Patch 10.97- Inventory Management, Hard Mode Raid


Hey everyone,

Patch 10.97 will be coming out the door today at approximately 12 PM (Noon) US Central Time. This will be the launch of the Hard Mode Raids along with an improved inventory system.

You can enter the Hard Mode Beta through the Guild City door inside of Highsteppe, this means to enter the Normal Mode Raids, you can still queue up via the social tab, or enter through the door in the cave near the Obnobi camp in the Flooded Rainforest. Loot drops are also re-enabled on Hard mode Raid, with the cape and mount dropping off Boss 5 in the raid.

  • The Hard Mode Raid vendor is located inside of Highsteppe, inside the Salvaging shop.
  • All gear dropped from the Hard mode Raid (excluding weapons) will have the Gold Foil type attached to them to set the gear pieces apart from the Normal mode gear. (Natural drops and hard mode raid vendor)
  • Added Inventory management system in game. (See blog post here: for in depth explanation)
    • Allows players to dump all items into player chest
    • Can also drop crafting ingredients into their appropriate chests in bulk
    • Allows assigning gear sets to weapons to easily switch between classes without switching each gear item separately
      • Note: This is the first step in this system, the second step will come in a future sprint and will include an additional way to manage inventory weight
  • Fixed bug stopping players from re-joining dungeons when kicked when entered via dungeon queue
  • Fixed bug inside dungeon queue system improperly assigning player roles
  • Fixed default angle of Knuckle controllers
  • Fixed bug with pathing of dungeon bosses when initially aggroed (sometimes would pick path other then to players initially)
  • Fixed bug causing not all of the green tutorial sprites to appear
  • Added Raid map to fellowship hall

There will be a blog post coming end of this week outlining our future content we are working on and are excited to share it with the community.


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So basically we cant effectively dye hard mode gear and it looks the same as normal mode gear?

In my opinion… That really sucks especially as I don’t like the gold color. Could ya not have at least made it a unique color? I associate the gold color with e z leveling drop gear.

ill test this and let you know if it is ‘fixed’. I mean… There has been no user testing on this so you cant really know if it is truly fixed until we confirm right?

Thank you. This was driving us all up the wall… Will confirm that this is actually fixed later.

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What about dual talent specs so we can actually utilize the other talents of our class?

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I guess only a border damage/heal tank would care about higher gear because of the stats xD


Your own individual testing is not neccesarily representative of how it ‘feels’ for an active runemage or ranger etc.

I get that you have tested it yourself and you think it is fixed… But until we confirm that for you, it might not have solved the problem.


If you have further feedback on the change after we have made it, feel free to give it. And then we’ll take that into consideration for future patches, like always.


Can you please change the brightness on the raid floor, and get that in last minute, we all kinda have trouble to see things at day/sunlight

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We’re looking into that now, sorry about that.


Got this fixed, I darkened the streets to a darker grey so that the orbs and such should be easier to see, let us know how it looks.


its also a random chance between everyone… But the cloak is different than normal mode I hope so that would be the primary ‘showing off’ incentive.

IS the cloak different though? I would hope so…

Is there also a ‘perfect’ achievement for hardmode bosses?


Well the normal raid Cape is already BORING I’m not expecting anything anymore


Okay, at this point I think this thread has devolved really quickly, which is unfortunate. I explained the reasoning behind not having a different gear style and why we did what we did. You all have expressed your disappointment with that and that has been noted. Let’s move on and keep this thread open for feedback on other topics relating to the rest of the patch at this point. Thanks.


The inventory management sounds cool, I wish I could use it!! But I barely have any space in my player chest as I’m hoarding old gear from original for transmog. Any word on if they’re coming back? Would love to free up space and prefer the old gear to anything from reborn so far


Relatively soon, we’ll have more concrete details in that post we mentioned.


Yaa that is a thing… I’ve no space…


can you decrease musketeer agro in hard and normal raid on boss 4 adds hard for tanks to take agro when sponed


IS the cloak different for hard mode?
Is there also a ‘perfect’ achievement for hardmode bosses?


Yes the cloak is different. There is no perfect achievement yet for the bosses but we can definitely add some if folks want to take on that challenge.

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That would be awesome. Some variation of the title from normal would be cool too. I don’t have any idea what that would be though. Just ‘Guild City Hero’ or something?