Paladin in PvP STILL broken

The ability to hamerport away in PvP is still fully broken.
Goblin kills are just about swapping to Palladian and running away, with next to 0 risk of loosing.

I kited around 2 other players for close to ten min just to see if they could kill me off. They couldn’t.

A paladin, if attacked, places both players in combat. Paladin can at any time raise of hand for a short immortality, and toss hammer to instantly teleport out of combat range, easaly stay away from any other class that can hardly move being in combat, heal up, and return if wanted, or just run away.

The speed of a hammer tossing paladin in combat is faster then any other class mounted OUT of combat. It’s ability to jump obstacles makes it faster then using speed pots, and the instantaneous movement makes them really hard to hit.

Can we please PLEASE have this looked at?
I don’t want a change to Pve, but a PvP paladin HAS to get a proper movement restriction once in combat.
Change the max range or a hammer port to one max teleport jump distance, or make the distant jump require additional orbus. Just fix this already.
The bug has bin out for a year now, and it’s stupid.


im pretty sure this has been the most requested thing for pvp for a very long time now.
Its definitely time we get a fix for this


The teleport should have removed before beta ended (Hear me out: Merge most pieces of Shaman & Paladin). You can/could also toss it way farther by rubberbanding the hammer the opposite direction. Last I hopped on pally I think they maybe changed something with that, like it teleports straight to you after X seconds? Not sure can anyone confirm as I can’t hop on right now.

Paladins can also increase their minimum/maximum attack range via a bug which still exists…

it will return to your hand after a given time, but this has no effect on movement.
Not much point in the shrink/ enlarge hammer bug

Yeah it’s sooooooo broken
Even with the crappy tracking of rift (I can throw this hammer hard, rift can’t track that and the hammer stays in place), I could still get the token with you, gundrakk, and lance chasing me

i know everyone dont want stuns in pvp
but this would help alot

Enlarging the hammer x1 is actually pretty good. With the new DLC you can get variable sized hammers too, rather than rely on the growth potion (and it’s free).

no stuns!

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Seems like there is someone who never tried competetive pvp in any mmorpg :wink:

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Just o get his straight in my head, are you saying that to OP?

Man idk who that is but i was reacting to that “no stuns”

you die in a few hits in this game, if you get stunned, you would most likely die in “1 hit”
its not fun its just annoying, the one thing keeping you alive in pvp is dodging around players.

VR is not the same as a regular game, so it should not be treated like one


So right not we have INSTANT teleportation movement and you are saying to me stuns or locks are not needed? So are you really saying that it is OK to jump around like crazy being almost “unhittable” in VR but its not OK to have a “stun” in VR? :smiley:

If you think people die in “1hit” so why there is no solution for that instead of not using stuns?
Maybe Player hit Player with 1/3 of damage or so? Bit of tweaking over damage of each class in PVP to make other classes less useless like Paladin vs Warrior?
Both are tanks and not DPS - Paladin is God of PVP (everyone knows why…) and Warrior is trash of PVP and you cant even stun players with your shield to at least TRY to swing the COMBO before they SPAMJUMP away looking like they lagging!!! :smiley:
But sure its fine when you can teleport/spell spam with mage like crazy :smiley: :smiley:

stun / lock / disable / silence - at least one of them is a must!! Specially if there will be no changes with teleportation spam movement…

I’m just gonna address that “unhittable” thing
There is no such thing as unhittable
Just get good

This is really getting off-topic from the problem with Pally which is that hammerporting makes them OP. They can also bonk other player to put them in combat and slow them down and them hammer port away to do what they like (capture flags, goblin).


I know this won’t be very popular but another option is just take pally porting out of pvp combat entirely

That’s taking the easy way out, and that has never worked for this game.


It seems less easy and more logical

Removing a class ability entirely because it is able to be used too often is the easy way out plain and simple. All they have to do is increase the amount of orbs used depending on how far the teleport is, and maybe use more after many consecutive teleports.

There’s still that thing that they can do that no other class can
They have 50% damage reduction
Then another 25% on top of that
Then a shield
Then a heal
Then a power book plus the heal
Then they have people like dahamm who can throw it to Pluto
If no other class can do this (I mean warrior can but it sucks) then why should paladin on top of all the healing and defense?