Bard hitbox issue on bosses


Also will we get a fix for the bosses hit boxes. As a bard I like sitting down when playing that class but crescendo go under almost all the bosses and quite a few adds as well, This has been a bug from the beta that was not properly fixed.

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Patch 10.998- Lvl 30 dungeons, Shard dungeon increase, Shard vendor

We pushed out a fix for this a while back in this patch here: Reborn Patch 10.95: Raid Release

Which bosses/enemies is this currently an issue for so we can take a look again?


Ya, I main bard and can’t think of a boss its gone under since the fix. And the chair I use it low to the ground.


its easier to name the ones that work rather than the ones that don’t.
minotor and pot tank (pot tank is also debatable I have had orbs go under and around it).


@Sparky can you make a video of it? Its strange that Krunk doesn’t have the problem but you do. Are you maybe sitting on the ground? (for a seperate thread)


ill see if I can, (I play bard sitting on a sofa so I am off the ground)


But it works if you stand - like how the problem was before?


You know, I didn’t really think about the raid bosses. I usually only bard on boss 5 and 2.


I’ve had the same problem since the beginning. I think it it the hit box of the boss is to high if you are sitting, the orbs you fire will fire depending on your height, so, if you are sitting your orbs will fly underneath the bosses hit box.

The problem is occurring to me on almost all bosses

a fix would be just to make the hit box of all bosses (and normal mobs) go all the way to the ground, or make the bard orbs be at a specific height for it to reach the hit box.


it works standing for almost all bosses but a few go under or just strait through.


The original fix for this was this suggestion. So I just assume it wasn’t tweaked high enough the first time around which is why it fixed for some and not others.
It’s hard to know if it’s fixed unless there’s feedback about it since everyone has different setups. For this, I will just tweak it again until we reach the sweet spot.

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I think a good fix would be making the boss hit boxes go lower down so they hit the floor as well. instead of moving where the bard orbs shoot from. it may be more difficult to do but there is less room to brake the bard orbs.


This would present a problem for warriors who have to swing through the bottom of the hit box in order to achieve their combos


I have that issue less than the bard one in terms of class related bugs


The hitboxes for bards are terrible for the new bosses FYI.

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We pushed out a fix for this just a moment ago, let me know if that’s better for the new bosses at least. Thanks!


What I mean is that extending the hit box lower will introduce issues for warriors’ combos.

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it didn’t in the old game. the way it works is the direction your sword is traveling not where the sword hits(that’s how it seemed to work in the old game and current). most of the enemy’s hit boxes reach the floor and I can get any of the combos to work on them in the current game


There is actually a separate consistantly sized hitbox for warriors that gets created when you attack a monster. So changing the monsters hitbox won’t affect warrior’s hits.

Patch 10.9982- 10/10/19

Thank you for clarifying.