Blog: Explore the Realm, Summer Fest, First Economy Updates - June 23rd

Hi everyone. Today, we wanted to talk about the upcoming June 23rd update which includes the Summer Fest and start of the Explore The Realm event, as well as some (not all) economy changes coming up, including server-wide boosts, new cosmetics and mounts, and repair cost changes.

This is a pretty lengthy article, so check it out:



Already getting with buddies about getting that server boost up on a reliable schedule :smiley:


will the explore the realm points you have be shown on your public API like it was with defend the realm?

The new island zone will be filled with 4 types of elites surrounded by special monsters called aberrations

Will this be a PvP-forced zone like the old wilds or will it be like the overworld where PvP is optional?

The first change we are going to make is increasing the cost of dram repairs.

Will there be any changes made to how easily gear fully breaks before it needs repairing? I highlighted this before:

  • 9 Deaths with getting grave back for armour to fully break 179 Dram to repair
  • 4 Deaths with getting grave back before armour was broken every time I revived (which is when it becomes annoying) 158 Dram repair
  • 3 Deaths without getting grave before armour completely broken 179 Dram repair

So yeah, 3-4 deaths and you’re in a bad place regardless if you get your grave or not

Increasing the amount of deaths before your armour breaks, regardless of if you get your grave or not would be a great start of improving this

I really think this needs addressing along side the dram changes for repairing, it can be incredibly annoying to have armour break in the middle of doing things like world boss events because you didn’t make it back to your grave a handful of times

  • XP Bomb: 225,000 Dram
  • Mount Speed Bomb: 175,000 Dram
  • Luck Bomb: 100,000 Dram

The mount speed buff which was put on today wasn’t really noticeable so I doubt that will be used much unless changed from the 5% that @Mathieu_D said it was the other prices look good though

Mounts, Teleport Tools
On top of the server wide bombs, we have also added a few additional mounts and tool belt item skins to the Odds N Ends dram shop. There is a new Dragon Mount in the shop for 500,000 dram, along with a Teacup mount for 50,000 dram. You will also find the different teleportation device skins for sale in varying prices of dram.

I honestly think that the dragon mount looks much better than the dram mount so I was surprised to see it cost half the price

With all these new items coming into the game are you going to do anything about the continuous storage issues that get worse each time you add new stuff to the game? Maybe add additional buyable slots to the decoration chests seeing as a lot of use use those to display mounts now and with this update there won’t be enough room in the chest for all the mounts in one room


I wonder if they will be added a gift chest or something so you can send friends gifts. so they can open it and see a message there says this person has send you a present

Edit I was also wondering when we will get any info about the new perks


Yes it should work the same as the Defend the Realm did in most ways, biggest changes we made to the systems was making it so the personal rewards were automatically given to players the moment they reach the goals (as opposed to at the end of the event), making the list of monsters and resources change every week instead of every 2 weeks, and updating the journal page display to show more information like upcoming personal rewards and such. But most of the back end stuff is the same.

Pvp optional

I’ll talk this over with the team, we have to take into consideration those with the overleveling perk maxed out on mount speed already have a 10% boost, so we want to make sure we don’t make the boost overpowered. We can do some testing on our end with the boost speed set higher and see how it feels.

We will have information over the new overleveling perks in a blog post in July, along with the mystery item I’ve referenced a few times already in blogs.

One additional thing to note, we are planning on adding additional storage slots that can be purchased for the player chest (the main chest inside the player house that currently can unlock 2 slots additional already), unlocking 2 more additional slots, for a total of 4 slots to unlock total. Each one will be increasingly expensive though, for the 3rd one it will be 250K and 4th will be 500K. This will be included in the Jun 23rd patch


Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions :grin:

Reaalllllly looking forward to this!!

This is awesome and will help a lot, thanks! Any news on account shared storage though? Is it something that you’ll consider? It will help a lot of people

very excited for all this stuff

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  • XP Bomb: 225,000 Dram
  • Mount Speed Bomb: 175,000 Dram
  • Luck Bomb: 100,000 Dram

About the prices, what shews me off is the short time these bonuses are on. I mean, xp possibly makes sense, since people save-up quests to turn in, for weeks for that. But for actually using the bonus to level, a 24h timeframe is too short, for me.

