Head Start Kick-Off Thread

We’ll update this thread during the first few hours of Head Start tomorrow to track bugs, issues, etc that are affecting major parts of gameplay. Please feel free to make new threads with specific bugs or suggestions that don’t relate to just the madness that is the server overloading as hundreds of people get online at once :slight_smile:


About 30 minutes to go until we kick things off. Hope you’re all ready! :slight_smile:


Ready and waiting!! Clock is moving extra slow today…

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Like bullet time now everything is moving so slow.

The server is now online! Enjoy!

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am I eligible for the head start? i think i am i forgot when i got the game lol

Yes you are, as long as you already own the game you are eligible. Just download the latest patch and login.

wow that was fast. ill havevto reibstall tbe game =\ is that still possable? also when are we able to get keys for oculas or steam? has that been figured out yet?

Instructions on getting your key will be sent tomorrow after the head-start ends.

ok cool i will reinstall the game or just do a system restore for about a week or so when i get off work

I would just download this and then you’re good to go: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hoNdCnQhXtnjorrycC4KflgmM8Hp6VYe/view?usp=sharing

ok i will after work i dont think i can download that on my phone lol

There is a problem with a networking bug that is causing a lot of random issues and crashes for people (and things like stuck spell effects). I am working on a new patch now. It should be out shortly. Sorry for the issues!

The new patch is now available for download. I’ve you’ve been experiencing in-game glitches or crashes, just exit the game and open your Launcher to get it.

Ayyyy I crashed after exiting the tutorial and had to close the game. Somehow, now my rift doesn’t recognize its connected via HDMI. enter panic mode

Going to have to take the servers down for a minute to do a quick server restart, if you havent updated the launcher it will update with the last patch we pushed out around 1 hr ago.

  1. wheres my dragon? im the $50 backer level. i didnt get it from the dude.
  2. had some issues where i couldnt get into my house
  3. Where am i able to buy a guild certificate?

If you didn’t pledge during the Kickstarter, you aren’t eligible for those dragons. See here: Getting Backer Rewards

Can you be more specific?

They’re not for sale yet in-game but should be on Friday. Fellowship Certificates and House Deeds will be 2,000 dram. You could actually buy a Fellowship Certificate from a player that has one as well, they are tradable.

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Okay, so we’re getting ready to do a quick server restart to push out a server-side patch.

What we’re seeing is that some of our more hardcore, experienced players are basically in groups of 5 just grinding mobs over and over again, and they are advancing much more quickly in terms of how fast they are able to kill monsters and get XP than we had planned.

We love that people are grouping up and setting up camping spots to grind mobs, that’s exactly the kind of gameplay we love seeing. However, the problem is that our system isn’t doing a good job currently of providing any type of challenge at all. If you are in a group of 5, you can just farm 2-mob groups where it’s 5v2 and there’s zero chance of death. That means you can quickly farm massive numbers of mobs (even if they are higher level than you) without any challenging gameplay at all. That is not what we want.

So we are going to be changing up some of our monster spawners in the Jungle, Desert, and other higher-level zones, such that all spawners are now individual monsters. When you attack an individual monster, if you are in a large party it should call for help from other nearby monsters. That way if you are soloing you still get to take on one monster at a time, but 5-player groups get a bit of a challenge.

That server patch will go out in the next 15-20 minutes. Thanks!