Compiling a list of all OrbusVR bugs and their fixes (Please contribute if you can!)

Hey guys! I’m putting together a fully compiled list of as many bugs and their fixes as possible in OrbusVR.

This is an attempt to have 1 complete list for both the developers to have access to in case they plan to tackle a specific gamebreaking bug (cough desynching cough), and to provide new players a place to understand issues they run into, also for old players to have a touchstone if they don’t experience a particular bug often and need a place to look.

I spent only about an hour putting together the current list, if you don’t see a bug listed here, please feel free to post it, and if possible, add your solution to fixing the bug so I can add it to the list.

I’ll say thanks now to anyone who takes the time to look this over and contribute, this is for the betterment of the community as a whole so your contributions mean a lot!

Game breaking bugs (requires you to crash the game client and relaunch to fix)

Desynching - Best way to see if this is happening to you is to check to see if your pet is still following you when you move, if not then you are desynched. Occurs most often upon death. Crash your client and reopen

Audio cut - Sometimes audio cuts out for other players, they can’t hear you and you can’t hear anyone. The only fix is to crash your client and reopen.

Annoying bugs (all fixable in game or random enough to ignore)

Teleport sending you underground - Teleport spells sometimes cause you to appear in the location but far above the terrain or below it. Teleporting again will usually fix this, or using the graveyard button but that should be a second option always as you will deal durability damage to your gear if you use this option outside of a raid or dungeon.

Loadout change failure - just swap loadouts a few more times, it will fix after one or two more swaps.

Tool change failure - just swap the tools a few more times until they appear correctly

Fishing rod line despawn - fishing line despawns as soon as the lure hits the water, just keep reeling and yanking back on the rod every few seconds, the splash won’t appear but you can hook the fish anyway if you keep a consistent rotation of reeling in and jerking the rod back.

Fishing rod keeps reeling forever - Fishing rod keeps reeling after reaching the point it should pull up a fish, this is just a visual bug, just swap rod with lure and swap it back, this will reset the rod to be used again. Once you swap the rod or catch another fish you will see the fish you appeared to fail to bring in will populate in your inventory just fine.

Critter capture gun issues - horn not working on correct intervals, gun not firing on cooldown, these are common bugs that can’t be fixed, just ignored as they will right themselves after a moment.

Critter capture node not spawning critters - You can try blowing your horn in different areas adjacent to the node, sometimes it won’t spawn critters if you stand right on top of it. This will fix it or the node is simply broken, I would only suggest trying 2-3 times before giving up as it’s a waste of time.

Harvester issues - hitting a node that appears to disappear without making a sound or showing you got an item. It’s a visual bug much like the fishing rod bug, next time you get an item, or if you move an item in your inventory you will see the harvestable appear in your inventory just fine. Easy to ignore this one.

Stuck in combat - Extremely common, either hit a mob that is about to die, or kill another mob to fix it yourself, or you can log out of your character and back in to fix this, or if you have the choice, you can swap shards in your location to fix this or teleport somewhere.

No public event credit - This is a visual bug that distresses a lot of players. If you were present for the event and didn’t get a card or visually get exp for the event, it is just a bug. Once you get another bit of exp, or relog, the exp will appear on your bar and the reward will appear in your inventory. Easy to ignore this one.

Loadout failing to equip some items - This is a common bug that occurs when you do anything to manipulate an item in a given loadout. This could be dyeing it, adding tiles, or infusing an item into it. You will have to re-equip all of the items to the weapon loadout and reapply the loadout to save it again. (You should make it a habit of reapplying your loadout whenever you manipulate an item in it to avoid this bug ever occurring noticeably)

Mage wand not popping and no spell casting - It seems the pop animation and sound are failing to occur as over many tests of this bug it seems to only happen when the spell is drawn incorrectly or during lag spikes. Nothing to be done about it except be a better mage! =P

Class specific bugs (all fixable in game)

Broken shaman totems - totems will randomly stop spawning orbs, this is a very common bug and not something you can fix. If you feel it’s happening more often suddenly, try allowing all of your totems to despawn before summoning new ones if you happen to be mid fight, or out of combat swap classes and swapping back could alleviate the issue.

Broken scoundrel card deck - Sometimes the scoundrel card deck becomes untouchable, essentially making cards fail for the rest of the fight. The only randomly lucky fix is if you have a card on your belt, if you fire it off sometimes that resets the timer on the card deck fixing the issue, though highly unlikely it will work. Swapping classes and then coming back to scoundrel will fix the bug out of combat.

