Patch 6.95: Dynamic Scaling, Dungeon Queuing, and more!


What? I signed up as support only, we had an another support in the group + me as unassigned so that means 2 supports?


Oh, I see what you mean now - that’s strange, when we were testing it the times it happened we had the correct roles but they wouldn’t always display. Thanks for letting us know, that gives us more information.


Just to clarify you are saying that it showed two support role icons above two players (the + icon next to the players name), or that once you entered the dungeon there were two players that were playing musketeer? Or that you signed into the queue as support then once you went into the dungeon it showed you as Damage (sword icon next to your name) even though you were queued as a support?


Here’s what happened:

I sign up to the queue as support, and only support.

I go out farming stuff while waiting for the queue to pop as a mage.

Queue pops.

I go inside the dungeon, check my role; there’s no icon. So I figure I must be a healer (since that was the only role I signed up as), brushed it off as a visual glitch and proceeded to do the only role I signed up as. Then I realized, that there is an another lifewell on the ground, and started looking around.

This is when I realized that there is a player, who has the + -sign next to their name, and that player was not me, even though that was the only role I picked as I entered the queue


Okay thanks for clarifying that for us, well dig into it deeper.


Here in about 30 minutes we will be rolling out a server-side patch with a few changes/bugfixes:

  • Changed the tuning on the dynamically-scaled dungeons to be a little more even between the 3 dungeons.
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing inviting a 10th person to Raid parties

Tomorrow morning we’ll have a patch going out with the following additional changes as well:

  • Fixed a bug which was preventing you from queuing for dungeons as a party if you are not all in the same zone
  • Fixed a bug which wasn’t scaling soft-aggro abilities (like the aggro generated by blocking with a shield) properly
  • Fixed a bug which might cause you not to go back to the correct position when leaving a match-made dungeon.

Thank you!


Patch is now deployed. Thank you!


Unsure if this had already been reported, but something is off with the desert mech bosses (non-shard). All three seem to drop within seconds of attacking. The bosses damage output seems to be tuned properly, but something is funky with the health.


Not just high damage? To be fair all the bosses go down fast none shards. Had a group that took down drovergubben on the first stalactite.


Are we supposed to get XP from the scaled dungeons? I ran the Lvl 8 dungeon as an 18 Mage via the new matchmaking system, and while I was getting scaled drops, I didn’t get any experience. I was looking forward to a less grindy way to level up my alts.


You get it but it’s really low, like 250 xp per kill (tested on my lv18 warrior).


Let’s see at Level 18 you would get 360 XP/kill for a regular mob if you killed it solo, so depending on how many other people participated in the kill and what your XP chain bonus is, 250XP per kill seems right.

You should be getting the same amount of XP as you would for killing an Even Match mob for killing a level scaled monster, no matter what your own level is. So if you are Level 18 you are getting the same amount of XP you would get for killing a Level 18 Even Match mob in the overworld (again, after taking into account group XP sharing and all that).

EDIT: Editing to add, it’s working correctly from a scaling standpoint, but we do want dungeon queuing to be a better source of XP overall and we are working on that as part of the dungeon queue bonus stuff.


Hmmm okay, I will look into that. Those bosses are a little weird.

Are you finding the trash mobs in that dungeon challenging at all? Or is it basically just a giant faceroll after the patch I put out yesterday?


the trash mobs are easy, but not as much as the 3rd boss(although i wouldnt call them a face roll, probably pretty balanced as is). what seems to be the problem on the third boss is that their healthbar isnt actually equal to the health they have, and they die within losing 5% of their health so a dot spread insta murders them all


Okay, sounds good, thanks for the info!


Yeah, trash seems pretty darn easy. I always que as a support role, and don’t even bother healing until the bosses cuz the trash burns before it gets to us.


I feel like this is probably pretty normal. In low level shards as a healer I maybe have to pop my turret and that’s about it until the bosses, and even then maybe don’t need to really heal depending on the boss.


The overall tuning right now is set to be pretty easy intentionally, since this is “leveling content.” It’s not meant to be a big challenge for max-level players who have a lot of experience with the mechanics. I just also don’t want it to be like “yeah we can pull half the dungeon at once and we all survive easily” either haha.

That said, and this is something I mentioned before, a lot of this is kind of “hand wavey” because the entire game hasn’t been built from the ground-up anticipating this kind of content like it will be for Reborn. Our main goal here is just to have it functional and enjoyable, I’m not terribly worried about making sure it’s like really hard to do these dungeons or anything.


I’ve really enjoyed it so far. It’s not hard so my friends and I can go in as classes we never play and have a good time seeing the fights from other roles than our mains. It’s also refreshing playing with players I’ve never met.

Having played this content I’m extra excited for Reborn’s system.


Also depends on your team. This is suposed to be fun for a group of beginners, right now I see a lot of amazing spell casters, immortal provoke healing tank, massive dps Rangers, and healer snipers that won’t let anyone die no matter the damage. Try beating it with a new healer yet to learn about healing turret, a tank with no agro, Rangers that stay within 20 feet, and a mage that fizzles five out of six spells. I’d say it’s quite balanced.