Next dlc expansion

I would love to see a portal that brings you to origonal orbus, you can only access the portal if you buy the dlc, please please please?


Reborn is great and all and I would still play it, but it would be so cool if I could play on original Orbus as well as reborn.

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I’m fairly certain (though I’m not an OG player) that they should, at this point, be capable of including OG Orbus stuff.

Would love to see some alternative DLC though.

Some thoughts:

Maybe an area with flying mounts where you can do some airborne exploration and battles (though I suspect this would mess up many airship shard runs since they’d need to fix aiming to do this).

Some holiday/genre themed DLC dungeons. Maybe a haunted mansion type dungeon where you have to explore. Maybe a ski resort dungeon where you can do some skiing and maybe end up doing fights while sliding down a mountain. Make it so that you can bring your friends with you (if partied) to encourage players to buy the DLC (since they won’t have to worry about being unable to play with their friends). Could have it where the base DLC is cheap and there is an addon DLC that allows you to bring other players.

Maybe even a semi-PVP DLC (fix skywalking first though) where you have a Dungeon Master (DM) vs a group of players. The dungeon master would have some time to prepare their bosses and could toss out monsters onto a map (with a min distance so they can’t just toss mobs onto the players) using Dungeon Points (DP) that they accumulate over time or by killing players. Could have premade bosses without dungeon specific mechanics (ie. Slime boss) that they can choose from and have the ability to semi-control the bosses (ie. choose to delay an action to mess with the players’ pace or maybe spawn extra adds if they have the DP. Maybe even have buffs that they can apply based on DP and/or their chosen class/role.)

Maybe a “tower defense” type dungeon DLC where you have to protect a base against waves of enemies. Sort of like the defense event, but as a small group against waves with rewards based on how long you last.

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Haven’t they made it clear time and time again? They’re not bringing it back. If there’s something in particular you want back, they’re willing to do that (Dovregibben, Mist Keeper, environmental effects, Hell mechanics all come to mind), but they’ve made it pretty clear Preborn is not coming back.

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it would be bad to split up the community, however a portal to either lamavora wilds or to old raid would be so freaking awesome!!!

Personally, I’d love to see preborn remade for reborn, even if it would be as paid DLC. Not necessarily exactly the same, but as a way for people to see what happened before reborn without having to hunt down videos of gameplay. Obviously, a lot of stuff wouldn’t be there anymore like the runemage quests and such, but would love to see the lore itself, the old instances, etc. Even if they only bring in the story/lore and boss/mechanics parts of it and skip anything that isn’t story/lore/boss/mechanics related.

To clarify, it isn’t so much that I want it back as much as I’d like to experience the story and lore from Preborn. Even if it is just as a sort of “look through time”.

A lot of people want to split up the community anyways though based on some of the posts and comments you see.

Plus, we already have DLC that sort of splits up the community in that sense, but many people play together anyways.

Personally I’d like to see some smaller versions of the old zones. Whether or not they include the mobs, it would be nice to have mini zones from og.

or, instead of going through the insane amount of work there is to bring old orbus back, maybe something a little more reasonable like adding 3D map table furniture of the old zones.


Yup. They’ve been very clear - it isn’t happening. But if there are components of Preborn people want, they can try to bring those back :upside_down_face:

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A couple ideas. Wilds gear. The wilds gear was really nice and some sort of variant like they did with the spiro would be pretty cool. Fishing gear (cough mishka). A couple people have fishing gear that may not have a transmog when broken down. 2 more pets. One being the leshak (is that how you spell it?). The big tree dude from the Lucian Plains. The second pet would be that sheep demon (the black monster you’d get from killing a sheep).

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Whatever happens with the next expansion… I hope RTX On finds Orbus…
It just seems like it would really be a good match!

I feel like the current look of orbus is kind of it’s style. Nothing crazy like assassin’s creed or sea of thieves, but more subtle. Also think about how many peoples faces would be ruined with quests turning into small bombs with graphics like those.

RTX is easy enuff to disable by default… and I think it’d look great with the cel shaded textures Orbus offers. Remember how great RTX made Minecraft look?

The quest and quest 2 are very low end hardware… I don’t even think it’d make sense to offer an RTX On option on those. That is not inconsistent with the kinds of compromise that quest users are already accustomed too tho… in Orbus and other games.

…but peeps with high-end setups would welcome the upgrade.

Or they could work on content updates so we can keep playing the game… VR is expensive and RTX is expensive, running both simultaneously would be neigh impossible to impossible.

From a dev perspective why work on something that only the .01% of players would be able to experience as apposed to content which keeps people playing and can be experienced by all players; its just not a good use of time.

