Disappointed with warrior talent


I am very disappointed with the level 30 warrior talent like the warrior sheild leech heals very small and the throw down is useless because you really need warrior sheild if its broken like to block tank busters if its broken its useless


Like breaking your shield part sounds great. But the talent is just garbage. If I want to break my shield, it’s probably because I have less than 10% shield left after blocking an unexpected tank buster, and I want to break it before the next small hit lands so I will have enough time to let the shield recover for the next tank buster. You can’t do that with this talent because it won’t let you break your shield if it’s less than 25% AND the talent can’t be activated fast enough to counter the timing issue. So what me and most of the shield tanks do is to put a hamstring on the enemy and run till the shield recovers again (Like what we did before the talents were a thing.)
The buffs that the talent gives you is so small that it doesn’t even make sense to break a shield that blocks all of the damage to gain a buff that only reduces small amount of damage. The damage buff from breaking the small shield doesn’t give you enough of a buff to make it worth notice at all. So USELESS!!!
The Leech talent for the warrior works off how much damage you do… in case anyone missed it, I’m going to put it in caps and in simple words.


I am all about solutions. So I propose that the level 30 talents should work to enhance the level 20 talents. For example, Warriors should have a talent that allow the the sword raise damage boost to have an additional buff to the user and the party members within range, like a 50% damage life leach, or applies bleed to every hit you land, things like that. it shouldn’t be overpowered because you can’t use it constantly and the buff doesn’t last that long. The the Defense sword raise, you can simply add an AOE effect to the buff. So instead of only giving yourself the buff that can block for the amount of your missing HP, the buff will be applied to everyone in the area.


Okay, this is good info, thanks, we’ll take a look at those talents in the next balancing patch.


I have seen so many warriors that want to dps just leave the shield behind. I think a dps spec or a sword dps class should be considered.

We don’t need 2 talents for tanking. So why not commit the second talent tree to be a dps class where the shield is of little use as you level up?


Good luck starting that one up again

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@Bernard_E That would be awesome, we are pulling for it over in the “More melee battle disciplines” tread that Sift mentioned.

@Sift Thank you, if we keep the topic alive long enough (and players show enough interest) we may just get it. :slight_smile:

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Link that thread on here if you can please!

I am a dev as well so I understand that none of this is easy.

But tweaking current classes to have more talent options could be a way to expand the 8 classes we have currently for people to have more control over their experience.

I have been working on vr projects and please keep in mind 2 handed weapons are a nightmare to get to work well! So lets not push for that.


@Bernard_E here you go More melee battle disciplines, thank you very much. Extra talent options would be great.

If you are able to tweak the current classes to allow for 2 handed weapons (or more specifically one weapon in each hand) we would be happy to work with with the extra difficulty. Right now to get a proper workout (on both arms) I play BeatSaber on Expert+ for about an hour before logging in to Orbus.

Lol, unless by the extra difficulty you mean programming it, in which case we will wait somewhat-patiently for you to work it out. :wink:


I think the lvl 20 and 30 skills could work if you could actually notice the buffs or abilities. I don’t notice the leech talent at all no matter how much damage I do, Maybe if leech was incoming dmg to shield it might be more effective. I also find it very hard to even break the shield to begin with, it never seems to trigger when i want it to no matter how much i’ve practiced breaking it, the buffs are also not very noticeable. Provoke could also use a little bit more umph imo it used to be the warrior bread and butter. I really enjoy using hamstring and cleave but I feel like none of the talents work in junction with them and they are overall underpowered. I suggest maybe pairing cleave with the Templar and hamstring with Berserker and giving cleave taunt and hamstring bleed or work in junction with shield spike. Combo chaining is really fun and useful but I wish there was maybe a visual cue as well, most new players i meet don’t even know the mechanic exists. I also feel like both blessing skills are easy to trigger accidently maybe making it like shield bash, where you have to press the trigger after pointing sword up would work. Blessing of protection also is something I wish did more for the group or had had more utility(maybe absorbing set amount of group damage for 5 seconds?), Blessing of Might is infinitely better overall imo. having the talents and combos work together more is something else I really enjoy and wish existed more in the later talents.

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