Patch 10.995- Interactive Map, Lvl 30+ perks, Warrior Talent re-work, Shaman update


Hey everyone,

Patch 10.995 will be coming out the door today at approximately 12 PM US Central Time. This will have the new interactive map, Lvl 30+ perks, re-worked Lvl 30 warrior talents, Shaman update and a few bug fixes.


  • Added Interactive map
  • Updated Warrior Lvl 30 Talents
  • Added 3D model of Shaman masks to be visible to other players
  • Updated Shaman shield totem- Gives a shield buff to anyone in the AOE radius including yourself
  • Re-calculated Shaman orb regeneration from time orb leaves players hand
    • Note: The Shaman talent Totemic Mastery will be re-worked in next patch
  • Added Lvl 30+ perk tree (Can be found in the Player House)
  • Fixed a bug causing the ready prompt to disappear on battleground, dungeon queue.
  • Updated old Orbus armor sets (Spiro, Techno, Normal Raid) can be used as Transmogs
  • Fixed bug on Character Select screen causing objects to appear/disappear
  • Increased Hardmode raid legendary drop chances

Edit: There will be a patch going out tomorrow that will address the hard mode raid gear (, shaman mask textures, the POI not working properly inside of highsteppe on quest, and a few other bug fixes.

Transmogs issue

I am sorry what? :open_mouth:

I appreciate this change.


Nice, looking spicy


Is this also true for the talent “Strikes Twice”?


Client side patches are live


did you fix the bug where cant move in raids or shards


ok so what now??

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k nvm its there after restart… got 500 luck now yeeeeey :slight_smile:

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Character name is Korenda


Are you positive you got the new patch? You might have had to restart Steam or Oculus if you’re using those, or reboot the Quest entirely.


Is the mask supposed to be this far from the face?

And you can’t see the mask equipped on your own character inventory

also the legendary mask is… bad…


looks like korenda have a sheet on his face dress as a ghost


I don’t think that’s how it’s supposed to look, we’ll investigate.

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We found the issue with a couple of the Shaman masks not displaying the proper textures and we’ll get that fixed in a patch.


there seem to be a few weapon sprites here that were never in the old game, are these new?
image image
It also appears you added the wilds gun for musky?


it also seems the the bejeweled device and the sand flows wands are switched around, jewel wand called sand wand


natures grace is tiny, feels like one of those bows for 5 year olds that shoot the little darts


i cant see what your seeing chase


thats cause i made the screenshot stoopid