Reborn Patch 10.84


A new patch is going out this afternoon with a number of bug fixes and quality of life improvements. In detail:

  • The Ranger’s weak spots should now appear in front of spell effects.
  • King Sweetie Apples should now be much easier to harvest.
  • The Auction House will now correctly show the symbol for Runesmith Tiles to make it easier to identify.
  • We will only show a re-roll confirmation if you try to use a shard on an equipped item (before the confirmation would show but nothing would happen if you clicked accept.)
  • Icons for the very rare overworld drops and the Defend the Realm crown have been updated.
  • Randel’s location has been moved to be more obvious to new players.
  • Music and SFX have been updated in several zones.
  • The size of Runemage missile explosions has been reduced by around 50%.
  • The position of the notification that appears for successful Runesmith tile procs has been shifted downward, and the performance of those notifications has been increased.
  • Fixed a bug where the empty bottle by the Alchemy Station could activate sticky grip, causing issues.
  • Made chests a little easier to open overall.
  • Fixed an error which was happening sometimes with Voice Chat.
  • If you are disconnected from an active Battleground game and you re-login while the game is still going on, you will now be placed correctly back into that game.
  • When you leave a matchmade instance (e.g. from a Dungeon Queue), you will now be returned to your original party, or no party if you were not in a party when you joined the queue.
  • A few of the pulls in the Sewer Dungeon were re-worked to be less severe in high level shards.
  • Fixed a potential bug which could cause the Lich King to get stuck in a loop.
  • Grogon boss eggs and hatchlings will no longer count toward shard trash completion percentages.
  • If you die while PvP is enabled, you have a short period of time (currently 5 minutes) to disable PvP while you are in a safe zone.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause Warriors to teleport up high in the air after sword rushing to friendly targets.
  • Fixed a bug which would cause weird issues when attempting to swap the position of a max-stack item with another stack of the same item in chests.
  • If you press the “do cast” button twice in a row, once to submit a cast and again to actually cast the spell, and the spell verification hasn’t returned yet from the server, you will auto-cast that spell as soon as the verification does arrive.
  • Fixed the Arcane Explosion pillar to show the correct spell.
  • Fixed a bug with not being able to slide/teleport around a small area on the Airship docks.
  • Cloth Bravery gear will now correctly drop in the Overworld, not dungeons.
  • Sunfish, Bass, and Catfish are now easier to catch in general.
  • Dram rewards will now be given to shard activators who don’t get gear drops.
  • Resiliency (-1% Crit Damage) will no longer apply to incoming heals.

This patch will go out in about an hour. Thank you!

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If u go to a grave yard, suicide with pvp on, pick up ur back then try and switch pvp off will it still work?
Aka please make it if u do anything in those 5 minutes u can’t turn pvp off


If you loot a bandit loot bag then it will not let you turn it off unless you die again.


Client-side patches are now going out on Steam and Oculus. Server-side portion will go out in 45 minutes.


Okay so that is now deployed. Unfortunately there was a small glitch and we had to do a double-restart, sorry about that. Should be good to go now.


Unfortunately I can still click twice and have the spell on my wand.


Are you immediately drawing as well? Basically it should work as long as you click, click, and then wait for the spell to cast. If you try to start drawing the next spell that may clear it.


No double tap without doing anything also doesn’t work. I forgot to ask again. But can we please make it a single tap like I proposed before?


surely we would want to keep spells on our wand for later… I don’t think single tap would work… unless long press keeps the spell on the wand and tap casts it immediately or something.


I made a whole post on how that would work…

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can you reference it here?


Okay, I’ll look into it, I thought it was working. The hard part’s done at this point so hopefully it should be fairly easy to fix.


We are experiencing an issue where the zone around Highsteppe is resetting when people are doing Randel’s quest. We are working on a fix now.

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I sem to be getting big FPS drops whilst mobing around now… I was not getting that before the patch… I basically cannot cast and move


Are you in the area around Highsteppe? That zone has reset like 8 times in the last 10 minutes.

EDIT: I think it should be stable now, so try restarting you client and then let me know if that didn’t fix it.

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We just pushed out a small server-side patch which should hopefully fix the progress not saving for Battlegorunds Missions bug for any BGs that start from now on.

We also moved the spawners in the Broken Halls dungeon to hopefully prevent aggroing through walls most of the time.



You can’t seem to reroll rings at the moment. Heard 2 different people mention this over Discord.