at the same time! Or glasses & a halo. looks really hopeful Pweeese?



It doesn’t matter how big your eyes get it’s not going down. Seriously I am hoping for a shard legendary, what ever it may be.

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