True Affliction is actually True Terrible now


So I wasn’t sure if in Oldus True Affliction scaled your spell damage down. It’s possible, however the damage numbers were much smaller. With the current scaling, True Affinity simply blows True Affliction out of the water completely. It’s not even close. True Affliction is for AoE? Yes. However then you are purely an AoE damage character because your single target dps is laughable, such that, it never would make sense to pick True Affliction for normal play. Perhaps if you want to chug a talent reset pot for a specific boss that needs AoE… but is that how talents are meant to be played?

It’s a complete trash ability(now) save a very specific scenario that you’d need heavy AoE. You would be better off not taking True Affliction at all, than to have it.

TLDR: True Affliction lowers your damage waaaaaaaay too much & it’s not even in the text description that it does so. Fix it! Considering triplicity it’s even crazier.

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Lol i truly dislike new orbus. I went from playing everyday 4-5 hours a day to playing once or twice a month…lol and i also know that i am not the only person.


I went from playing every day to about 10 or 15 total minutes in a period of about 3 months.


Reborn is really bad compared to OG. Like horrifically bad. Almost everything in the old game was amazing. It felt like you were really a part of the world, and you were getting stronger. Every level was an extremely happy feeling, every drop, every new shard/raid boss completed, etc. Now everything feels lackluster. Level up? That wasn’t hard at all. I’ll be a max level in no time! Enter a new zone? Why are all the mobs the F****** same? Why do you get rewarded for every level you get? Why do you not have to grind for all your gear anymore? Why is the economy a piece of s***? Why are all the missions boring? Why why why? Some people might say stupid s*** like, “It’s to be expected when transitioning over to something new. Some of the people that were used to the old are going to lose interest. Just look at the new players. They LOVE Reborn!” No s***. Maybe the 5% of the new players that actually keep playing the game after buying it love it so much because they have nothing to compare it to. I understand some of the older players leaving, but more than 50% of them? That’s when you know you f***** up. Near the end of the original pretty much the entire player base was made up of people who had played the game for an absurd amount of time, yet they still played it every single day. Where are all of those people who loved the old game so much? Pretty much all of them left because Reborn is such a let down. Maybe this game can pull a No Man’s Sky, but I highly doubt it.

EDIT: While some others might not be so vocal about this, I am 100% sure that others are feeling the exact same way, but are still playing the game to socialize with what little friends still play the game, and the fact that it is the only existing VRMMO out there at the moment. I wonder what all those people who are silently feeling the same way are going to do once a new VRMMO comes out :thinking:

EDIT 2: but yeah true affliction sucks big time. Has kinda always been that way with the talent tree (everyone goes down one path because the other is basically worthless)


Agreed, the whole game just feels worse overall. That being said True affliction was nerfed into the ground for being too good against groups of enemies. This technically made all mages do way more single target damage because they not only buffed affinity but also nerfed the true affliction damage by making the spell damage + dot damage equal the same as no talent. It removes the whole point of the dot. Not to mention they made it so you cannot get really satisfying spreads anymore. Only lackluster 1 dot spreads :frowning:


imo worst mistake they ever made.
i mean maybe if it was an expansion like they said it was it would be great, but i only play this game about 6-9 hours a week now, while in the old game i was pulling way bigger numbers.
now people only talk about the bad things, they fixed alot of things in reborn. But everything they fixed is far outweighed by the fun part of the game that they completely demolished. ill make another list of things we lost
Fun biomes, Difficulty, grinding in a good way, a decent MSQ, popping music, wilds, social interaction, mob variety, epic/unique enemies, and thats off the top of my head.


Same here. I think I’m at like 2 hours for this week when I used to be playing 40 hours per week.

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honestly, i wish they would have just expanded on the old game,
which by the way is what and expansion is, in case you didnt know what an expansion was


the only reason this game has more players online more often is because of the accessibility of the quest.
i just dont really understand the train of thought behind the whole reborn thing


doesnt matter, complaining does nothing and they are never going to listen so whatever


They won’t listen because there are too few of us being vocal about it. There are more people praising the game when patches get put out or content is added than there are people complaining about the game in general.

