A Piece Of Me Feels Cheated

As the title says a piece of me feels cheated. I would like those who read this to hear me out and tell me if you agree or disagree and why.

So to begin let me ask you this. If you put Old School Orbus and Reborn side by side and had to choose one to buy and play now what would it be? For me and I feel like it is for a lot of players we would choose Old School over Reborn any day. With that said I did pay for Old School Orbus and thought it was going to take off and grow from there not completely get scrapped and replaced poorly.
Reborn is just okay, Old School was Great. It’s not that Reborn couldn’t be great, the Devs just rushed to put the game out when it was simply not ready and needs a lot of work still to this date. That world has levels yet it still feels flat due to no details across the world and that’s if you even travel since there’s no need to.
What I mean by I feel cheated is let’s say I bought a gold ring from a shop and it’s real and everything checks out and after I pay before he puts it in the box to give to me he swaps it for some cheap knock off fake gold ring. That is what the Developers did with this game and I just feel cheated. Like if anything needs to get scrapped it’s Reborn and just reopen Old School and start over building from there. I paid for Old School not this cheap knock off.


I feel you man. I logged in to old Orbus knowing I was going to enjoy it, even if all I did was run around the farm sniping red tails with my ranger.
I long in to Reborn thinking, “I guess I’ll get my dailies done.”


I would choose Reborn. Because I like the new classes I can play with and I actually feel like I can do something when login in alone like grinding, missions, having overlvl and achievement goals. I completely milked the old game and done almost everything I could. Nothing for me to look back to. If they would have build uppon it I would of-course continue but Reborn has its ups and downs just like oldbus has its ups and downs. And its very easy, if not impossible to not switch a game and not bring every good aspect back of the previous version immediately. I do hope they will bring more of those upsides back in the game. Example: (mentioned before) in the future they should build more uppon some of the goofieness of the environment the old game, like the total different monster types and environments for each zone. Which they are already kinda doing with those festivals.


Honestly, I’d pay for both. If I had to choose one, I don’t know. I LOVE reborn. The new classes, the new dungeons, constant updates and seasonal events, public events, level scaling… It’s fantastic. But I do miss the old map and mobs. Fighting dragons, the desert, burning forest… Absolutely amazing, and there’s definitely loads of nostalgia.

I don’t have many complaints about reborn. I understand why people miss the old game, but personally I really enjoy reborn :slight_smile:


You know what Morfran, you are completely justified in thinking and feeling that way. Honestly, I didn’t even think of it that way.

I can relate somewhat to that from Runescape (more specifically, holiday events.)

I dont feel the magic of holiday events in runescape anymore due to the same grind this one enemy and get a cosmetic style that now are “Holiday events”. Events used to have a fun mini-game and story to it, every holiday.

I never played pre-born but I know the feeling of missing how things were. Of course, that’s entirely different when money is on the table but I do understand.

As for what I’d buy … tbh, I don’t want this to be a pre-born vs Reborn **** show again so I don’t have an answer. I am sure both are decent.


Honestly just bringing it back as a separate game would be what a lot of us want, it would split the community between the quest players (stuck in new orbus) and every one else, although with the link that’s not a problem now anyway. Not only that but it would be a grate way of making money and no one would complain much about it.


“I understand that it isn’t what some of you are hoping for, but that’s the only direction we can go in.” - Matthew (dev) 21 days ago

Not to bring the dev into this, but this was addressed in another thread. Stated that they have no plans to have old orbus back or its servers. He was open to feedback to improve reborn, like some pre-born content you’d like to see incorporated.


I completely disagree with the idea that buying an early access game then getting hundreds of hours out of it then having it drastically change is some how being cheated.
Also, I don’t think you guys remember how broken the old game was. The devs could not release that game as full release, the bugs were too much to fix. They had to start fresh with a new version of Unity. They then made choices that they thought with best for the game. They were wrong in some cases but right in some too. I think it is great that they are still putting in this much effort concidering other teams abandoned projects soon after release.


