Possible to join closed alpha?

I was not sure where to post so apologies if it is in the wrong place.

I would like to enquire about the opportunity to join the closed alpha and if so if i may have a download link?

I play with the oculus touch and have had the oculus since dk1. I helped with feedback for a couple of oculus games in the past.

I would love to be able to put in some input as i have been looking for such a game for the oculus and if i could possibly input on things if anything has been missed.

Regards Richard.

Since the Kickstarter has ended, your option is pretty much buying in through the site. Here’s the thread about it: Backing the Game after Kickstarter

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Perfect thank you!

I assume oculus touch is supported by now? I read a few threads about it but nothing clear.

I paid for the epic founder so looking forward to get the game download link!

Sounds like that will be more of a Beta feature than Alpha, but @Riley_D might surprise us.

See: Oculus Touch support? (EDIT - Its playable w/ Oculus)

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Ive seen some people using touch so perhaps its dooable to get a feel.

Regarding the download link to closed alpha… does riley have to send that out manually. How did you receive yours?

I’m sure he’ll let everyone know once we get closer to the 20th :man_with_turban:

Oh alright, so I am just in time to catch the start of it! Perfect.

Yep! I created this page on the Wiki to make it more clear when the testing starts:


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I played on the Oculus Touch before, it worked fine