Specific Feedback: Crashes and Disconnects

If you’re having disconnects and crashes during this test, please let us know about them here.

In particular, please let us know how often they are happening (e.g. once every 10 minutes, once an hour, etc.) and if you notice anything in particular about the circumstances under which they are occurring. Thanks!

Just submited a hard crash report. Was killing some wolves and the game crashed. I’m using the custom client. I’ve been crashing a lot on this test, but it doesn’t seem to have a pattern. Some times I crash just after logging in, sometimes when looking through the journal, some times just standing still and doing nothing at all.

What are your specs on your computer? And which headset are you using?

Also is a lot like…once every 10 minutes? Or…?

I’ve been playing for around 3 hours, crashed around 10 times (I submited almost all reports right away). On the previous test I participated (closed beta 2 if I remember correctly) I had only one hard crash. I have a GTX 1080 Ti with Vive, using the earphones that come with it and the built-in mic, Windows 10 Pro 64 bits, Intel I5-3570. Playing on Ultra.

Can you try playing on High instead for a bit and see if that makes any difference? Not sure what would be different between this time and last that’s causing all those crashes…

Sure, I will give it a try.

Had a hard crash earlier when playing with graphics settings. Jumping from low to ultra and med to ultra. Also, med settings after awhile shadows went all wonky by that I mean didn’t look smooth. Running on:

i7 7600k
16GB DDR4 Ram
Radeon 480 8GB

Med settings seems ok, low seems really fast and ultra is a little wonky, slow. Will get FPS and update on other thread.

I didn’t crash anymore after the last server restart 5 hours ago so i can definitely say that fixed for me.

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Oculus user GTX 1080 not sure what setting I was on. I was fishing in the lake just down the stairs from town when I got disconnected. I figured you just reset the server or something. 15-20 minutes later I was fishing in same spot when I again got disconnected. A message saying something like connection lost at host or something. I’ve never had connection issues with the game before. Both times while I was reeling in a fish.

Third time while reeling in a fish it said connection closed by remote host. Please log-in to reconnect.
I was on standard settings the first two times and ultra this last time.
FYI it’s not every time I hook a fish. I have got some fish.

Yet to have any issues with my connection during regular game play. It seemed to only happen while fishing.

I bought new SSD and install Windows 10 there and format all disks, also i have Orbus on same disk like a system - but i still have hard client crashes, I also tried switching RAMs into the different slot and same with all HDDs. There is no period sometimes it crash after 5 hours, sometimes after 30 mins. Game is running in the foreground.
Same problem with Exception code: 0xc0000374 / Faulting module name: ntdll.dll
Same specs:
Windows Pro 10: Creators Update Fall
gtx 1080 (strix)
2x8GB RAM (3200Mhz)
mobo: asus tuf z270 mark 2
Oculus rift + touch (3 sensors)

I think it’s a hardware problem, not a software problem. Probably some issues with auto-overclocking or maybe some RAM damage


Crashes several times to desktop randomly over the course of 6 hours. No rhyme or reason. Last test I had 0 crashes.

Those of you who were having crashes, please let me know if the new patch helps at all. Thanks!

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I’m getting a few frequent hard crashes after the last patch

If you are experiencing frequent (more than once an hour) crashes, please give this client a try and let me know if it’s any better for you. Thanks!


Just hoping to get a sense of how the test is going. I’ve heard from a couple of people who were having crash issues…how’s it going for everyone else? Super smooth? Anyone getting disconnects frequently?

On Wednesday night, I crashed about 8 times in 4 hours or so. On Thursday night, I did not crash once, but there were two times where I was stuck in limbo. Once was when exiting my house, I ended up outside of the world or something, where I could see the back of a very tall mountain but nothing underneath me, almost as if I was somehow teleported to the extreme edge of the game world, and was on the outside of that edge. Restarting the client resolved this issue.

The second time was when entering the dungeon near the Pigmen (not sure what it’s called?). I entered the portal and could see the whole dungeon structure from a side view, from about 200-300 yards away. Restarting the game did not fix it, but using the teleport device to get back to Highsteppe did.

I get a crash about every 10 min or so. Game freezes and my my pc screen says it has crashes and I have to contr+alt+del to for it to end task. I restart the launcher and it’ll work again for 5 to 10 min. Using rift with 1070. I at first thought for some reason my you was overheating but I checked an it nevet got overheated while playing. Was monitoring during a crash.

Matt – Can you try this build and see if it’s any better for you? Thanks!