Boss 2 Hard Mode Citadel

There is still no way to get around the boss 2 insta kill mechanic. The only reason the boss is able to be defeated is because everyone waits 10 mins for plea of divinity and accepts the instant deaths and burns the boss before his guaranteed kills gets to everyone twice. This is very annoying to have to wait for plea and its usually 20 mins because if one person desyncs in that 10 minute wait or if their plea bugs one way or another it ends up being a 20 minute wait. The reason you are not able to group up and absorb the jump damage is because of the poison pools that come out at half health, Is it at all possible for boss 2 to be reworked?

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I am not at all saying I do not want this boss to be extremely challenging, I just seriously doubt the instant death mechanic was intended, please understand that everyone that kills this boss uses plea of divinity and has to wait a long time, maybe the top 10 dps in the game can kill it faster then the boss can insta kill everyone, im not sure on that, however I just don’t think it is reasonable to way it sits, there should be a way to survive the mechanics if done correctly but the poison pools prevent that from being viable

I’ve only run this boss with a few groups, but each one used the ten person Plea of Divinity strategy. I LOVE Guild City raids and normal Mode citadel, but I can’t stand waiting around for 10-20 minutes just to play for 3-5, then wait 10-20 again.

I’m curious if this boss is intended to be a HARD DPS check? Like, “top 10 dps players in the game” kind of hard.

I would like to hear about their intentions with this boss, i seriously doubt the instant death is intended, i was quiet about this for a long time because since with plea of divinity and very strong dps it is doable and to give them time to work on boss 4, but i think its time to start talking about this

Last time I did it we didn’t use pally rez. We killed it first try and only 1 or 2 people died. We had like 4 people over 90k but that was it. Point is plea of divinity is not necessary to kill boss 2.

was that closer to when the raid was new? there was a point where the mechanics were disabled, i have killed/attempted to kill this boss plenty of enough times that if it was not in this timeframe im calling bs

It was 1-2 weeks ago.

xeno want to come kill boss 2? :stuck_out_tongue:

we will get 4 people that do 90k and see what happens

Uhhh okay…

Yeah I kill it weekly with a group without plea because of the very high dps.

And I also wipe guaranteed weekly for days on end even with plea with other groups because they don’t have insane dps.

Its sad to see. I know the devs didn’t intent the boss to be impossible to survive the mechanics.

I think the biggest problem is that the devs do not understand why it is impossible to kill without great dps. We need to do some very clear explenation of the reason why. That is the only way it will get fixed.


it is not possible to group up to absorb the jump damage (insta kill damage) because after the boss gets to half health random poison pools spawn witch prevents grouping up, so the only way to kill the boss is to split up and accept the instant deaths and just burn the boss fast enough that it dies even though the team gets taken out one by one.

Prove it with a video. That the random poison pools still kill everyone around them. I haven’t checked that one in a while. I remember it does double the damage for the people who were not suppose to be in it. But gotta check that one out again.

if the guaranteed deaths is what they intended, then that is fine and i guess we can only kill boss 2 with the best of the best dps players, i just highly doubt it since all of the other bosses in the game the mechanics can be dealt with without deaths if done correctly, it would be awesome to have this confirmed if it is the case, and if not we can further look into what to do about fixing it, i explained what the problem is but if video is what they need i will get footage

If it is because we need good dps, it is for the best gear in the game and its not like you can’t raise your dps. If the devs didn’t intend to make it that way then they defo need to change something and as Scott said, as many videos as possible would help.

I very much tried to explain why this mechanic sucks in this post here: Server Patch 5/25/21- Hardmode Raid Adjustments - #6 by blueduckyy

Here is a video showing why this sucks: Chains + Jump - YouTube

(1) The chains start and since it is below half health drop pools.
(2) Within a second, the boss jumps to a chained person which then drops a pool on both chained people again.

This to me is the instant death mechanic. Rather than try to group up and absorb the jump, accept that person will die. Because if you try, it’s more than likely others will be die due to the pools being dropped.

In my opinion, the DPS check of this boss should be trying to do pool management enough that you kill it before enough pools are down that you have nowhere to run. To at least give people hope that they’re not going to be instantly murdered.

Edit: They are not random poison pools! 2 people get randomly chained and they will get pools twice, once when chained and once when a jump happens. The pools are not random, the chains are random.

Edit: Sorry for the bad quality on the video.


Also when the stacking up will be consistently timed and possible again, this bug will just settle in after a few jumps:

I really dislike boss 2 for this reason. The meta tactic is just accept people die and either have insane dps or good dps and pally rez. The boss doesn’t work in a fun way, the mechanics seem to conflict themselves and don’t have a good timing for them to have a intended pattern on how the fight should go.

There has been countless posts on the forum about this and many suggestions on how to fix it, we got some changes but it didnt fix the issue. We ended up just brute forcing it with high dps as nothing else seemed to work and peoples patience just ran out.

I feel like the boss can work but it needs well thought out changes to get it working. The end goal would be to have it able to be fought indefinitely until the whole boss arena is filled with AOE pools.


While I completely agree with this (it shouldn’t require top 10 dps) why does it seem people aren’t in favor of it requiring 90k+ dps? I’m just curious unless I’m the only one that’s getting that feeling. The way I see it is this is the best gear in the game so it should require very high numbers. Either way, I do agree boss 2 needs a bit of work still.

I think it’s more of the fact that there’s no conceivable way to survive the mechanics, which doesn’t sound like something that’s intended. The two strategies are to effectively ignore the mechanics and just DPS burn it, or spend 75% of your time waiting to abuse a mechanic, neither of which make for good gameplay.