Reborn Patch 10.95: Raid Release

Hey everyone,

Patch 10.95 will be coming out the door today at approximately 12 PM (Noon) US Central Time. This will also be the official launch of the Normal Mode of the Ruins of Guild City Raid.

In addition to that, here are the other changes today:

  • The Market Stall system is returning with some changes including an automatic bid system and integration with the Auction House. You can find more details in the separate thread that we’ve posted on this feature. We anticipate the first Market Stall deed auction going live on Thursday.
  • The Ruins of Guild City Raid is now live. We are keeping the queuing system as well as the “Enter the Raid Entrance” button.
    • There is also a manual entrance you can go to in the Rainforest area to enter the Raid instance.
    • When the next tier of Raids launches, the queue and button to enter the instance will work for that Raid, while the entrance will remain for those who want to run this Raid indefinitely.
    • When the Hard Mode Raid launches, the door in Highsteppe labeled “Guild City” will be used to enter the Hard Mode Raid (there will be no queue for that).
    • Things you do in the Raid entrance will now save.
    • Trash mobs have been added to the Raid. As before, once you have cleared the associated boss for those mobs, they will not re-spawn again unless you enter a fresh instance or the weekly reset occurs.
    • Raid Achievements have been added to the game. These include clearing bosses and also achievements for clearing the bosses “perfectly” without certain punishing mechanics being triggered during the fight.
  • There is now an Accept/Deny button that will appear whenever a queue that you have entered “pops”. During this stage you will see the status of the other party members accepting or denying. If a party member declines the queue, you will be re-entered to the queue at the top of the list.
  • Fixed a potential bug which was causing Shaman Totems not to respawn (note: we don’t have a good reproduction case for this still so let us know if you still experience this issue).
  • Fixed a bug which was causing Bard crescendo missiles to sometimes not strike enemy targets especially on slopes.
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing PvP-enabled players from attacking Goblin Token carriers when they were in a safe zone.
  • On the Quest, fixed a bug which was causing Runemage missiles to sometimes disappear after they were fired off of the wand.
  • On the Quest, reduced the amount of things that were pre-loaded into memory. This may help reduce some crashing issues.
  • You will now receive an XP Chain Bonus when in a party for attacking any overworld monsters, not just ones that are within 2 “real” levels of yourself.



thank you so much for trying to fix this

Will there be any changes made to the way raid parties work in regards to exp, drops and harvesting?

We haven’t had a chance to discuss what we want to do there, when we do we’ll update the thread accordingly.

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Is this achievement character based or does all 5 bosses need to be done during the same weekly lockout? Like a perfect run

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It’s a separate achievement for each boss, so you can do them in multiple weeks.


are there titles for the achievements?
if not could an achievement for doing all of them perfectly be added with some cool title?

Does the raid pet drop from bosses 4 and 5 like before?

When are you planning on doing the rework for Shaman?

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I think a meta-achievement with a title would be neat, we can look into adding that.

The Pet drops only from Boss 4 in the Normal Mode raid. The mount will drop only from Boss 5 in the Hard Mode Raid.

We’ll be laying out a roadmap for the next phase of development after we get past the Raid launch.


Orbs still bugged though?

so there are no longer 2 mounts and 2 pets planned, but 1 normal pet and 1 hard mount?

and was there any reason u decided to put the raid in the rainforest? because geographically it doesnt seem to make much sense in relation to where u put it

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I’m not sure what you mean, as this has been the plan for at least the past few months.

any pic what the mount look like

Client-side patches are available now. Server restart will be in around 5 minutes. You must get the patch on the client in order to login after the patch goes live. Thanks!

How long is the downtime? Will this affect the next goblin spawn in a few mins?

I don’t seem to be getting the update on steam Got it now

It might delay it about 5 minutes. So it should be in about 25.

Server-side patch has been deployed. Thanks!

Still shows as beta