Closed Alpha Feedback Thread: April 20th

This is the thread for feedback, issues, and bug reports during the Closed Alpha test on April 20th.

Only users with access to the Alpha test can post in this thread, although anyone can view it.


Just warming up this thread. T-minus 3.5 hours to go until the test begins!


i am ready and waiting.

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The servers are now online. Let me know if you have any issues creating characters or logging into the game!

I am able to equip any weapon in any slot, helmet, shield etc. Also, I can only grab a shield off my back with right hand and sword with my left, even if I have the bow equipped or wand or anything else.

Hmmm…interesting. You’re saying the sword and shield is what you pull out even if you equip your wand to your weapon slot?

You have to put the sword on the right side of your body to grab your shield from your left. Think of the Paper Doll as a mirror. The right side is your Right side.

Yeah, and I can’t grab the shield with my left hand or sword with my right. Currently have nothing equipped, and it’s still drawing sword and shield.

Looking at your character in the database, I see that you have your sword equipped in the weapon slot, so it’s possible something got messed up when you put a weapon into another slot. Try closing the client and logging back in again and see if that fixes it.

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Fixed! Restarting worked! Thank you

I haven’t played yet, but here are a few observations from watching my brother play:

  • The Point of View seems kind of high. My bro is constantly squatting down to attack creatures or interact with things. Everyone around him seems to be about a head shorter.
  • Equipping items seems to be at times a little tricky. The touch to place in the Paper Doll seems to often register as both placing and removing. Seems like a timing issue maybe?
  • It might be nice if the in game menus were billboards that always faced the player camera. My bro seems like he is always hunkering down to see the menu.
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I mean. it’s a very minor balance thing, but you know on stairs you have the gateways you can teleport to in order to go down the stairs. You can teleport to those from any range.

It sounds like his height in SteamVR is off. Have him place his headset on the floor, then go into the SteamVR window and click on the arrow and go to Settings -> Developer, then scroll down to “Room and Tracking” and choose “Small Space” (or whatever is appropriate) and hit “Quick Calibrate.” That happens to me sometimes when I’m using Rift especially.

I didn’t read through these but so far I think people are unable to switch gear because they are constantly stuck in combat the bug fix let’s me switch.

Also - I only got to level two as warrior because my hits weren’t registering for some reason.

I’ll have him try that if he’ll ever leave the game! =D

Another Observation: Trees obscure the level bar when you look up whilst underneath one.

While I know this is more of a balance thing. Taking on a mob 2 levels higher than you as a large group gives way too much xp. It needs to be toned down more the more people there are.

Okay, so…it seems like the XP gain might be a little out of control right now haha. There are already people who are level 5. So I’m going to tune that down and restart the server. So hang on for a quick restart.

As musketeer, throwing a turret into the air caused a crash. Level 5 warrior, level 2 Musketeer. This happened while fighting a fire drake thing in a group.