Random disconnected by websocket errors


Some players are getting random disconnected by websocket error message, some are not, but those who are, they are getting the message multiple times in a row (Acavi disconnected during a dungeon run 4-5 times, so did himo), no one else had the same issue. There is no log file or anything, so it’s really strange :confused:


The game should create a log file no matter what, is it really not creating one? Hmm, that makes finding out what would cause it difficult. Is this something that has only been happening recently?


Yes, as far as I know it happened in the last few days, also checked the root directory for log files, but nothing, also no folder named based on the current date is present there either, so there is no log file unless I was looking at the wrong place


They should always have an output_log.txt showing up no matter what in the vrclient_Data folder


Found and sent it to you Riley :slight_smile:


ohh, right, didn’t check that folder, I thought it’s going to be in the root folder of the game (which would make more sense to me) or if there was a specific folder called “logs” or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Level 0 Bald Loading Characters Login Screen

@Riley_D any news what could cause the random disconnections and crashes?

Some players had 10+ disconnections during raid boss fight, it’s getting a bit out of hand right now


Ive been forced to go websocket today, been on default before.


Acavi was trying both, she experienced this issue with both connection methods, also sent 5+ log files to RIley as far as I know


ya, ive tried everything xD it was so ridiculous this evening :joy::roll_eyes:ive send Riley 2 new Logs today, this issue started 10 Days ago and it’s getting worse


today and yesterday have been REALLLY bad. Getting disconnect multiple times in a single dungeon. Its really messed up…

me and Acavi both play in Germany also by the way if that helps.

I have not seen desync and disconnect complaints anywhere near to the amount it happens to me.

My internet connection is 500Mbps and extremely stable.

(i sent an output log too)


Another extra to add is that I’ve heard about this issue mostly from Vive users


Hmmmmm I mean we haven’t changed anything at all on our end. Anyone in the US experiencing a higher rate of disconnects? It could be something to do with our provider if so.

Also I have received Acavi’s logs, including the previous ones that were sent, which I replied to, but basically what’s happening is it’s just a straight-up disconnect. Like, not an error, or a crash, or anything in the program, it’s just literally the connection getting severed between the client and the server…


I disconnect a lot when I leave my house or go into a dungeon. Quinn dc’d 4+ times tonight on the world boss. A few other people dc’d as well on the boss tonight.


Yesterday was realy bad. I hat round about 4-6 dc in inis an in the raid.
I switched between websocket and default every time, no changes



Yeah got it a lot yesterday too. Together with lvl 0 character screen btw. I think only people outside the US are having this problem (e.g. EU players). I am thinking this because 2 ppl I played with are from Europe and kept disconnecting and other 3 ppl I played with are from the US and did not get a single disconnect. Is there someone in the US who had a lot of disconnects yesterday?

Edit: One of the two who is disconnecting is using a Vive and the other one is using the Rift, so a the headset is not the problem. (I am using Vive)


I disconnected once during the raid yesterday, happened to 3 others I think which was at the exact same time as me, had the level 0 character thing aswell so just restarted the game and carried on. All from EU


okay so maybe that rules out the ‘EU connection’ theory. happened 15+ times to me yesterday. i monitored my connection and saw that it was stable throughout too.


You and Quinn are US right?


huh? (Everything points to being an EU thing for now)

His disconnects are from actions like leaving house or going thru portals. That should be a different type of disconnect than the disconnects the EU people get at any situation like in the middle of combat or when just talking.