Pre-born wasn’t even the full-game? That’s a bit different. I thought I saw an indie tag for reborn x3

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OG was meant to be the full game, but it had too many issues. Most assets were off the store with super high poly count. The system performance was atrocious and it would need a big overhaul to bring it up to spec. The mechanics and game direction was a lot of fun and focused on combat, but was also hard for new players to learn the basics.

The biggest criticism was the graphics. They tried adding the cellshaded look, but after a few enemies and buildings it looked like a LOT of work would need to go into it.

I believe reborn was made to cater to new players with more activities and better access to groups. Reborn was a good idea, though a lot of old players believe their focus on things like critter capture and dragon races was a bad idea. Sort of like stretching too thin instead of delving deep into one thing. OG had trouble getting new players. They tried to rectify it with Reborn and its carnival-casualness. I personally preferred OG.


Don’t get me wrong like I said I like Reborn it’s just OG was far better in just getting immersed into the game and feeling like I was actually in another world rather than just playing a game. I just wish they would’ve built and improved OG rather than create Reborn.

I understand the Devs already stated that this will never be brought back and I’m not trying to change that. I’m simply just expressing how I feel about it.

With this said I will continue to play Reborn and all its content for I still love the game and the people I’ve played with for you all are great.

I would play both if released but you would find me finishing new content on Reborn then going back to OG to play in between the content releases.

I wonder if the bugs from OG plays a factor in why no OG content incorporation is planned for Reborn atm (as far as I know). If it was as buggy as have been made out to be, then surely they’d have to re-invent the wheel to get around those bugs. Hence why it was re-done into reborn as rejinx stated. Their vision of orbusvr just couldn’t happen in OG. Never going to feel like pre-born with how reborn is and how it functions, but I’m sure the devs would consider trying to incorporate some aspects of OG while giving it a reborn twist to it.

I havn’t played since the defend the realm event so my take on this might not be relevant.

I think it might be too early for a “Classic” Orbus. However I see no reason why the Wilds can’t exist in Reborn. I never cared for dragon pets or dragon pet racing. The collectible pets from the raids is about as far as I went with them. I think I need to play Reborn first before I make my decision. I’ll do that here in a couple days!

I would certainly chose Reborn if it I felt that I was always having fun, but there is a piece of reborn I feel is missing but I cant really tell what it is.
I wish I could play the old game, but at least we have something

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Literally every bug that was in OG is in Reborn still to this date. They didn’t fix anything.


Yes, I read the bug reports and that statement has some truth behind it. Just trying to make sense of things. (Which i can’t x3)

Reborn really could be great at its current state it’s just not. It’s missing WAY to much in my opinion.

Here’s some links to post of those who agree and word it well.

My personal favorite


So I like both preborn and this game. However I think this is kind of why people feel cheated. I remember hearing that the devs wanted to switch to a newer version of unity, one of the reasons for reborn, and that this would reduce the bugs.

Except, the main bugs: crashes, desyncs, stuck combat are still in the reborn game and still fairly common. Some like stuck combat are even worse, since the stuck combat button no longer fixes them quickly. Some bugs, like disappearing health bars in the raid, are even more common. I don’t remember ever having that issue in the old game.

Add weird design decisions, such as a worse tutorial than the old game’s introduction and having lore quests rep locked forcing people to play the mini-game/missions. I also think the old game’s story, while highly cliche, was better done than this one and it was nice that the main quest at that time started out with basic tasks and culminated in some pretty cool adventures.

Reborn is still a lot of fun, but it makes sense why these forums are always people being nostalgic.


um, no. They’ve fixed a lot of issues, just not some of the annoying ones like these:

and when it comes to those they have fixed a couple of the causes for crashes, I almost never crash anymore when playing on PC, but that varies from person to person(cough@Ewokcouch) and they’ve also fixed a couple causes for desyncs I very rarely desync anymore either, but that too varies from person to person.
They did push a fix for stuck combat a while back too, but it had to be reverted since it caused some other more severe issues.


There was a whole month I couldn’t even log in, I deleted and reinstalled both Orbus and Oculus app over and over until it worked. @Gundrakk had the same issue before and this was how he told me he fixed it. I don’t think he had as much trouble as me but still.