Reborn translation

will orbusvr reborn get a german patch at some point? I am from Austria and do not speak English very well so I would be happy if the in-game texts are translated into German

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They started this project with many languages (I belive German was one of them), but if I remember correctly, the devs found it was going to take significantly more reprogramming than they had intended and the project is on the back burner right now.

Yea and I hope it is picked up at some point since I invested over 4 workdays to translate all into german -.- … however, this was mainly quest text, achievements and such. Without redoing pictures including item names, menus and books and what not it will not be very useful.
And this is indeed alot of work, not even to speak of content like the dlc and MSQ Part II which was not in back then and is likely easily needing couple more days. I am not sure if keeping up with all that is even possible with volunteer work.

How-ever, I actually couldn’t care less for a translation, myself, because no matter what, it will separate you from the rest of the Orbus community. Which is small enough. Translations are done when communities got 10ks or 100ks players, while Orbus got 100something on server, at max, in EU-Timezone. So most EU-guilds which are confined to 1 country struggle to find enough members to even do dungeons. Also if you have no clue how the items and places are even named for 95% of the other players around you this is not helpful to get in contact.

So well, Germans should have the least issues since english is needed in nearly every area of life here, it is needed to find your way around in lots of game communities and the internet in general and we are lucky enough to have it in school for years even.

So yah, see it as a chance to improve your english, it’s like a free conversation evening course where others pay lotsa money for :wink:

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