Changing loot crate icon of overworld and grinder


Please make it a seperate icon. My loot crate was hidden between my other reward caches and thus got destroyed without intent. It is really stupid it looks exactly the same as the other billion crates you get.


Ive done like 5 grinders and got nothing so I am wondering now if i did get something and its actually in my bag in between a bunch of loot crates :thinking:


Some changes I think would be nice to improve the GRINDING device long term:

  • Put a different coloured icon for the loot chest, like the large ones have yellow outline, make that blue/purple/orange depending on the loot
  • Have the device slowly glow brighter as it fills up with pink orbs so you know when you’re getting close to finishing that level, it can be really annoying sometimes not knowing if you’re nearly done or not
  • Fix the consistency of the loot beams (See potato’s post: More consistency in "beam" color for chests and lootbags)
  • Let us kill pink triangle mobs for the last level
  • Add in more pink triangle/red star mobs in other zones so we don’t need to grind on Scavs all the time for the last level
  • More rarer drops “unlock” to the drop table as you grind more, get the grinder to level 5 X amount of times then additional loot unique to the grinder drops get added to the drop table for the chest including more dyes/transmogs/a pet, make sure there are many different tiers so it’s not just done in a few days

I personally find the grinder boring AF because the mobs just are not challenging. Add some sort of ‘hardmode’ grinding mechanic please :smiley:


I just really want to see progress continue…, pretty sure they just forget how many times you overlvl… just add it plz…


Can you be a bit more concrete as to what you want? I don’t really understand. You are referring back to the original request? Adding a loot crate icon?


No I am saying they need to keep track on how many times you get past lvl 5.

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for what purpose?

  • Illusion of progress
  • Selfreflection how much you grinded
  • Comparing with other ppl
  • Future scoreboard?
  • Future Grinder visual upgrade?
  • Future lvl locked Grinder rewards?

On the original request, I’m sure we could at least look into changing the icon to be unique.


This would be great. Had the same issue as Scott yesterday happen to me. It wouldn’t take much. could just highlight them with a bright pink accent or some other obvious bright color that makes them jump out. We don’t need a custom graphic created for them.


Please get this changed sooner rather than later, I just opened a Harvester 3 by accident, really god damn annoying


Wanted to bump this. Not sure it’s been properly expressed just how annoying it is to have so few choices for farming the GRINDING device from 4-5. You either need to create some more groupings of 30+2 mob spawns (not just 1 or 2 scattered here and there) or reduce the requirement for grinding form 4-5. It’s getting super annoying when you get to 4 you head over to wastelands only to find the major spots (there’s only 2) overfarmed and people standing around waiting for spawns and fighting over them. Just so we can get the grinder reset and get out of there. Not a fun aspect at all.

I love the grinding device over all, but this aspect of it has been a pretty decent thorn in my side.

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Make level 30 mobs work, make level 31 mobs respawn faster, put in more level 31 mob groups