Reborn Patch 10.905


We have a new patch going out on the client and server today with the following changes:

  • Raid
    • The adds on Boss 2 of the Raid have had their health and damage decreased a bit.
    • The amount of time given to complete Boss 3 before the enrage has been increased from 5 minutes to 6 minutes.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing stats not to show up in along the left-hand side in the inventory screen of new players.
  • When the Trickster Goblin dies, a Public Event beam will now appear at the location where it died for 2 minutes.
  • When entering a zone (e.g. logging in or teleporting in), you will now have a 5 second invulnerability during which time you cannot attack or be attacked by anyone with PvP enabled (assuming you yourself have PvP enabled as well).
  • Trickster Goblin token carriers can now be attacked in safe zones by other players even if that other player is themselves in the safe zone.
  • The Trickster Goblin will now spawn every 4 hours (instead of 6.5).
  • The Paladin’s protection shield will no longer show up in the the Transmog station.
  • Fixed Public Event zone circles showing up opposite of what they should be.
  • The amount of XP received when using the Grinding Tool has been significantly increased and is now a total of 40,000 XP for a full Level 1-5 charge.
  • When utilizing the Grinding Device, when an eligible creature is killed nearby, you will now see a visual effect showing that the grinding device received the essence. This should make it easier to tell when you are killing the correct creatures for the level you are charging the device.
  • The Scoundrel’s non-PvP base damage has been increased by 10%.
  • The Warrior’s shield recharge time has been restored to 10 seconds. The Paladin’s anti-tankbuster mechanic cooldown has been changed to 12 seconds. Tankbuster mechanics have been re-balanced to accommodate.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause the Scoundrel’s card deck to become un-grabbable in some circumstances.
  • Pet crates will now show up correctly on the Auction House.

A quick note on Raid Loot Farming

We’ve heard feedback from many players that they’d like to be able to farm specific bosses rather than needing to clear them in-order (e.g. to farm the Raid pet once the Raid has been out for a while and everyone is geared up). Since the new Raid system has a “only one slot drops per boss” system to it, we don’t see any issues with allowing that since you’d still have to e.g. be able to do Boss 5 if you want the Raid Weapons. So we’ll be leaving the raid as-is at launch meaning that the bosses have a very low aggro radius and you don’t have to do them in any particular order to complete them. We’ll have to figure out some kind of workaround for the gate (or might just leave in the current “cheese” method), but anyway just wanted to update folks about that.

Raid Launch

The Normal Mode Raid will officially launch on June 25th at 12 PM (Noon) US Central Time.

Trickster Goblin Day 2 Discussion
Trickster Goblin Day 2 Discussion

The patch will go live on client and server in about an hour. This is a patch where the client must be updated before rejoining the server so we’ll roll them out at the same time. Thanks!

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I thought it was made 12s last patch?


It was 14s last patch.

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When will the next goblin be spawning?


Thanks for conformation. I just want to say that the raid is very fun, and the boss mechanics are all a step in the right direction for the raid, and I am excited to see the mechanics for the hard raid, and the raids that come out in the future. Inb4 tradu mines raid?

Would also like to add that this looks like a very good patch.


yeah thank you @Riley_D i can not tank like a wild man anymore

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I am not convinced this is anywhere near enough to make the goblin fun… But as I promised ill test it after every major change.

Here is my usual prediction:

  1. goblin will still be too hard to find and the person who kills it will still escape.
  2. other teams will find somewhere to hide and camp outside of goblin zone to wait out the 10(?) minute log out timer.
  3. even when the token holder is killed, team members from opposing teams will either pick the token back up or attempt to kill the new token holder and itll be a token holder vs entire opposing force scenario all the way back up to highsteppe… its gonna be an awkward and shortly live tug of war fighting inside the highsteppe safe zone probs (i get that this was added so that token holders cant just go and hang out in safe zones though). This will also be the cause of point 2).

When would the first goblin be spawing if it is now every 4 hours?


I’ll let you know when I know exactly when the patch is going out.


So the first goblin spawn will be around 12 PM (Noon).


That is amarican central time?


Yes, US Central Time. Like 2 hours 45 minutes from now.


Can you shift it half an hour one way or another? Like 4.5 hour spawns or 3.5 hour spawns? The 4 hour spawn means it’s 12/4/8/12/4/8/etc and I will never be able to partake at all.

Edit, for perspective:
12 (noon) - work
4 PM - work
8 PM - may potentially be able to snag this time, depending each day on how long dinner goes after work
12 (midnight) - asleep
4 AM - asleep
8 AM - work

Edit2: may not be so bad on weekends, but I’d like to at least have a chance at something during weekdays

Edit3: if you shift to 3.5 hour increments:
12 (noon) - work
3:30 PM - work
7 PM - dinner for sure
10:30 PM - a perfectly reasonable chance
2 AM - asleep
5:30 AM - asleep
9 AM - work
12:30 PM - work
… etc
with the half hour shift every day, I will have, by days in a cycle (7 day cycle):
1/1 (Tuesday) /0/0/1 on weekdays.

If you shift to 4.5 hour spreads, that gives:
12 (noon) - work
4:30 PM - work
9 PM - a perfectly reasonable chance
1:30 AM - asleep
6 AM - asleep
10:30 AM - work
3 PM - work
7:30 PM - dinner for sure
Midnight - asleep
… etc
With a 1.5 hour difference each day, I will be able to join on weekdays for:
0/1 (Tuesday)/0/1/0 on week 1
1/0/1/0/1 on week 2

Which, as expected since it has a wider gap, means fewer opportunities for a working adult to partake


[quote=“Riley_D, post:1, topic:16290”]
The Scoundrel’s non-PvP base damage has been increased by 10%.
[/quote] I main a ranger and when I came back to reborn I felt the scoundrel was to strong for the amount of time they had put into the class. They were always pulling agro. After the last patch they seamed really weak* hopefully this levels the field a bit.
*I don’t have numbers to back This up it’s just what I have observed.


There’s a long thread about that already with suggestions, tests etc. This is basically rerolling the 10% nerf of the last patch, nothing else. As logs showed scoundrel is weakest in pve since rangers got buffed. The reroll won’t change that, but at least allows to look into why is that so, do more test, practice etc. without additionally fighting against nerfs.
Scoundrels taking aggro has nothing much to do with dmg rather with bad playstyle (shooting before tank is in) or/and bad tanking.


Client-side patches should now be available to download.


Server side patch has now been deployed. Note that you must download the client side patch to get back into the game. Thanks!

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Shaman fix where? That scoundrel fix was hella quick.

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is there a matrix somewhere of what the pvp vs pve specific class tweaks are (damage, CC abilities, etc)?


Well, the fixes come out as fast as they are able to be done. Sometimes it’s an easy issue to solve, sometimes it’s not. It also helps to have a really reproducible test case which we did for the Scoundrel one (we figured out that if you enter a zone with the deck sheathed then get aggro it causes the bug every time), whereas we are still struggling to find one for the Shaman bug. That said, we think we have an attempt at a fix for it that will be in the next patch, it just wasn’t quite ready for this one.