As for the other two, yea as Rickness said mount speed is barely noticeable, but even IF it was, this would be for only 24h. Since 99% of players won’t be able or willing to play from morning to evening, this means to be a little faster for a couple quests or events or so. Which yield only a fraction of the invested dram.

Same with luck, for example 11% droprate instead of the usual rate of 10% (or 1,1% for rares instead of 1%) for one evening, that is mostly 3-5 dungeons, well… not sure if that is really worth this dram amount, for anyone, but we will see that.

Perhaps the frequency it is bought can be monitored and if it turns out no-one is interested, for example in mount speed, the time the bonuses are active could be expanded.
So far dev bonuses were on at weekdays, sometimes I missed the start, I mostly did a couple events, turned in some quests, then it already was over again. 24h is wayyyy too short for my taste, even more if it’s player-induced and not all might announce it on discord.


I would say over the long term we’ll definitely monitor the purchases and see if the community decides to buy which and at what frequencies (I expect the exp one to be used the most of course), and reevaluate either the effect or price in the end with that in mind.

The goal is for at least some of you to spend a little bit of your deep pockets on them. :wink:


Luck bomb would probably be worth it for raids, especially when farming for pets/mounts (hopefully there will be new rare pet/mount to farm in the new raid) as long as your group kills the boss 4+ times it will get its money’s worth if you compare it to the value of luck pots (though you can stack those on top) for shards, probably not worth it unless you’re running 8+ level 15 shards or splitting the cost with another group or setting a rotation of luck boosts with many other people which I don’t really see happening

A pvp wilds zone is something preborn players really wanted. This would be a great way to show original players you are listening to them. We were told to make a list of things from the original game to bring back and that was one of them.

Don’t even think it has to be a preborn thing either. I don’t know what the wilds were but the devs could consider creating a new area with a Reborn feel to it. I don’t know why that would be hard to do and if enough people want it, I think it should be considered.

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We are getting aberrations which is half way there :man_shrugging:

Man im not preborn player but i can say im hoping in pvp zone since i started :confused: honestly its the biggest issue in Orbus for me…

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Lol yah no matter what you all heard, the wilds in Preborn were just freakin empty, for 90% of the day, except when the chest spawned (which is almost equivalent to the goblin mechanics now; people who are into pvp gather to go to a spot and do or earn… something). I went there daily to harvest and fish, encountered perhaps 1 person in months who was attacking me. And I am a pve player, really dgaf about pvp, bgs are ok, but overworld pvp is just mostly kids ganking each other anyways.

The wilds were an easy way to get supposedly hard-to-get items, even fish, without any much risk, that’s likely why some want them back. But with a playerbase of perhaps 100-200, at peak time, a new wilds zone would turn out just like in the OG, and just like any other overworld zone, you be there mostly alone, because there’s better things to do in the game.

Also, some of pve-relevant items for potions were spawning there so even if you bought the game to do pve content you needed to go pvp or wait until someone sells them. Yet many times no-one was selling this stuff or for ridiculous prices so you went in farming it yourself after all. I didn’t even fight back in that one single encounter I had in the wilds, in months, since idc about pvp. One of the best things in Reborn is that this awful concept is gone and pvp finally optional for all those who are into that, not forced upon everyone.

If anything then we need more bgs and different sizes for smaller groups than 8 and 1:1 pvp (duels) that would really help the pvp community imo, not a forced-wilds zone with again noone in it.


I have to disagree the wilds was fun and exciting. Maybe the times you went were empty. The times I was there people were getting mats and going for transmogs. Other people have asked for this. We need a pvp zone.


It’s very rare that I manage to get in a BG queue anymore because it means I have to stay up late for them to pop, I’d love some other versions for when there is less players online

Riley did mention a long time ago that the 1v1 system was like 75% done but we haven’t heard anything since so that’s likely been put on the backburner for now, would be good to hear a bit about how they plan on implementing that in the future even if it’s not on the current roadmap

Edit: that was a year ago now

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So from the gif that was posted, the boosts have 0.1 weight but they are a tool and the rest of the tools got made to 0 weight so can this be changed too?

Screenie 1019

Also are they tradeable? Say someone accidentally buys one or the wrong one, can they then trade it on to someone else if they decide they don’t want to use it?


I hope the explore the realm requires more than the defend the realm. If your trying to fix the economy by getting the stacks of mats people have you need to request a lot. Maybe have a multiplayer based on max level and materials in your chest. Of course offer great rewards.