Fishing lure's ingredients

So the mobs are filled with dram and reagents, but they drop very few lure’s ingredients. I haven’t touched the fishing quests since i don’t like fishing but i probably wouldn’t be able to complete them all with the few ingredients i’ve looted.


I’ve also noticed that loot boxes never give fishing ingredients, but give dyes (typically monster drops, just like fishing lure components) frequently. Not sure if that was intended or not…

Just posted that in the fishing thread 10+ eyes/tongues and 3 feathers won’t get me anywhere…

what if the chef sold the low tier fishing mats?

Yeah we’ll get some more of the fishing ingredients added to the drop tables. I think the general idea was we might put those on the wildlife creatures as well?


Adding fishing ingredients to wildlife would be a great incentive to fight them - it would also make sense. I always snickered when I got feathers from a snake or pigman…

So now live, Wildlife creatures will drop high amounts of fishing parts, other enemies will also drop them as well although to a lesser degree.


I tested this, though groups of wildlife still seem hard to solo, this is an awesome change, finally I got my first catfish lure!

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Bug report: Small Tooth not showing on lure crafting table (I can grab them, but they are invisible on the desk)

I just finished fishing and wanted you to know I had an issue if I caught anything other than sun fish. The other fish didn’t give a message telling me what fish I caught or weight of fish. Also the fish didn’t show on my hook when I’d reeled in. I then had to unattached the rod then reattach the rod so I could use it again as if it seemed to be stuck trying to decide on what fish. Only way I know what I caught was if I look in my inventory. The only fish I had no trouble with was the sunfish. Lastly I had a small tooth and feather lure on but the rod showed eye and tongue. I still caught catfish and minnow so it recognized it.

Just a little more follow up information, where were you fishing at when this happened, and what fishing pole were you using?

We found what was going on with those issues and why the last build broke it - we’re working on a fix now, sorry about that.

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No problem. It was nice being able to fish even if it was a bit glitchy. Just to answer the question it was not to far from HS near the big waterfall and using the beginners rod.

Okay see if it’s fixed for you in the new update we just put out. Thanks!

When I fished yesterday (before the most recent patch)

  • The amount caught and the record weight doesn’t show on the page for the fish in the journal
  • On top of the waterfall in highsteppe the bobber would be in the air above the water level
  • The bobber wouldn’t show in the water, just a white bit
  • The lure wouldn’t show on the end of the rod, would just look empty
  • The line would snap before it was super red
  • No indication when you have a fishing pot on anymore, maybe add a yellow particle effect on the end of the like the fish pot has onto the rod so it can easily be seen?

What’s a fishing pot?

Fishing scent attractor, they increase your chances to have a fish bite your lure, with an aged one you pretty much get a bite everytime if you throw it far enough

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Ah potion - sorry that’s me being stupid! I was thinking :thought_balloon: “ah there must be a lobster pot to catch lobsters etc” Never thought of pot being short for potion​:joy::joy:

I am still having an issue with the lures today whilst fishing. They always show eye :eye: and tongue :tongue: when the lure that is on is feathers and small tooth. Also when the lure is finished in the original Orbus the lure was empty just a hook, in reborn it still has the eye and the tongue on.

Great news is the fish now appear on the hook and the message saying what I caught and the weight is back! Thank you

Have I missed the fishing instructor in Reborn because it seemed to me that I knew how to fish from OrbusVR so I brought that skill over, but as someone new, I think I would be baffled without the help of the NPC who’s name I forgot in the original. Also in one of the missions from the Chef it mentions throwing fish in a boat? Have I missed something completely?

Well look into getting the lure fixed to appear correctly. On the instructions we have switched over to using the tutorial images that should appear the first time you equip your fishing pole, but maybe adding an additional page to the player journal or NPC that teaches you a little more about fishing would be a good idea.