Well, that and maybe they don’t believe they ruined the game no matter what anyone says.


The purpose of Reborn was so the devs could switch from using purchased Unity assets to making their own assets from scratch. It was never meant to be an expansion, hence the name “Reborn”. I do understand the game isn’t as good as it used to be for some people, but at least it’s made mostly of the devs’ own content now, and not pre-made purchased assets. Give it time and I’m sure the game will be just as good if not better than it was previously. You will never have the same experiences you did in the old game, that’s not how it works. Look at WoW, it does proper expansions and yet vanilla is leagues ahead of the shit they have now simply because of nostalgia.


I agree. I’m just curious as to why they just didnt rebuild a similar world with their new assets . I do believe the game will get better, grow and change it just feels like reborn is a completely different game which is okay but it would have been better to stay in early access or even beta to work out all the current issues with reborn. The nostalgia affect is definately a thing lol. I feel like oldbus was more of a mmo for mmo players and reborn is more for casuals( I don’t mean that in a negative way) I feel the release of the quest making vr more accessible to people definately had a weird affect on things. My main concern is the amount of hardcore players that have already walked away and the shelf life of a casual player in VR.


Lol i know Tman


But i just felt the need to say that because there were so many people post reborn saying “Oh, reborn will bring everybody back into orbus” and that it will bring back all the old players again. lol and it did for like 3 days max, then they all left. I understand the devs are putting in alot of work for the game and to try and make it the best they can. But they have to understand our frustration that there are so many vets that put in so much into orbus such as time and money, but for it to come to an abrupt stop from playing 30+ hours a week with lots of friends hunting in the wilds together and big fun 6v6 battles, to playing 20 minutes a week because we cant find anything fun or any motivation on reborn.

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Throw back, but this kind of pvp and orbus was so much fun, everything looked so much cleaner and i felt like i actually belonged in the world now everything is so much bigger and not scaled properly and the mobs looked different and didnt use recycled mechanics.

Or even this one @Eternal Knights

tman :heart:

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God I miss those flowers…

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I would like to point out that the last months of old Orbus had a similar complaining chain. Where everyone kept saying the game was dying and no-one is playing it. Actually that complaining started even after like 1 month xD. Was that better then this?

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My opinion about this is that I am guessing this is happening:

  • A lot of players don’t like a game and a few complain about it.
  • Some ppl find some things to hold on to and will use that to play the game or define their identity.
  • Then this game changed a lot. What happens next? Their reasons for playing that game are removed and they need to find a new thing to like. But they don’t find it and are now part of the big pool of ppl who don’t want to stick to the game. Sadly they were already hooked so getting of the hook hurts.
  • Now other ppl start sticking to the game for longer for the thing that grasps them. Sadly those will be different type of ppl.
  • The ppl who used to be hooked to the game feel like they got their game stolen and feel frustrated because they don’t get hooked again on the different game.

I am guessing this will stay for a while :man_shrugging: Idk if it is better for a player that doesn’t like it anymore to stop and don’t look back at it. Or keep giving your feedback why your not into the game anymore. Or whatever. It does give a light toxic vibe on the forums now for a while though. And the devs seem to have changed their strategy of community interaction too.

This game actually had 3 iterations in my opinion. The pre-alpha-beta testing was a different experience then the preborn game. And Reborn is the third. There was also a big loss in old players in the testing period before the game released. And an influx of new players who left. Same as now.

But ya I might be one of the few who got hooked again. I am not saying I am not missing some parts of the old game but I do enjoy this game too. I guess I am just an easy fish to hook :wink:

K said my thing. :zipper_mouth_face:


Complaining about the game doesn’t make our comments toxic. People like you coming in here and suggesting we should keep our opinions to ourselves makes you toxic.