Random disconnected by websocket errors


Some players are getting random disconnected by websocket error message, some are not, but those who are, they are getting the message multiple times in a row (Acavi disconnected during a dungeon run 4-5 times, so did himo), no one else had the same issue. There is no log file or anything, so it’s really strange :confused:


The game should create a log file no matter what, is it really not creating one? Hmm, that makes finding out what would cause it difficult. Is this something that has only been happening recently?


Yes, as far as I know it happened in the last few days, also checked the root directory for log files, but nothing, also no folder named based on the current date is present there either, so there is no log file unless I was looking at the wrong place


They should always have an output_log.txt showing up no matter what in the vrclient_Data folder


Found and sent it to you Riley :slight_smile:


ohh, right, didn’t check that folder, I thought it’s going to be in the root folder of the game (which would make more sense to me) or if there was a specific folder called “logs” or something :stuck_out_tongue:

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