Broken mage wand - If your wand suddenly stops drawing, you’ve either desynched which requires a client restart, or you are making a slight mistake while casting which causes the wand to temporarily break, pulling both triggers will fix this in or out of combat.

Broken bard instrument - Sometimes you cant select all 4 instruments with the talent that allows you to, or sometimes your instrument will highlight but not be removable by tapping with both mallets. This is fairly common and usually only fails right when you swap to the class so make sure to test you can get all of your instruments on as soon as you get on the class to be certain you aren’t bugged. The fix is to swap classes and swap back.

Bard ultimate - When you pop the ultimate and extend it with your super charge instrument, this is currently bugged and only applies to the bard themselves, the other members of your party won’t get the bonus time on their buff. This is currently bugged and can’t be fixed, so super charge crescendo is virtually useless for interacting with the bard’s own super.

Cooldowns appearing ready when not - Possible fix is to crash the game and reopen, aside from that you may randomly see your cooldowns completing or not going on cooldown on certain classes like paladin and warrior. The cooldown is still working as intended just not showing up on the UI. These can pretty much be ignored if you know your timing well.

Pally book bugs - See the cooldowns bugs above, they seem to function similarly when the book doesn’t despawn after use.
Broken musketeer turret - Turret will sometimes despawn entirely or take an extra long time to come off of cooldown after disappearing. Sometimes waiting it out works, other times you need to swap classes and swap back.

Broken musketeer orbs - possible fix is swapping classes and swapping back, but this bug seems to occur mid fight whenever it is a problem so there isn’t much to be done.

Warrior charge failing - No fixes, if you try to charge a player and it fails, you better start running, you can’t always rely on your charge to work correctly.

Raid and dungeon bugs (may require a client crash and reopen)

Invisible mechanics - This includes spells the bosses cast not appearing to you, but they may appear for your party members. Client side bug, crashing your game and reopening it will clear your local files and make the mechanics reappear

Invisible enemies - - Client side bug, crashing your game and reopening it will clear your local files and make the mechanics reappear

Boss randomly resetting - usually this is user error, standing in a wall while pulling or too close to terrain that the game thinks you are untargetable by the enemy. The exceptions are some bosses walking through terrain while the fight is going on (think ancient temple first boss) this is a frustrating bug and you can only combat it by being careful to drag the boss near the pillars, not directly through them.


It would be very helpful if the devs took a look, @Mathieu_D @Jake_E @kyle_l , I’m sure you have a much more complete list from all of the bug reports, if you can add any that I’ve missed that would be a huge help so we can come up with temporary solutions so our new players don’t get frustrated and quit before they experience the wonder that is OrbusVR.

Broken special arrows - Sometimes whilst mid combat the special arrows will either not visually work (fire rain) or will not register and constantly spawn until it eventually works. Unsure of a reliable fix currently as only happens during combat

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Also pally bug when you throw the hammer and it goes BALISTIC and starts flying around and then you have no hammer for a bit :smiley:


It’s worth noting that desynching happens very often in PvP Battlegrounds

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Paladin plea of divinity can be cleared with decurse. Considered a debuff.

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Not a bug as such, more a misleading tutorial. In the player house, the visual aid on the wall next to the dragon breeding chamber tells you to put the dragons in the centre and right-most slots. This is wrong. Put them in the centre and left-most slots to start them breeding. Always check there is a little fire burning in the centre of the tank to confirm they’re breeding.

Sometimes the fire will disappear before the dragons have finished breeding. I think this might coincide with a server restart. Take the dragons out and put them back in to start the process again.

Related to Lavawhale’s ‘No Public Event Credit’. When doing anything that affects the inventory, sometimes nothing will appear to happen. Simply move another item around in your inventory and everything will update. A similar thing can happen when accepting and completing missions. Just close the window, wave at the NPC and it should be showing correctly.

The exits from Highsteppe City are strange. If you go out of the east door in to Highsteppe you’re actually going out of the west door. If you go out of the west door in to Highsteppe you’re actually going out of the north door. The north door you would’ve thought goes to Highsteppe but actually leads to the Guild City raid zone. If you see a public event beam whilst in Highsteppe City and want to go to it, go to the west exit.

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Strength / runic speed doesn’t work on runemages

Mage + Steam Knuckles unsupported, uses HTC Vive Wand angles for spells like ult/ice lance/arcane ray. Can’t hold your wand and strafe. If you take out your wand while turning you’ll spin.