I am not sure I understand what you mean about RTX being expensive… There may be costs associated with an sdk in some circumstances, but the actual dev time needed to implement it in a game with existing defined lighting isn’t that significant…

The current generation of GPUs are all RTX compatible, so even if it were true that only .01% of players had high-end GPUS from the last generation or mainstream GPUs from the current generation…that percentage will only grow.

RTX enhanced games attract people to buy them also.

I just think that volumetric enhanced real time photometric lighting would be an awesome compliment to the minimalist textures in the Orbus world.

The glow off of fireballs in a dark misty cave or the complex shadows and god-rays thru the trees in the rainforest would look great without altering the extant stylization of anything.

RTX would be at or near the top of my Orbus wishlist for sure!

Keep in mind its running in VR. By costs i meant GPU costs as in framerate will tank.

You are rendering everything in VR at least twice which is already expensive enough and throwing raytracing on top of that has a very high potential to kill performance even for the people in the 0.01%

Even so it would just be a change of graphics which is not something worth spending time on as apposed to content updates. As I said before no dev would spend time they could be working on content to upgrade the experience of 0.01% of people.

Running some tests on a flash game ported to unity from 2015 the gpu usage on a 2070 super spiked up by 10% with the RTGI shader for reshade. Even if the game is not the most polished it is VERY low poly with not too many complicated shapes and few lights to raytrace. This is not much but keep in mind this is only screen space post processing meaning that it does not get all lights for the scene.
This means that “Real” raytracing like RTX that does capture the entire scene is much more expensive even with RT cores enabled.
Then keep in mind that if you want a non-sickening experience in VR you need to run at 90 fps minimum for most people.

All in all with requiring to render 2 images to simulate the distance between your eyes at a high enough resolution is already hard enough and you want to add raytracing?

It would be cool to see but just the performance factor and the amount of people who might be able to experience it is not in shape right now to justify. It might run but it will not run well even on the top of the line cards.

I understand what you mean by expensive now… No argument there. I can feel the difference when I increase my pre-rendered frames…

I don’t think that an upgrade to the graphics is such a waste of time tho… The recent update for quest 2 users was all about graphic fidelity for users with higher end hardware than was previously available to them. I don’t use quest hardware, but I think it was a very worthwhile thing to spend dev time on.

I remember the “wow factor” I experienced when I went from quest to PC. The shadows and lighting really added a lot to the look and feel of the world. It was really cool!

My system could handle it, and I would love to see it… It isn’t something I would say was necessary or needed just something that’d be cool.

I didn’t play PreBorn Orbus so I dunno how it is different than Reborn, but I’d definitely buy anything they made in the way of DLC!

This is an mmo and being realistic nearly everyone would say that time going towards content updates is time spent better than on a new lighting system. Keep in mind that just because you and I use high end PCs does not change the fact that most of the people who play this game play with quest 1 or 2 unlinked.

If legitimately every player had a PC capable of running raytracing without framedrops (something that is just not possible with the current technology in VR) then maybe I would be on board. I would still argue against it as a suggestion though as more content is vastly better for the community than graphical updates.

The quest 2 graphics update was as simple as enabling a few things quest could not previously see like belt items and mounts not completely redoing a lighting system it was a good idea as it was highly requested and simple to do. The time it would take to fully implement a lighting system for RTX is time better spent on content which the playerbase is starved of.

Again your system may be able to run the game but the hardware is just not there to run it without heavy drops especially in VR; but I would not expect anything above 60; hell 60 fps with raytracing in VR would be a miracle; if RTX was on each effect with lighting like every single spell then you have to play with those effects off just to keep a semi-stable framerate which would make many people sick.

Not to mention that raytracing really is not that big of a lighting upgrade. Its a buzzword used to get you to buy cards capable of it because it’s saying the card has power. Raytracing adds shadows and bounce lighting that while less accurate, baked lighting techniques we have now do the job with minimal loss of quality and a near doubling of framerate.

Well, practical or not I’d sure love to see it.

Raytracing is a huge upgrade over GI. Raytracing is the tech that caused CGI to evolve so quickly.
The difference between GTA V with the RTX mod and without is all the evidence I would ever need to know that!

Minecraft is another really good example tho.

Orbus looks good now for sure… heck I play it every day! lol

Yeah, but at this point, it is mostly a wasted effort. I can definitely see starting to get things ready for it, but many players or on the Quest or Quest 2. The players on a PC capable of running VR AND RTX is likely relatively low right now, much less those that are playing Orbus. And within that, those capable of running VR and RTX at at least 72 fps, much less 90+ (remember, that is effectively 144 fps and 180+ fps because two screens) are probably even lower so you’d have players with better visual quality, but worse performance, which would affect perceived visual quality.