Patch going out Wed Sept 4th & Blog post


There will be a patch going out Wed Sept 4th around 12 CST (Noon), just wanted to give a preview of what would be in it and let players know since our patches normally go out on Tues. Along with the Blog post talking about the patch as well as some future content. (

  • Fixed Fellowship logs to now show the deposits/withdrawals from shared chest in Fellowship Hall
  • Added limited Fellowship management abilities
    • Owner of Fellowship can now assign Officers
    • Officers can invite/kick from Fellowship
  • New in game reporting tool (found under the Information section of Player Menu
    • Allows players to send bug reports directly from in game
    • Will allow Dev team to followup via email with players to get additional information if needed
    • Allows better tracking of issues, overall scope and frequency, as well as find trends of bugs affecting players affected (see blog post for additional information:
  • Split Explorers League questline onto separate NPC (now called League Leader) instead of Tutorial NPC (Randel) so players that didn’t complete entire tutorial can still complete quests (wont affect quests themselves just who you turn them into)
  • Fixed loadout bug when equipping two identical rings
  • Dyes and transmogs should no longer affect loadouts
  • Replaced “Totemic Mastery” talent with “Summon Orb” talent
    • Summon Orb: Summon an orb to your hand by making a fist.
    • Distance of “Summon Orb” can be increased by using “Reach” also
  • Updated “Reach” text description since it interacts with the new “Summon Orb” talent.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Shaman Orbs to get stuck in your hand when grabbing two orbs at once.
  • Fixed a bug causing orbs to not spawn on Shaman totems.
  • Fixed various interaction issues with ingredients on crafting tables.
  • Fixed critter catpure bug causing mutated toads to count towards Snatcher total
  • Added POI on interactive map for the Explorers League camps

Client and Server side patch is deployed


nice, will the log affect the player chest to?
I dont think it is as important but it may be a nice little feature


Any drops info for lv11-15 shards? +5, +6?


The new dungeons look awesome; I’m psyched to see mist keeper back. Will shard 15s drop a new +6 loot tier or something similar? (are our hm drops going to be valuable still?)

I’m also a bit confused about this line:

Levels 10-15 will see additional new mutations, along with the fights happening only inside of the Mining or Temple Dungeons

Do you mean that only the new dungeons will have lvl 11+ shards, or that they’ll have exclusive mutations?


Levels 10-15 will see additional new mutations, along with the fights happening only inside of the Mining or Temple Dungeons.
what exactly do you mean by that last part? because it sounds a bit like level 11+ shards will only be in those dungeons.
if that is the case, please don’t do that, were getting bored with having just 4 dungeons to do and we will probably in not too long be doing almost only level 11+ shards. so if they’re exclusive to those dungeons we’ll be doing just 2 dungeons over and over instead of the 4 we have now.


I’m excited to tank Dovregubben again, and I’m also excited to try out the new shaman talent. Bringing back old orbus boss mechanics is a wonderful idea and I’ve been hoping some of them come back. Dovregubben is one of the bosses I REALLY wanted back, so I’m very very excited.

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There are a handful of new mutations. Some will affect all shards. A couple will be exclusive to 11-15.


and what about the along with the fights happening only inside of the Mining or Temple Dungeons. part? What does it mean exactly? is level 11-15 shards exclusive to the new dungeons or not?


“Once you press submit, the bug report is delivered directly to us along with your username, email, output log (PC only), along with the type of headset you are using allowing us to follow up via email associated with your OrbusVR account.”

Is it possible to get some more details of what exactly gets sent? I’m assuming it sends the current Output_log for that session + user/email, headset and brief description we as the player put into the description and details section. So in cases of a game full crash to desktop will we still need to get that output_log and send it manually or will it be sent with the information needed if we start the game back up then log back in and hit report bug?

Will it matter when we send the log? I assume just after it happens is best but in the case of doing shard dungeons it might have to wait 20+ minutes before being sent.


Correct, the output log of your current play session will be sent automatically once the bug report has been submitted along with all of the other items listed (email, character name, headset used). With how it works currently, for crashes specifically, you would have to send your output log manually before launching the game again, after a crash happens unfortunately. A crash report tool of sorts that pops up when the application crashes or something would probably have to be a separate feature we would do in the future in order to address that specifically but we do feel this is good first step.


Any word on DPS class balance? If the hit points of the enemies in these new levels of shards continue to scale up as they do in levels 1-10 then by the time you scale up to 15 it will be impossible to complete in time without stacking top mages in your group. As these few players can do levels of DPS that no other class can approach.


Yes this means that currently our plan is to have shard levels 11-15 take place inside the 2 new dungeons

We are not planning on scaling the HP with the same scale as 1-10, but instead are focusing on making specific mutations that will be active only in the higher shards that create difficult content that focuses on teamwork and creating strategies for the dungeons and the mutations themselves. We will be posting a blog post closer to the release date that goes into more detail over the new dungeons, along with the shards and mutations themselves.

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so no, u dont plan on doing any sort of class balancing?


So essentially this means high end players will pretty much only be playing those 2 dungeons.


Please no, please make it all dungeons so we can get some variation at high end game. Doing the same 2 dungeons over and over is definetly going to burn out a lot of the high end players very quickly.


If you want the lvl 11-15 shards be the new dungeons then why not make it that 1-10 only the first 4 dungeons and 11-15 all 6 dungeons?

Otherwise 1-15 all 6 plz


I hope this can be added sooner then later because it is the most frustrating off all the bugs and happens relatively often.

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Thanks for the feedback, we will talk this over at the next team meeting.

The bug reporting tool released today was just the first interation. There are additional features we are planning on adding in the coming month that include capturing the crash logs automatically, capturing some cpu/gpu statistics, among some others. We wanted to get this in the hands of the community as soon as possible though so we could start gathering information and prioritizing the bug fixes coming out.

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