Potions that are done aging can show up as unaged on your shelf. Even when you logout, etc. Taking them off the shelf they are still unaged. However, they WILL still turn into ruined potions if you leave them. I forget what you have to do to get them to age, I think walk outside & re-open the game? Something like that. Someone who makes potions a lot could specify the bandaid solution.

Personally I consider this a bug. Frost 3 is overridden by frost 2 rather than living out the duration of frost 3 then upon expiration applying the frost 2 slow. This is dumb for tiles or playing with less experienced mages while still wanting to apply frost 3.


Just thought of one, the mounts not mounting, if you summon your mount, there is a fairly good chance it just doesn’t summon, you have to repeat it multiple times to make it work.

Great suggestions so far guys, also if anyone is reading this and sees something someone posted with no solution, feel free to reply and post your solution, or “bandaid” to temporarily combat said bug.

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DLC bug in the spider lair. (not sure if DLC bugs count for this topic)

Sometimes when you climb the wall behind the Captain (to the left after the entrance hall), once you reach the top you are unable to grab things (Shaman totems, pally books, belt objects etc).

Going back to the bottom and climbing again will fix it, although sometimes takes a couple of tries.

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Some bugs that haven’t yet been mentioned in this thread that I personally find to be particularly irremissible are:

The Elite Title bug. It is a major milestone and massively disappointing to find out that it doesn’t work and is not rewarded after it has been earned.

The harvest tool bug. The harvest tool often will not work until I move it from my left to my right or swap it out and back. It’s so frustrating when you are racing to a resource against an invisible cave dweller and have to stand there and watch someone else collect the resource that your tool failed to harvest as you are swapping it out.

The grind pot also bugs out which is less severe than the Harvest Tool, but still annoying. A lot of times I get where I am going and drop the grind pot only to find out that it will not deploy. I can “fix” it by teleporting to a different area and then returning and tossing out the pot…sometimes that can be a pain, but it is not as angst inducing as the other two bugs I mentioned.

EDIT - I contacted the Devs about the title not being awarded… and now I have it! They said they didn’t even do anything…but whatever the blessings source, it just magically appeared when I logged in today… so perhaps that one wasn’t so irremissible after all…


In the player house, you can put a lot of items in chests quickly by using the ‘deposit ingredients’ button. When using this button, sometimes items will not move in to the chest. This seems to happen when there is one of a particular ingredient already in the chest. If there is more than one of that ingredient in the chest then any in your inventory will move correctly.

For example, if you have one Rotospore in the cauldron chest and one in your inventory, clicking ‘desposit ingredients’ will not move it in to the chest, even though it should. If you move the Rotospore from your inventory in to the chest manually, so there are two in the chest, any subsequent times you have Rotospores they will move correctly when ‘desposit ingredients’ is clicked.

This isn’t specific to Rotospores. I’ve seen it happen with lots of different items in this scenario.

I should add that this bug only becomes apparent when there are no free slots in a chest. If there are free slots, in the example above it would move it in to the chest but use up a free slot rather than stack it with the existing one.

What elite title?

1337 hours

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All I’m gonna say is good luck. I attempted to make one of these “bug lists” and it didn’t do too much good tbh, just a bit of venting from players in the replies. Not a peep from the devs and keeping it on the front page was nearly impossible as you do eventually run out of bugs to add to it and bumping is against the rules.

In case you’re curious: Cody's Bug Megathread

I dunno, but as this seems on topic for a bug feedback thread… I will say that I have noticed a large improvement in server stability in recent days… It isn’t perfect, but my experience has improved quite a bit… I dunno if that is just good fortune or something the devs did, but I am glad for it either way!

So I do not agree that it is useless to have such a thread…
…and the notion that the Orbus VR devs are deaf to player feedback is contrary to all that I have seen and know about them.

@Ken how do you get the Elite title?

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Play the game for 1,337 hours…and then patiently wait a few days.

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That’s not what I was saying at all. I simply wished him luck as my thread died out very quickly and got very little reception, and no reception from those I was trying to reach: The devs. I understand though that this is more of a “how to fix bugs” thread than a “hey devs, this is what’s wrong with your game and what players are sick of” thread. Btw, I looked through my thread and noticed that pretty much every single bug listed in there is still a problem to this day.

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One of the bugs I ran into was basically I was about to level up and it reset me back to level 20 with lower XP than I had before When I turned in a quest